Peerless Genius System

Chapter 357 Old Man

Ji Siying, a Class C warrior, could not bear the blow of the Voyeur. She was like a kite interrupted by a hurricane. She flied out uncontrollably backwards, adding poison gas to her internal strength, and after falling to the ground, she sprayed blood in her mouth. Her face was hard to see, and her forehead quickly burst with sweat beads.

In Sholoh's eyes, Keith was a friend, so it was impossible to see her bullied by the Voyeurs and say no anger.

The Voyeur turned his head and said to him with a smile on his face: "If you don't want to die, don't move! ”

King Kong likewise didn't want Sholo's impulse poisoning to kill him, his breath converged, and he smiled and said, “Listen to her, don't move. Even the elephant of the little blue snake can be easily defeated. If he bites you, even if the cure is timely, he risks total paralysis. ”

However, just as his voice fell, Sholo's body suddenly burst into a fierce momentum, a sharp long whistle over the sky, accompanied by the release of stiff power, a tight forward stroke, such as an off-string arrow, like a caged eagle, a palm of sandwiched mountainous tsunami-like power, slapped hard towards the Voyeur's left shoulder.

Without warning, no one thought that Sholo, with a little blue snake tiger on his shoulder, dared to move, and the target of the attack was still a poisonous girl. Is this fatal?

The NSAs who watched were horrified and scared to death by Sholo's actions.

Likewise, the Voyeur did not expect Sholoh to dare ignore her little blue snake. Sholona's right hand, filled with hegemonic power, widened in her eyes. She was shocked by the discoloration and rushed to shove her hand, with Sholoh's right palm.

“Boom ~”

Two fierce forces collided with a dull noise, creating a slight ripple in the space near the palm of his hand, and then the Voyeurs flew out heavily, falling on the ground seven or eight meters away, a bite of red blood coming out.

On the inside, she's absolutely no match for Sholo, code-named "Poison Girl," poison is her deadliest weapon!

Vajra opened his eyes at this time. When he saw the little blue snake crushed to death by Sholo's head, but Sholo's neck had two wounds bitten out by poisonous teeth, he shouted in defiance of his image: "My mother's little redneck, you impulse a chicken! ”

He really took care of Sholo and was made speechless by Sholo's actions. He just said, "Don't move. Don't move." And the next second he moves, he not only moves, but he fucking punches the poison girl away. Can the poison girl's body touch directly with her hands? He thinks Sholo is dead, let alone the poison of the little blue snake, the poison on the poisonous woman, can poison this guy to death.

“Call a doctor!!! ”

Keith Ying endured the pain and screamed hard at NSA warrior Hysteria.

Someone reacted quickly, such as a storm rushing to the medical department of the NSA headquarters, poisoned the poisoned girl, without medical treatment, even S-class soldiers would have to burp their asses.

Sholo stood in place, his right palm was pitch black, turned into a black gas, spread along his arm toward his heart, and the bite of the little blue snake around his neck created a burning sensation, like there was a small flame burning there, and this burning sensation was increasing, and the wound quickly swelled red.

He immediately sat down with his legs, closed his eyes, provoked internal strength, operated the sutra, and used the sutra to refine the poison in his body.

Soon, he entered a state of powerlessness. Although he closed his eyes, he could perceive all the grass around him, sweating hot. On top of his head, there was a white fog rising from his hair.

His face improved at a visible rate, the black gas on his palm gradually dissipated, and the redness on his neck slowly subsided. The wound was originally black blood, which soon turned normal bright red.

This is obviously a sign of detoxification!

The NSA warriors are all foolish. Can they detoxify themselves, or can they detoxify poisoned women?

Everyone swallowed a hard spit, and Schollo's situation was simply subverting their perceptions, and they felt that their cognitive world had collapsed at this moment.

Ji Siying stunned.

The Voyeur similarly stuck, a pair of spectacular eyes, full of surprise and incredible staring at Sholo, how dominant the poison on her body was. She could not have known better. If she had changed hands, she would have just shot her hand, that whole arm would have to be scrapped, and the bamboo leaf green she had, beside the venom, don't say one person, that more than a dozen people would have to fall down the pigtail.

“Is he... not afraid of my poison? ”

She frowned slightly, and this was the first time she met a guy who wasn't afraid of the poison.

Vajra scratched the back of his head, he thought he was perverted enough, but in the NSA, he met a more perverted Voyeur, and now, another super pervert appears, oh no, it should be said that it is a monster, a monster that cannot be measured by common sense, he and the two Voyeurs combined, it seems that this guy is not perverted yet.

After a moment of breathing, all the poison was refined.

Sholo opened his eyes and moved around his neck and stood up, moving his right hand again, all the discomfort just now dissipated.

And the people around him, a wooden chicken, stared at him, and in their eyes, he saw deep confusion and shock, and of course, he knew why, but he wouldn't explain anything.

“Good boy, you are really the world's first martial arts genius! ”

At this point, an old voice sounds, and no one can tell which direction it's coming from. It's like an exotic Sanskrit, filled between the heavens and the earth, with a chilling atmosphere.


A man with his hands pulled out of the office building, passing, creating myriad illusory shadows, making his face unclear, but it is certain that he is only walking, but the moveable speed is astonishing, as if it were shrinking, one step is the distance.

Sholo felt a shake in front of him, his eyes focused on him, and a skinny old man suddenly stood in front of him, squinting a pair of cloudy old eyes, smiling and measuring himself.

The elderly must have white hair and have wrinkles engraved all over their faces, wearing a simple Zhongshan suit.

It looks ordinary, but nobody thinks he's ordinary, and that kind of shrink-sized movement creates awe from the depths of the soul.

Sholo subconsciously took a few steps back, watched the old man with vigilance, the old man gave him an invisible sense of oppression, he knew the old man was strong, as to how strong he was, he didn't want to try it.

When the old man was seen, the Vajra and Voyeur were quietly saluting each other. Other NSA fighters did not know the identity of the old man, but they knew that it was an elder figure of the NSA. He had been in the NSA since the victory over the establishment of the New China State. The old birthday star, who could be described as “horrible” by martial arts alone, was an elder who even the senior leaders of the Chinese State greatly respected.