Peerless Genius System

Chapter 358: Heavenly Buildings Pair

“Boy, who's your master? ”

With his hands behind his back, the old man's cloudy old eyes looked softly at Sholo, and he added, “The Sutra Sutra and the Dragon's Eighteenth Palm are both Shaolin's schools of excellence. Few people can practice them, let alone two doors at the same time. Your master should have quite a source with Shaolin. You should report his name. Perhaps old acquaintance with him is not necessarily. ”

Sholo was stunned. This can't be overstated. He will be stared at. The old man's temper is restrained in front of him, but he is definitely a super strong man. This is also the first time he has encountered a feeling of oppression.

“I don't have a master. ”

“No master? ”

The old man frowned slightly, slightly disappointed, but soon smiled again, "It seems that your master doesn't want others to know about him, either, without asking.” He photographed Sholo's shoulder, "he mastered two epic martial arts at a young age. It's a century-old martial arts talent. Your master's eyes are very poisonous. ”

Sholo couldn't stop crying, what a martial arts talent, what a master, these things can't fight him with eight rods, but there's no need to explain, it's good to have a master in the air, so you don't have to worry about exposing the system.

“Nice, nice, good job at the NSA. It's an honor to serve your country. Old age watches over you! ”

The old man shrugged his eyes and then turned to walk towards the NSA gate. He still walked slowly with his hands behind his back, but it really seemed to shrink. One step was a dozen lengths away, and he vanished in front of everyone with only a blink of an eye. His old and happy laugh was also far away.

Sholoxon took a breath, and then he realized he was already sweating, and now he's sure that the world isn't as simple as he thinks, that the NSA has such a horrible old monster, isn't it? The answer must be no, there must be, such as Guqian Xue's master, Tianshan Old Man, and perhaps an old monster of the same level.

Others similarly took a long breath and relaxed, and they didn't expect such a powerful presence in the familiar NSA to be incredible.

At that time, the ancient warring nations and the Oriental Soul rushed over, expressing their sincere apologies to Sholoh after a few words of symbolic criticism of the Kong and Voyeur peoples.

“Come on, you just want me to compete with them and understand my power, so don't come with me in vain.” Sholo's faint way.

The ancient warring countries were embarrassed and did not know how to answer for a moment.

Sholo's eyes condensed: “I don't like people shading me behind my back, just this once, not again, otherwise don't expect me to work for the NSA. ”

“Don't worry, there won't be another time, I promise!” The ancient belligerents busily raised their hands to pledge Dandan.

Oriental Shuo's voice was conciliatory: “Don't worry, Mr. Doom. If Ancient dares to make such a mess, I will destroy him first. ”

It's ridiculous to see the King Kong and Voyeur on one side making the two commissioners bow so low. I didn't know Sholo had this capital.

On the face of the wind, the Voyeurs walked towards Sholoh, and the ancient warring nations and Oriental Sool hurriedly retreated. They dared not to be too close to the Voyeurs.

“Voyeur, you're hurt. Go back and fix it.” The ancient warring nations coughed dry.

“Thanks for caring, little girl. ”

The Voyeur's spectacular eyes carefully gauged Sholo, "You call it extinction, right? I remember you. I'll come to you sometime. You have to pay me back Green. ”


It must be the little blue snake!

Sholo shook his head, shook his head, and said coldly, "I haven't compared that animal to the one that bit me. Are you sure you want me to pay? ”

“Well, I don't care, if you can't afford it, then... let it be!” The Voyeurs suddenly frowned and laughed, as if they were a little girl who was not deeply involved, innocent.


As soon as everyone around them listened to this, it was all a cold breath, to agree with each other, which sounded pretty good, but when the object was changed to a poisonous girl, there was a kind of unspeakable fright. This monstrous beauty, which man has the blessing to suffer, but think about it, this guy called 'extermination' is not afraid of poison, maybe he really has the ability to enjoy a body like that.

“I was born with poison. I haven't tasted the taste of a man since I was a kid. In my eyes, it's not that I'm not worthy, it's that no man is worthy of me. Unlike you, you practiced the Sutra, you're not poisonous. You and I are just a pair made in heaven.” The Voyeur's tiny red mouth was like a little girl laughing with joy when she got candy.

“I go, men chase women I've seen, this woman chases men, it's the first time I've seen them.” Vajra scratched his brains out of his mouth.

The Voyeur looked cold and glanced at him: "What kind of tongue are you chewing there, you fool! ”

Kong shook a chill and said to himself, “Can you hear me whispering? ”

“Yeah, I can just hear you, so don't chew your tongue in there, or you're gonna have a hard time eating that stupid piece of shit.” The Voyeur sighed with his eyebrows.


Vajra felt millions of grass horses rushing over his head, so fucking silent, and then he didn't want to get mad at the Voyeurs, he had to clear his voice to the NSA soldiers around him and yell, “What are you looking at? What is there to see? Do you need me to practice with you? ”

All of these NSA fighters were scattered as birds and animals and scared away.

And then the Voyeur's eyes were on Sholoh's face again, and he said, "What do you think of my proposal? ”

“Sorry, I have a wife. ”

Sholo lifted her left hand and showed her the wedding diamond ring worn on her unnamed finger.


Voyeur and Keith were all together, the former unexpectedly.

The latter, on the other hand, was incredible. At New Year's Eve, Sholo's family also said that she and Sholo were good friends. She was also in love with Sholo. How did Sholo get married in such a short time? The first time I saw Sholo today, she actually saw the diamond ring that Sholo wore, but she didn't think much about it, but now she wants to come, this unnamed finger wearing a diamond ring is really the only thing that happens after marriage.

“It's okay, I don't mind!” The Voyeurs grinned with moon-shaped eyes.

“But I mind.” Sholoway.

“Then I'll kill her.” An intense killing machine burst into the face of the Voyeur.

“You can try. ”

Sholoh's words were heartless, cold as hell, but his killing intentions were as substantial as they really felt.

The Voyeurs did not speak and looked at him blinkingly.

The air around them seems to be clotting...