Peerless Genius System

Chapter 383: Big Rises and Falls

“Sholo, we meet again! ”

Shen Shenyen stood up from her seat and looked at Sholo, who she had invited into the office alone with a smug smile on her face.

"" Miss Shen has such a good memory, "said Sholo, laughing." Even people like me remember. ”

“I couldn't remember, but now you're my girlfriend's husband, and I have to remember anyway, don't I? ”

Shen Shenyen walked out of the back of the desk. She looked up and down at Sholo with a noble temperament. Then she said, "At first, I had a good impression of you, and I even appreciated you a little, but now, I hate you, nothing else, because you slept with my good friend. ”

Sholo's face was sweaty, and the woman had a beautiful face, but the conversation was so direct and simple and rude.

“Your union with Glass is a mistake. Although it's your fault, it's a mistake. It doesn't match Glass at all in your capacity and status. I may hurt your self-esteem if I say it, but it's a fact. You and Glass are the difference between heaven and earth. If it wasn't for Belle's closeness to you, you two would never have known each other.” Shen Zhenyen.

“Pfft, pfft...”

Sholo smiled shallow on his face, his hands clapped, and a monotonous applause rang in the office.

Shen Qinyeon hurled in to ask: “What do you mean? ”

“You're very good, I think there should be applause here.” Sholoway.

“Aren't you angry? ”

Shen Tinyen was very surprised. What she just said was that she thought her girlfriend was worthless. Her innocent body was taken from her. If the other party was a big man with a face, even if it was only a small achievement, she would not be unequal. However, the other party was just a poor boy who came from the countryside to work in Xiahai City, and she really couldn't accept it.

Sholo shook his head: “You're right, I really don't deserve her. I hope you have time to give her some thought work and put an end to this notorious and false relationship between me and her as soon as possible, and I would appreciate it if you succeeded. ”

Shen Tinyen was stunned. Didn't she expect Sholo to be like this? Shouldn't she be glad she held a beauty back?

She asked, "Don't you feel a little cocky? ”

“Is it bad to be complacent? ”

Sholo asked back, "Better than being humble as an ant in front of people. ”

Shen Qinyeon decided to look at him for a moment and smiled. "I hope you can keep this kind of human ecology. ”

She really missed this guy, obviously not a successful person, not a very experienced person, but the eyes were as deep as a sea mulberry fields.

Sholo smiled and turned the subject around: “I just came to take a walk today. I didn't think I'd really get into your Chinese Medicine Group work. If Su Li asks, you can say that I am not good at all qualities and not suitable for this job. ”

Hearing this, Shen Shenyen felt her lungs were going to blow up. Thinking about her Chinese medicine group, how many people want to squeeze their heads into work. Even from the grass-roots level, the threshold will be broken. But what did this guy say in front of her, he actually just came to take a walk, didn't even think about the success of the job search, that kind of calm tone, how to hear is to dislike her Chinese medicine group.

At this point, the office door was pushed open and the tall woman just walked in.

She pointed out anxiety and anxiety and waited outside the office for Tung Tong Dao: “President Shen, it has been clarified that everyone else has been expelled by a fake interviewer called Tung Tong outside. ”

This was said with a dental bite and the fake interviewer disrupted their recruitment process for the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group, which could be sued to court for damages and bad corporate reputation.

“Send him in. ”

Shen Qinyeon returned to his seat and sat down. There was no sadness on his face, and he could not see if he was angry.

Sholo pinched a sweat for Tung Tong, and if it was his Lo Fong who met Tung Tong when recruiting employees, he would not let go easily.

“Tung Tung, come in! ”

The tall woman drank outside, without hiding her unhappiness, dared to play small smart with their Chinese medicine group, really ate the ambitious leopard dare.

When I heard him call himself, Tuton came in with a smile all over his face.

“President Shen, my name is Tungtong, Tungtong, Tungtong Tree Wu, Oh no, it's Tungtong Tree Wu, hehe...”

As soon as Tung Tong came in, he introduced himself, and as a result, there was excessive tension and mouth error, which ended with an embarrassing smile.

“I'm not well! ”

Shen Qinyeon smiled, “You chased away all the other interviewers. I'm in a bad mood at my Chinese medicine group. ”


Tung Tong stunned, looked at the tall woman, found that she was staring at herself with hostility, and was forced to burst out a cold sweat: “President Shen, I...”

Shen Qinyeon raised his hand and interrupted: “Tell me how you got rid of them, the more detailed the better. Ho, get me a glass of water. ”


A tall woman walks to the water dispenser at the corner of the office.

Tung Tong wiped the cold sweat coming out of his forehead. When Shen Shenyen took a glass of water from a tall woman and drank it slowly, he dared not talk nonsense, organized a language and told the story of everything that had just happened in the lounge.

When he heard Guangtong reject those interviewers as an interviewing officer under some strange pretext, Shen Shenyen couldn't help but laugh and then stood up and looked at Tungtong Road with a fierce eye: “Talent, it's really talent, any little trick would kill off the competitors, perfect for the position of sales consultant. ”

Hearing this, Tung Tong Daxi said: “General Shen, are you saying that I can come to China Pharmaceutical Group to work after the interview? ”

Shen Qinyeon shook his head and smiled. “No.” Looking to a tall woman, "Xiaohe informed the Legal Department immediately to sue him for damages of five million dollars for disrupting the company's normal recruitment process and damaging the company's reputation. ”


Tung Tong opened his eyes. At this moment, he experienced what a big ups and downs in life were. He shook Shen Qinyeon: “President Shen, why don't you follow the set of cards? ”

“Boom ~”

Shen Shenyen slapped him on the desk, smiling convergently, and coldly said: “You are a job-seeker by chance, fake interviewer to chase away other interviewers, and you behaved badly. If this can all be forgiven, then you are taking my Chinese medicine group too seriously. ”

A tall woman sounds very pleasant. Such a person is too disgusting and must be severely punished.

“President Shen, you can't do this, I... I just want to join the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group too much, I... I...”

Guantong felt like he was playing big, never thought he would get into a lawsuit, and was sued by a company this big as China Pharmaceutical Group, he felt that the sky had collapsed.