Peerless Genius System

Chapter 361: Su Changye

Sholo took a bath, lay on a soft queen bed, thoughtful, can't tell the warmth of his heart, I don't know if he was a little distracted by the last accident. The scene in his mind was a wild scene of the day when he appeared independently, from the sofa in the lobby to the queen bed in the master bedroom, every scene touched his mind, as if it had happened yesterday.



Early the next morning, Su Xiaobei, as usual, came outside the door and slapped Sholo by the door with his little hand for breakfast.

When I opened the door, I saw Su Xiaobei, the little girl with the pink carved jade, dressed in beautiful clothes, standing in front of the door like a little princess.

This time it was two people, standing behind Su Xiaobei, a boy, a strange face, dyed non-mainstream yellow hair, wearing earrings, skin as smooth and white as a woman, eyes with black eyeliner, can not say flush, can only say special non-mainstream, wearing a black leather jacket, the shoulder position of the leather jacket is dense with sharp bursts.

“You're Sholo, right?” The boy put his left hand in his trouser pocket, crooked his head and asked first, with a disgust in his eyes.

“I am. Who are you?” Sholo's faint way.

The boy groaned softly and spit: “Marry my sister, but don't know who I am. Your brain is watty. ”

Sholo remembered it in his head. When he went to Su Li's mother's house, he seemed to have heard Su Li say her brother's name once. When he thought about it, he immediately remembered: “Su Chanye? ”

“Well, you got a little eye for it. ”

Su Chanye shook his head and gazed at Sholo. He frowned. "You don't look very handsome. You haven't got my temperament yet. How could my sister have chosen you? But it still fits. You must be stronger than Yang Hongzhi's scum. ”

Is that a compliment?

Sholo doesn't know what to do with his face, how to look at it, the guy in front of him looks like a drag and stink.

“By the way, what would you do? ”

Su Chanye suddenly asked curiously, “Will Bundy, will the racing car, Kendo? ”

When I asked, I got high first, danced with my hands and feet, and scored constantly.

Sholo shook his head: "No! ”

Even if he does, he says no, and he's too lazy to hang out with this guy.

Su Chanye immediately looked despicable and shook his head: “It looks like I can't fit into a circle with you. If you said you could marry my sister and learn something to please your brother-in-law, even if you won't, you should talk about it and then learn it secretly. So that we can have a common language. No, don't put gold on your own face. If my sister didn't let me get to know you well, I wouldn't be lazy to talk to you so much. ”

“Uncle, Dad will do anything. ”

Su Xiaobei was unhappy. He raised his head and whispered for Sholo.

“Little princess, he typically looks like an inept person. He can't do anything but fuck my sister.” Su Chanye knelt down and preached a sermon to Su Xiaobei.

Fuck your sister?

Me! @ # ¥%...

Sholo almost couldn't resist kicking this guy in the face and talking to Zhang Dashan.



By the time she arrived at Sului's apartment, Aunt Li had already prepared the breakfast and brought it to the table.

“Sister, the brother-in-law you found for me and I simply can't get into a circle. I can't get into a relationship with him. In the future, we'll all be different, so don't interrupt each other.” As soon as Su Chanye entered the door, he shouted and complained.

Su Li blushed, because Su Chan Ye shouted like this, Sholo knew how familiar he was with Su Chan Ye. Then he mumbled and angrily said: “What are you shouting about in the morning? Don't you want change money for this month? ”

After listening to this, Su Chanye immediately shrugged. He quickly shut his mouth like an exasperated leather ball. Then he took a seat and ate his breakfast silently.

Sholo walked behind Su Xiaobei and placed Su Xiaobei in her exclusive position before sitting beside her.

Looking up at Su Glass, he smiled. “Those clothes, thank you. ”

Su Glass glanced at him and said coldly: “No need.” Then immediately turned the subject around. "Eat early. After eating, I have work to do. Su Xiaobei left it to the two of you today. ”

“Leave it to the two of us? Sister, are you kidding me? I won't take the kids, and I have to go to Kendo training later, there's no time.” Su Chanye was like a cat trampled to the tail and was extremely responsive.

“Daddy can stay with me, I don't want Uncle.” Su Xiaobei drank porridge with a spoon. She drank it all around her mouth. If Su Changye didn't like to accompany her, she immediately responded. Don't accompany Su Changye.

Su Glass came to his temper and snorted to Su Chanye. “This is not negotiable. Whatever you have, put it down for a while. Also, don't think I don't know what the purpose of your Kendo training class is. For that nasty purpose, I'm not ashamed to tell you. ”

“What obscene purpose, I'm not looking for your daughter-in-law, it's a matter of business, okay? Fine, I promise. I promise to take care of the princess, but I have one condition.” Su Chanye stretched out an index finger and cautiously demanded.


Sulu lowered his head and drank porridge.

“The last time my car lost at Wolf Mountain, you asked Shen to help me win it back.” Su Changye Road.

Su Li put down the bowl chopsticks, raised his head, a pair of beautiful eyes hated iron and steel stared at him, suppressing a rage: “How many times is this? ”

“… for the third time. ”

Su Chanye shrunk his neck, anxiously lowered his head and whispered.

“The last two times I helped you win back, you didn't learn a lesson, but you raced against them. Are you in the water? ”

Su Liqi didn't hit a spot. She now knows why this guy is here so early. He is fine and doesn't go to Sanbao Palace. This seems to be the main reason to come to her. Her friend Shen Shenyen's racing skill is a first-class master. The first two times she helped her impotent brother win back the lost sports car.

“Sister, it's nothing more than three. It's nothing more than three. I swear, just help me win it back this time, I'll never race with them again.” Su Chanye stretched out his hand to swear Dandan's oath.

“Don't lose this time, lose, travel by subway and bus in the future, and don't expect me to buy you new money.” Su Lili didn't want to ignore him and continued eating his own breakfast.

Sholo stayed silent as if he hadn't heard their conversation, eating his own breakfast, and interacting with Su Xiaobei next to him from time to time.

Then, after they had finished talking, he asked: "Why do I have to take care of Beck by myself? ”

Su Li raised his head and looked at him with an unexplained look, meaning that you had to accept my arrangement unconditionally.

In order to please Su Chanye, he exclaimed: “Look at you, my sister's arrangement is heaven. What is she saying? Why do you ask so many questions? 100,000 reasons? ”