Peerless Genius System

Chapter 378 Conversation

Soon, a large bowl of green vegetables mixed with potatoes, similar to rice congee served, and a plate of tomato fried eggs.

“What's this plate called?” Sulu pointed to the rice congee dish and asked.

“Our home specialty dish, green potato paste.” Sholo smiled.

Su Li lit up with a spoon and wondered, “Can you eat this? ”

She had never seen the dish before, but she could see that it was chopped green vegetables, cooked in a pot with cooked potatoes, and then crushed them into paste, which became the dish in front of her.

“Try it and you'll see. It's a good meal.” Sholo didn't say much and turned to the kitchen to clean it up.

“Cuckoo ~”

Su Li was so hungry that she protested again.

Never mind. Eat. Finish this meal.

With that in mind, she served a bowl of rice. She didn't eat the green potato paste first and sipped the tomato scrambled eggs in front of her.

I thought it would be difficult to swallow, but when this dish came in, she realized she was mistaken. She had not eaten tomato fried eggs before, but now this dish, although not very bright in color, tastes extremely unique, soft and refreshing, unspoken and delicious.

She couldn't stop taking her first bite, and her whole mind was immersed in the delicacy of tomato scrambled eggs.

She woke up after a whole plate of tomato fried eggs had been eaten.

Was this eaten by yourself?

Su Glass couldn't believe looking at the empty plate in front of her, even though the dish in front of her was even more delicious. Out of courtesy and image, she would often leave a little. Never so faint as today, she ate the whole dish.

I'm so hungry, I must be so hungry!

She said so in her heart.

Then she looked at the green potato paste next to her and hesitated to take a bite with the spoon. After all, the tomato fried eggs were so good, the dish might not disappoint her either.

She lifted the bowl gently, grabbed the spoon, her little finger slightly curled, scooped a few spoons from the plate carefully and put them in her mouth to taste.

Suddenly, she raised her eyebrows, it wasn't bad, it was especially delicious, it tasted delicious, it wasn't greasy at all, it opened her appetite, she added each spoon to her bowl, and she didn't feel comfortable eating.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Sholo went back to the lobby and saw Su Dafei sitting at the dining table, gracefully wiping her little mouth with a paper towel. Her face was full of satisfaction, and in front of her were two dishes that had been crippled by the wind.

“Are you finished? ”

Sholova was somewhat surprised that the two dishes were of sufficient quantity and were made according to the standards of an adult male, who did not expect Sulu to finish them as well.

Su Li's cheeks were burning. She was so sick in front of a man that she regretted not resisting the temptation to eat. However, she was still calm. She put down the paper towel and mumbled her lips. “How does this green vegetable potato paste work, which is to cook chopped green vegetables and potatoes together? ”


Sholo nodded.

“This tomato fried egg tastes good too. Have you learned to cook before?” Su Li asked curiously.

“No, it's all on its own. ”

Sholo answered honestly that during his years in Jiangcheng, he used to cook, and some basic dishes would still be cooked.

“Looks like you know how to enjoy life.” Su Li's delicate face revealed a rare smile.

Sholo smiled and said, "You pack your own chopsticks, I'll go back first. ”


Su Li stood up and thought, "Let's talk. ”

“Talk? ”

Sholo was surprised that this iceberg-like woman wanted to talk to herself.

“Talk about Su Xiaobei. ”

Su Limei blinked, as if something had occurred to her. Her cheeks turned red and faint. "I think you are quite sure that Su Xiaobei is not my own daughter. ”

Sholo nodded his head, and their evening's haunting, Sully, was still the first night, which proved it.

“She is the daughter of my sister Su Meiling. ”

When she spoke of her sister, Su Li's tone was a little sad. The beautiful face envied by countless women also dimmed. “Two months after Su Xiaobei's birth, my sister found her man cheating on her. The two of them had a big fight. During the fight, the man pushed her off a dozen floors. ”

“So instead of your sister, you became Beck's mother?” Sholoway.

Su Li nodded: “I hope she can grow up healthy and healthy and have an innocent childhood.” She looked up at Sholo, "and I didn't know why she was so close to you, or even thought you were her father, and sometimes I had to admit, maybe there was something like that. ”

Sholo would smile. When he thought of Su Xiaobei, his heart field was incredibly warm. It was a wonderful feeling.

Su Li doesn't know if this man understands his sub line. By "fate" she means not only Su Xiaobei and him, but also her and him.

But seeing Sholo was unresponsive, she couldn't help but get upset and asked, “By the way, did you get a job? ”

What are you doing here all of a sudden?

The monk couldn't touch his head and shook his head: "No. ”

“Tomorrow, go to my friend Shen Shenyen's company to interview. Her company happens to be recruiting sales personnel. You should try it.” Sului spoke in the tone of command.

Schollo didn't like to be orchestrated and refused categorically: "I told you, you don't have to worry about the job, I can handle it myself. ”

“You have no choice in this matter. I've already served your resume. Tomorrow at 9: 00, you can go to the Chinese Medicines Group on time for an interview. If you want us to repeat what happened that day, you can leave. ”

Su Rui's attitude was resolute. Now that she had no choice, Sholo had no choice. She wanted the man to grow up quickly. Although it was impossible to get one step at a time, at least have a decent job.

Sholo was helpless, he knew that this woman could do it if she could, that day she didn't hesitate to jump, really scared him, he wanted to say ‘do as you please’ aloud, but found himself unable to say it, he thought he had no feelings for this woman, but she was different from other women in his heart, couldn't say what it felt like, maybe because this was his first woman.

“Okay, but don't get your hopes up, I don't have to pass their company interview.” Sholo has come up with a trick at this moment, which is to deliberately not pass the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group interview.

“You can show your best side. ”

Su Li said that she had taken the lead in greeting Shen Shenyen. Unless Sholo's interview was truly unbearable, she would definitely pass.

Careful thoughts are hidden between the two of them, so you don't know who will win this duel.

Sholo left, and Sulu looked at the two dishes on the table with a little warmth in her heart.