Peerless Genius System

Chapter 359: Parking Trouble

Fortunately, the confrontation did not last very long. The ancient warring nations and the Oriental Shuo were separated from each other. To be precise, Sholo was invited alone. They were not resistant to the poison. They were categorically afraid to touch the Voys.

“Doom, you and I are a pair created in heaven. Our fate is destined for heaven, and sooner or later you will be my husband. ”

The Voyeurs stood where they were, as if they had seen the future of the two of them happily ever after, and their beautiful and delicate faces filled with naive and bright smiles.

Vajra couldn't help but vomit again: “I go, what is this called, hitting and suddenly asking others to agree with each other, can't push, typical feminism. ”

After just saying it, I couldn't help but strike a cold tremor and looked up at only the Voyeur, who looked viciously like he was going to kill someone.



When they left the NSA, the ancient warring nations equipped Sholoh with a car - the Herald GS8.

“Can't you get a better one?” Sholo looked at the black SUV in front of him and looked disgusted.

The ancient warring countries coughed dry: “This car retails for 160,000 yuan, it is a magic car in the production industry, both power and appearance are top notch, the NSA has been strained recently, it would be nice to get you such a decent car. ”

“Yeah, well, in order to equip you with a car, me and Ancient will have to eat a month's soil.” Oriental Soul followed closely.

Looking at these two directors like a couple of singers, Sholo was helpless and was going to buy one himself, but since the NSA gave him one for free and the appearance matched his aesthetic, just drive it for now, one car is better than none.

“Miss Ji, is she all right? ”

“The lark is no big deal, I'll call you when she fixes up for a while, by the way, I'm here to give you a little assignment.” Ancient Warring States Road.

“Small assignment?” Sholo frowned slightly.

“Yes, small task. ”

The ancient warring nations nodded their heads and took a long breath of air, “The economy of the summer sea has been growing rapidly over the past few years, which has also caused many problems, such as distribution organizations, like maggots of bones, prevalent in the summer sea, the police have destroyed a lot of nests, what can be caught are some insignificant characters, more are the brainwashed victims, the planners behind the distribution and the number one manager have not gone offline, the chief of the Xia Hai Police Department has asked for assistance from our NSA many times, I think this task is a good one for you to carry out. ”

Sholo didn't say anything, and speaking of the marketing, he thought of his cousin Ding Zhenyun.

Dongshuo added: “The means of distribution is to go downline and contribute to the upline, the more downline development, the higher income you can earn, it is an economic fraud, it is not a small problem, let it continue to develop, how many people will turn against their families, how many people will delay their youth in vain, waste their time in that vain dream of wealth, it is a major problem of endangered people, it is time to root it out. ”

“I can take this task, but some means should not be acceptable to the police.” Sholoway.

“Don't worry, we at NSA are certainly not the same as their police, we can use some extraordinary means if necessary, and I will greet them well in advance.” The ancient warring nations nodded.


Sholo raised his eyebrows and, since he was given the task, naturally he could not bind his hands and feet. He had to let go of his hands and feet to do it.



Back at the Starling Moon Bay Hotel, it was already night. I walked past a road and saw a marshmallow stall next to me. I took one with me. He didn't know if Su Xiaobei liked it, but I think he liked it. Don't all kids like this kind of snack?

The black messenger GS8 was not registered at the Starling Moon Bay Hotel, so it was forbidden to enter. Sholo had to call Sulu, who was authorized by the owner of Sulu, and came down to assistant Robin Xiang, who told Sholo that Sulu had taken a day of advertising and was physically exhausted, which is why he let her down.

“Five in the front row are all the spaces my sister bought, she said you can just pick one for parking. ”

In the underground parking lot, Robin Xiang, sitting in the co-driver position, pointed to the first five parking spaces and said.

Sholo nodded and skillfully pulled over.

“Mr. Shaw, did you just mention this car today?” Robin touched the leather seat and asked curiously.

“Well, for proxy, it's easy to get around.” Sholo replied with a smile.

Looking to the right, Robin Xiang was curious about the new body: “Sitting comfortable and noisy, the exterior looks very high-end and upscale, Mr. Shaw has a good eye. ”

Sholo just laughed, didn't pick her up and pushed the door down.

At this point, two powerful men in black appeared at the entrance to the parking lot and walked towards them with a bad colour.

“It's the two bodyguards around Yang Hongzhi. What are they doing here? ”

After getting out of the car, Robin Xiang also noticed them. At first glance, he recognized the two men as the bodyguards of Yang Hongzhi. A bad feeling appeared in his heart.

“Probably bothering me.” Sholo smiled softly.

The basketball showdown disgraced Yang Hongzhi. After that, he directly taught Yang Hongzhi a lesson. Shen Qinyeon said Yang Hongzhi was not a good man, and sent a bodyguard to clean him up, so he was in the right place. There was nothing to be surprised about.

Two powerful black bodyguards stopped in front of Sholo, their tall bodies allowing them to look down on Sholo, one of whom coldly said: "Come with us, Mr. Sholo! ”

Although the word 'please' is used, there is not half a polite tone between the lines, but rather a command.

“Let me ask you a question. What happens if I don't go with you?” Sholoway.

The two bodyguards looked at each other and laughed like staring at Sholo with contempt at the fish on the chopping board.

“If you don't, we'll beat you to the ground and drag you away.” Another bodyguard clapped his finger joints and grinned.

“Like dragging a dog, humming...” The bodyguard who was the first to speak added with a smile.

“Don't be ridiculous, this is the Starling Moon Bay Hotel. As soon as I yell, the security guard in the parking lot will run right in.” Robin was panicking.

“Miss Luo, it's none of your business here. If this guy convicts our young master, then he must pay the price. Don't say it's the security guard here, it's the King of Heaven I'm here, and don't try to keep him. ”

Sam raised his voice coldly, he set his eyes on Sholo again, and asked easily, “Tell me, are you coming with us on your own initiative or let us take you...”

The sound stopped because Sholo suddenly made a move and kicked his companion in the chest.

He only felt a strong wind whistling on the attack surface, then heard another scream, his companion A Si was like hit by a heavyweight truck, his body flew out backwards, and fell on the solid surface five or six meters away. “Wow” threw up all the food he ate at night, and eventually his nose spilled blood.