Peerless Genius System

Chapter 360: Touching

Sang, everyone was stunned. Why didn't you expect Sholo to suddenly strike, and the power would be so perverted? He kicked his companion Si off with one foot. Si weighed more than 160 kg, so he kicked off. Is that the Movie's powerful diamond leg?

He couldn't think more, because Sholo's second foot kicked directly at him at this time, his conditional reflexed palms rolled out to defend, but when his palms touched Sholo's soles, he regretted that his bowels were blue, the power was too fierce and overbearing, it felt like a barbarian bull hit his palms, his arms trembled, and his back body flew out uncontrollably.

“Boom ~”

With a murmur, he fell on the ground, not far from Ah Si, and the pain swept, screaming.

Robin Xiang looked stunned, her eyes wide open, like she saw something incomprehensible, this is the second time she saw Sholo do it, still so shocked.

“Hold this for me. ”

Sholo handed her the marshmallows.

Robin Xiang blinked and returned to God. He barely thought about it. He took it with his hands and held it carefully.

Then she saw Sholoh with nothing, and she walked up, and the whole underground parking lot sounded the screams of those two bodyguards. Sholoh punched them every time, her body trembled a little, and then she got goosebumps, and in the end she didn't dare to look, because it was so tragic that the faces of the two bodyguards swelled into pigs at visible speeds.

“Don't... don't fight, we... we surrender...”

Sansan couldn't stand this fierce beating, a 7-foot strong man actually cried, he shouted, "My ribs are almost broken... you are about to break them, please don't break them. ”

Si is now lying on the ground with a big breath, his face swollen into a pig's head, he was beaten to death with little breath left, almost fainted.

“Blame you for your bad luck. ”

Sholo said faintly, then punched Sang in the face before releasing Sang's collar.

Much more comfortable!

NSA headquarters line, let Sholo not talk about how bored, and at this time, Sanaa Four happened to come looking for trouble, so they rationalized into Sholo's angry sandbag, of course, Sholo didn't kill him, it was all some flesh wounds, no injuries, no setbacks, resting in bed for four or five days is no big trouble.

“Go back and tell your young master that the next time I send someone strong to act as a sandbag, it is best to come when I am in a bad mood, so I will thank him, otherwise I will only be very upset, and if I am upset, I will personally find him and bring him to practice as a sandbag. ”

Sholo stood up to them. Young rich master Yang Hongzhi was not qualified to make him angry. He flew like a fly. As long as the fly did not make him tolerate it, he was not interested in going to ignore it.

“Yes… Yes…"

Sam covered his hot and swollen face, even nodded his head and looked at Sholo's eyes full of fear.

Sholo turned around, walked back to his car, took a bottle of mineral water out of the car, unscrewed the lid and poured water into his hand, felt clean before retrieving the marshmallow from Robin's hand, and said "Thank you.”

“Oh... don't thank me. ”

Robin Xiang very unnaturally smiled back. She had not returned to God from the fact that Sholo had so simply and brutally dealt with Yang Hongzhi's two bodyguards. She looked at the two people lying on the ground moaning in pain and said in her heart: this is too brutal.

And then I quickly followed Sholo, and I thought it was terrible, but I thought Sholo, who made this terrible picture, felt safe.



Sholo didn't go back to his apartment, he went to Sulu's apartment first.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw a beautiful figure reclining on the sofa in the lobby. There was an animation of "Cats and Rats" on the huge TV screen in front of me. The tall blue silk, the slim white jade neck, just one side made people think about everything, not Sulu and who.

The little girl Su Xiaobei snuggled her down and completely put herself into the animation scene. A pair of big black gemstone eyes didn't blink. However, the little girl seemed to have a psychic reaction. After Sholo entered the door, she turned her head unconsciously toward the door. When she saw Sholo, she immediately jumped off the couch, stretched her little hand and ran towards Sholo, shouting “Dad”.

Sholo crouched down and waited for her to come and hug herself.

“Dad, is this for Babe?” Su Xiaobei quickly noticed Sholo's marshmallows.

Sholo nodded: "Yes, I bought it for you. ”

“Thank you, Dad. ”

The little girl happily took the marshmallows, opened her mouth and ate them beautifully, becoming a quiet little beauty who ate the candy.

Su Li walked over and glanced at Sholo: "Don't buy her this unhygienic food in the future. ”

“Don't worry, it won't happen often.” Sholo graciously touched Su Xiaobei's head melon.

Su Li didn't seem to have much objection to Su Xiaobei eating marshmallows and then turned the subject around: “Did you buy a car today? ”


Sholo interacted with Su Xiaobei, and some answered Su Li's question carelessly.

Su Li asked: “What car? ”

“Sis, it's a message, the car is performing well and looks very high-end and upscale.” Robin Xiang inserted a sentence.

“Domestic bars, too, with his current ability, can only drive at this price. ”

Sulu deliberately sarcastic, but found that Sholo's face had no flurry at all, which made her bite her teeth off. This man who took away her first night, is still her husband's man. How can he be so impatient that a random car is enough to know?

After teasing Su Xiaobei, Sholo got up and went back to his apartment.

Su Li naturally wouldn't leave him. She just asked him if he had eaten dinner. After getting the results, she continued to sit on the couch. Bored to pick up a book and look at it. As an artist, she had to make constant progress in learning to keep up with the trend in society.

When he returned to his apartment, Sholo stunned, all the places were cleaned up and the floors were dragged clean. He washed them with a washing machine and hung them on the balcony to dry when he was ready to come back. In addition, the huge two-tier wardrobe was filled with brand-new clothes, ties, leather shoes, formal and casual clothing in two parts.

Don't think about it, it's definitely for Su Li.

Somehow, Sholo suddenly had the warmth of a family, and the whole apartment was no longer cool, but an extra warm atmosphere.

When he tried a few sets, they fit perfectly, and they were all his favorite styles. It was impossible to say that they didn't touch him at all. Although Su Li had never had a good look on his face, he was touched by this. When Robin Xiang said that the advertisement was shot, Su Li should have lied to her. Su Li went to a shopping mall all day.