Peerless Genius System

Chapter 379 Ghost

A certificate that tightly tied the two people without feelings together. Sholo didn't know what it felt like to be Sulu, so he felt a little strange in any case. He wanted Sulu to meet someone he liked and end the relationship early.

In his subconscious, the two will eventually split up, and then no one will know anyone and no one will bother anyone, so he won't talk to Sulu about many things about himself.

When I returned to my apartment, I spoke to Zhang Dashan on the phone.

Zhang Dashan was busy chasing Huang Ruran, unfortunately, Huang Ruran did not have any cold in his pursuit, even clearly told him that it was impossible for the two of them.

“Shit, flowers have been sent more than a dozen times. I've had an appointment to eat, but they just don't give me a chance. What should I do, cousin?” Zhang Dashan complained.

Sholo shook his head: "Chase a girl. You're more experienced than me. Ask me what I can do for you. ”

“Grass, do you really want to go to jail if you like to rape, rape doesn't succeed in drugging, as the Internet says?” Zhang Dashan is extremely depressed.

Sholo lifted his eyebrows and shouted, “Then go to jail. I'll see you. ”

“Look at your sister, see if you can have a good time.” Zhang Dashan rolled his white eyes.

Sholo sighed helplessly and found a phone call coming in from cousin Ding Zhenyun.

“Well, let's not talk about it, I'll take the call. ”

“Okay. ”

Zhang Dashan took the initiative to end the call.

Sholo swiped his phone to the right and picked up Ding Zhenyun's call.

“Cousin, help me, help me...” Ding Zhenyun's anxious and frightened voice rang across the phone.

Sholo stood up and asked, "Where are you? ”



In a quiet street in Dongcheng District, a wolf ran out of an alley, wearing a grey leather jacket and black pants, rubbed several spots on his face, blood seeped out, slightly swollen corners of his mouth, and his clothes were not neat. The shirt in there even snapped the wrong button. Apparently, it was Ding Zhenyun who had been beaten.

“Tinker Bell, come back with us, or you'll have your own fruit! ”

Behind him, four young men persisted and shouted at him, a man of strong stature with a scar on his face, sleeves raised, strong arms revealed and a scorpion tattooed on the back of his left hand.

Ding Zhenyun's body trembled and fled despite everything. But when he panicked, accidents could easily occur. For example, now, he accidentally tripped by a bump on the ground and fell to the ground.

The four youths took the opportunity to rush up, circle around, head down and look at him viciously.

“Run, keep running, why don't you run? ”

The strong man kicked in Ding Zhenyun's belly, his strength was fierce, and he kicked Ding Zhenyun screaming, his face slightly distorted due to pain.

Kneeling down, grabbing Ding Zhenyun's hair, raising Ding Zhenyun's head, the other three people stepped on Ding Zhenyun's hands and legs with their feet. Letting Ding Zhenyun struggle won't help.

The strong man smiled: “I told you, if you follow me well and obey me, I will make you rich and become a man. Why do you want to run? ”

“You are… you are the distributors…" Ding Zhenyun looked at the strong man in horror, frightened way.

“So what if you could just get rich? You see how hard you worked before, you introduced several friends here, you made 5,000 net dollars without even investing a penny. It's great, you just have to pull a few more people in, then brainwash them, let them use their relationship network to pull people in, you can sit and wait to collect money, where can you find such good things?” The strong man took out a cigarette light, Yinshen said.

“You are marketing, you are marketing...”

Ding Zhenyun still said that, his gaze repeated, he was frightened, scared, the only thing left in his mind was this sober awareness.

“Promote your mother. ”

The muscle in the corner of a strong man's mouth smoked, took the smoke from his mouth in his hand, and stabbed it hard against Ding Zhenyun's arm.

The lit cigarette followed by the burning black charcoal, this poke down, Ding Zhenyun immediately ripped his heart and lungs screamed, his teeth bit his tongue, and both rows of teeth were stained red with blood.

It wasn't until the cigarette was completely extinguished that a strong man let go.

Ding Zhenyun had a large red burning area on his arm, and then a blister was produced at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“What do you say, excitement? ”

A strong man looks at Ding Zhenyun with a painful face. Hey, smile. "Rest assured, this is just an appetizer dish. I'll be waiting for you when I get back. It's been a long time since you killed an example of a chicken monkey. You hit my gun.” Stand up and drink with a cold face, "take it away! ”

The other three young men raised Ding Zhenyun.

“Let me go, I don't want to go back, let me go, let me go! ”

Ding Zhenyun revealed deep fear in his eyes, causing all his strength to struggle. He knew what would be waiting for him when he returned. That was terror, that was pain, that was despair, and that was a nightmare.

“Fuck you! ”

A strong man punched Ding Zhenyun in the face and smashed it past. Ding Zhenyun's head quickly slipped to the right side. A bite of tooth blood flew out, and this punch made him lose his mind.

The strong man took out a cigarette light again, took a deep breath, the cigarette slowly spit out after the lungs had passed, and looked at Ding Zhenyun softly humming: “In my eyes, you are a fat pig, whether to slaughter or keep it, but it is not up to you, you have to keep this in mind. ”

Just as they walked off the street, a ghostly figure appeared in sight, and there was no sound in the walking room, as if it were a weightless ghost, walking slowly.

Four people had to fight a chill on their own...

A strong man who had been a soldier for several years before, he acutely realized that the man was not easy, but he did not associate himself with Ding Zhenyun's helpers, only a passage.

“Let's go this way. ”

He waved, then left in the opposite direction of the arrival, and he was unwilling to make any contact with this ghostly man.

The other three nodded and set Ding Zhenyun apart.

But in the moment they just turned around, a strong man felt his shoulder sinking, a big hand resting on his shoulder, turning around and greeting a handsome face, the ghostly figure just over a dozen meters away.


At this moment, the strong man couldn't help but suck in the cool air and burst out a cold sweat. In just one second, the other person actually drove out from a dozen meters to come to his side. Is this a ghost encounter?