Peerless Genius System

Chapter 386 Translation

Shen Shenyen walked up and pushed Shen Xingqing away, staring straight at Sholo: “Sholo, do you really understand what she's saying? ”

“What's in it for me to lie to you?” Sholo asks back.

Shen Tinyen froze and smiled. “It's no good, then ask her why a princess from a country would come alone. ”

“Yes, but I need the benefit now.” Sholoway.

Shen Shenyen said: "You helped me. I won't hold you accountable for what your friend did in my company. Besides, you and he can both join my Chinese Pharmaceutical Group. ”

“On one more condition, I joined the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group and my working hours were at my discretion.” Sholo smiled and said.

Free control of working hours?

Oh, shit. Are you sure this is work? If that were the case, wouldn't it be more leisurely than the official monkeys of the country? It's the beat of working whenever you want!

Tung Tung and tall women were stunned and had never met a job seeker who dared to make such a request.

“What do you take me for? A nightclub? ”

Shen Xingqing drank loudly. When he said it, he realized it was wrong. Shut up.

Shen Shenyen ignored him and smiled at Sholo: “If she is indeed Princess Dubai and can bring me an order of DH8 million from China Pharmaceutical Group, I promise you the terms. ”

Sholo laughed: “Chief Shen can't afford to lose. ”

“Of course, I'm a businessman and I don't trade in compensation.” Shen Zhenyen raised an arc and laughed. He was not angry at all. On the contrary, he felt that Sholo's words were a tribute to him.

Sholo nodded and thought this Shen Shenyen was interesting.

He turned to the foreign woman and said, "What is it? ”

It is in Arabic spoken by women, with a little taste of indigenous language.

Nima, this kid really understands this bird language?

Shen Xingqing opened his eyes. He couldn't understand what he was saying, but could tell it was the same language.

When foreign women heard Sholo's words, they were stunned and their faces were filled with joy. They kindly gave Sholo a hug, as if they had found a loved one. Then they said a lot of words like spells to Sholo.

Everyone in the room saw the two of them talking and comparing, their brains blank, who would have thought that Sholo could understand the indigenous language of the United Arab Emirates? This is bullfork, too!

“Sholo, this soul is faint, how much talent is left unseen. ”

Though tongue-in-cheek, his admiration for Sholo now continues like a river, he vows to be a talented man, but Sholo, every time he meets, he is impressed, talented, it is a model of his learning.

“What did she say?” After the exchange between Sholo and the foreign women, Shen Shenyen couldn't wait to ask.

“She said that this time she came to our country to purchase a shipment of medicines herself. Yesterday she arrived in the summer sea with her escort and interpreter, but she did not expect the interpreter to be hit by a car while shopping with her, and was in a coma. ”

Sholoh didn't slow down, “Princess Salama was stunned at the hotel and found the door by herself with the list of medicines. Her original idea was to go to Jen He Pharmaceutical, but she was not familiar with the terrain and came to China Pharmaceutical Group. ”

Shen Shenyen's eyebrows wrinkled deeply, because she heard the words "Jenhe Pharmaceutical Industry”, which was their number one competitor in China Pharmaceutical Group. Before they left the country, the two families started competing to run. Now they left the country and spared no effort to compete for international resources. The UAE side has always been Jenhe Pharmaceutical's monopoly on the market.

“Tell her I can fulfill all her order requirements," she said immediately. ”

Sholo turned around and told Salama what Shen Shenyen meant.

Salama heard the rumor, stunned, and ran up to warmly hug Shen Zhenyen, and continued to bow to express his gratitude, saying again a lot of words.

Sholo went on to translate: “She said that if you can fulfill her orders, she will help China Pharmaceutical Group to set up a branch in the UAE, which is to help herself and also help China Pharmaceutical Group, Renhe Pharmaceutical monopoly, causing people in their country to spend more money on medicines, and drug counterfeiting, and she allowed you China Pharmaceutical Group to compete fairly with Renhe Pharmaceutical in the UAE to improve the quality of medicines. ”

Hearing this, Shen Shenyen's delicate face revealed an irrepressible excitement: “Xiao He, come on, give Princess Salama a seat! ”


The tall woman busily moved the chair Shen Xingqing had just sat in front of Salama and invited her to sit down.


Salama bowed politely and thanked her in green Chinese, a word many foreigners in China would say, and she was no exception.

Shen Xingqing spoke at this time: “Niece Yeon, you are really young, you should have nothing wrong with your mind, just a foreign woman in ordinary clothes. Do you believe she is a Dubai princess? ”

Hearing this, Shen Shenyen's excitement on her face stagnated slightly. Shen Xingqing said it was annoying, but what can be said is reasonable. Dubai is a golden place. As a Dubai princess, how can she wear it so cold and sour?

“Hmm, I'd say that's the kid. ”

Shen Xingqing pointed to Sholo, “Shut up and say a lot of bird language, hard to speak Arabic, or very dirty kind, this is definitely playing with you as a monkey, you believe that the brain into the water is stupid home, the ass decides the brain. ”

While denying Salama, he did not forget to insult Shen Yeon verbally.

Shen Qinyeon glanced at him angrily and then cast his questioning eyes at Sholo.

Sholo waves: “I'm just a translator! ”

It means that whether or not the princess of Dubai is not his concern, he just relays the other's words.

“What the fuck do you translate, you stupid little redneck, you understand Arabic? I now seriously suspect that you and this woman are associates, colluding in advance to organize our Chinese Pharmaceutical Group.” Shen Xingqing drank angrily.

He didn't believe that the other party was the princess of Dubai, and even less that Sholoh understood Arabic. If that were true, he would have even killed himself. He handed over an order archer of this size to Shen Shenyen.

Sholo translated his words to Salama.

Salamarton was furious, and a bang placed a black bank card on the table and made a call in her own language for Shen Xingqing.

Swiss bank black gold card?!

Shen Shenyen and Shen Xingqing's pupils shrunk. With their eyes, how could they not recognize this bank card? It symbolizes status, wealth, stored funds of at least 10 billion dollars, has the function of cross-border deposits, and is the standard card for many royal aristocrats abroad.

Sholoh briefly recounted what Salama meant and said to Shen Xingqing: “Princess Salama said that you are a pile of shit, stinky and hard, and that you are a maggot and you make people want to throw up! ”


Shen Xingqing's face rose red into a pig's liver, pointing at Sholo for a moment and a half, but he couldn't say a word, because the Swiss black gold card on the table was like a mountain pressed against his shoulder, he couldn't breathe.