Peerless Genius System

Chapter 384 Confrontation

“Call the police, put him in custody! ”

Shen Qinyeon seemed to smile. In fact, he was doing something so powerful and unpredictable.


The tall woman complimented her and called the police when she took out her phone.

Tu Tong's face was as dead as ash. ‘Pong Tong’ sat on his knees on the ground. He dug himself a fire pit.

“Wait! ”

Sholo made a noise at this time to stop, he and Tung Tong were college classmates, you can't just watch him suffer. He walked up three steps toward a tall woman, took her phone off, turned off the dial interface and handed it back to her. Turning around, he turned toward Shen Yin, “President Shen, he didn't mean it, there's no need to make such a scene. ”

Shen Shenyen raised her eyebrows and sat down again. She turned her signature pen and asked: “Do you know him? ”

“Yes.” Sholo answered honestly.

“What kind of relationship? ”

“Classmates and friends. ”


Shen Zhenyen nodded, the thread dragged long, and a delightful arc laughed up the corner of his mouth.

She was just pissed off by Sholo, and now she has a chance to get back in the game, which she certainly won't let go of.

"You want me to let him go? ”

Sholo doesn't answer, just default.

“Well, if you can impress me with a successful sales advisor job, I won't hold him accountable.” Shen Zhenyen.

Sholo frowned, and it was a simple thing to walk through, but it turned out to be such an accident, which was unexpected.

“Sholo, help me, you have to help me. Although my parents have some family bottom, it's far less than five million. If I'm to compensate, my family will have to be compensated for thousands of properties.” Tung Tong mourned a face and stood tightly over Sholo's handkerchief. This time it was a big game. He played himself in. Shen Shenyen didn't look like a joke.

“I do my best. ”

Sholo was helpless, and just now he felt handsome, and now he's falling so bad, he doesn't even know what to say.

In addition, he also wanted to understand one thing. Since Su Li can arrange his interview with China Pharmaceutical Group, he can arrange an interview with any other company. As long as he doesn't find a job in one day, he won't have a quiet day, so why not hang a sales advisor's free time here.

Shen Shenyen couldn't help but find it funny. He said: You dare to disown my company. If I don't give you a horseway, I won't have Shen's last name.

He coughed and asked aggressively: "Sholo, you don't have to do your best. In my place, you are no longer qualified, and this job is not for you. ”

“I don't think so.” Sholo shook his head.

“Oh, you think you have a flash point to impress me and then get this job?” Shen Qinyeon sipped tea with a smile.

Sholo didn't say anything back to her, just nodded.

Shen Shenyen was amused. "You are so confident. I wonder where your confidence comes from. ”



“Yes, she, before she comes, she must have been angry with you, and you promised her that no matter how bad I did, you'd break the rules and admit me, otherwise you wouldn't be in charge of the recruitment yourself, right?” Sholo is not overwhelmed.

As soon as this statement comes out, the tall women and Tutoring are all amazing looking at Sholo. There is a lot of information in this statement, so much so that it makes people feel that Sholo's image is much taller.

Shen Qinyeon's face changed. He shouted “shameless” in his heart. He actually moved Su Li out. Is this what a man should do?

Sholo went on to say, "You and she are good friends. You promised her that you would do it, so this sales consultant job is long overdue. I have one, Shen, and I don't think it's necessary to go on, do you? ”

“Marcheàl 'ombre! Get in the shade and cool off! ”

Shen Qinyeon had never seen such a shameless man before. He couldn't hold down. He started the case directly, pointing to Sholoh and said a word in French.

Sholo replied in French: "Sorry, there's no shade here! ”


Shen Qinyeon opened his eyes slightly and did not expect Sholo to speak French as well.

Without showing weakness, she continued in French: “The saddest thing about man is that he has no knowledge and cannot restrain himself, and you are the sad one. ”

“I don't know if I'm pathetic, but I know I'm a thinker, and Balzac once said that a thinker is a powerful man.” Sholo responded softly.

Innocent French, Shen Shenyen was truly stunned. She studied for more than two years before making such a speech in French. But now, this Sholo speaks better French than she does.

Didn't this guy come from the countryside? How can you speak French if you know English at best? Did you learn French in college?

Shen Zhenyen refused to lose. He uttered a Russian saying: “I am the one who has lost!" ”

Sholo's eyebrows were deeply wrinkled because that sentence meant: roll the fucking * * calf.

It is inconceivable that such a rude curse should come from a beautiful woman.

“Mr. Shen, please weigh yourself down.” Sholo also responded in Russian.

You still speak Russian?

Shen Shenyen was shocked. Sholo had already surprised her by her knowledge of French. Now she speaks Russian. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

At the same time, she blushes because Sholo understands what she means by Russian, and even if her mental qualities are stronger, she really wants to find a hole to drill into. But the good news is that only Sholo understands, and no one else understands, which is a comforting thing.

The tall women and Tung Tong were stunned at the side. Although they could not understand the conversation between Sholo and Shen Yeon earlier, they could be sure that it was two foreign languages. Even those outside the language door could tell that they spoke both languages very fluently and innocently, and the accent sounded like a real foreigner.

“My God, Sholo, how much talent does this soul hide?” In the heart of Tung Tong, there is a secret way.

“Pfft, pfft...”

Shen Qinyeon stood up and looked at Sholo with admiration: "Talent, talent, I really looked at you. ”

It's broken, it's that routine again!

Tung Tong's heart pounded.

Sure enough, Shen Tinyen turned her voice around: “But even if you are very good at language, you have not succeeded in touching me. ”

“Sometimes, putting your body down a little bit can yield a lot, but instead only add a lot of trouble to yourself.” Sholo said in innocent English.

Shen Zhenyen stunned, knowing that Sholo was referring to Su Li, and was also warning her that if she played too hard, he would not leave her alone, then she would not be able to explain to Su Li.

Shameless guy!

Shen Shenyen's lungs were about to burst again, and Sholo's actions deeply embarrassed her.

“Boom ~”

At that point, the door of the office was pushed open again and a loud noise shook the body of three people in the office, with the exception of Sholo.