Peerless Genius System

Chapter 388 Team Leader

After completing the onboarding formalities, Sholo and Tung were brought to the sales department by Xiaohe. At this moment, everyone in the sales department was discussing the order just made by Princess Dubai. The whole department was celebrating with enthusiasm and high atmosphere.

Xiaohe knocked softly on the door of the sales minister's office and heard a 'come in' voice before she pushed the door into the house.

Sitting behind the desk is a middle-aged man with a near-bald head, a suit tie, glasses, and a good texture.

“Minister Mao!” Xiaohe politely referred to a middle-aged man.

“Boss Zhao, I have something to talk about next time. ”

The middle-aged man hurriedly put the phone down and got up to greet him with a smile. "Miss Wu, what brings you here? Please sit down. Please sit down. ”

“I don't have time to sit down, there are a lot of things in the ministry, so I'll just get to the point. The two of them will be working in your department later. This is Sholo, this is Tung Tung Tung, and Sholo's working hours will be arranged by him.” Wu Hao made himself clear.

Mao Jianyi was stunned and immediately asked: “What does it mean for him to arrange his working hours? ”

“It's when you want to go to work, when you want to go to work, when you want to go to work, and not be controlled by the company's time.” Tung Tong couldn't help but interject.

Wu Hao nodded in affirmation, then added: "This was approved by President Shen. ”

General Shen approved?!

Mao Jianyi thought he was hallucinating, they had a perfect Chinese medicine group system, not to mention a small sales advisor. Even those who are ministers have to come and go to work on time, otherwise they will be punished. How can such behavior be tolerated? It is really irrational.

Seems to see Mao Jianyi's confusion, Wu Hao explains: “He just took the order from Princess Dubai. ”


Mao Jianyi was like being subjected to electric shock. His mind was half-demented. He opened his eyes to Sholo and shook his voice: “He... he took it? ”

In the meantime, through a deep shock, this happened half an hour ago, but their sales department had long passed on, not just him, the whole sales department was talking about which cowman did it, and now this cowman is standing alive in front of himself.

Wu Hao gave a very positive answer: "Yes. ”

And then there was nothing more to say, and he turned around and left.

Mao Jianyi came out from behind the desk and grabbed Sholo's hand with enthusiasm: "Xiao Luo, welcome to our sales department. My name is Mao Jianyi, you can call me Mao in the future. ”

Old man?

Sholo frowned because the name made him speechless, and whoever it was, would think of the great man in the Founding Fathers first.

Mao Jianyi asked Tungtong after warming up the sholoh shush cold question. The lines were similar. Try not to treat him differently, so that his subordinates feel balanced.

“Let me show you around the office.” Mao Jianyido.

“Thank you, Minister Mao. ”

Tung Tong was passionate about losing it to Shoro as soon as he came in. He was oral, but he would try to get the job done.

Half a day later, Mao Jianyi led two people to the outside office area, about 100 square meters, with 30 or 40 tables, all discussing the order just made by the Princess of Dubai.

“Everybody stop and introduce two new colleagues. ”

Mao Jianyi slapped his hand a few times, and when everyone's eyes were cast, he continued, “This is Guangtong, a graduate of aviation university, who will be one of us from today on. ”

Most people don't see it as enthusiastic.

For female sales advisors, Tung Tong is not handsome, he is also a fat man, which makes them lose interest in terms of face value; for male sales advisors, the topic of the Dubai princess was hot, so the arrival of new colleagues is not enough to cheer them up.

One step ahead of Tung Tong, he introduced himself aloud: “Hello, my name is Tung Tong, please take extra care! ”

Everyone's applause was sparse, not too fierce.

“Le, the tubing is in your group. You bring the tubing around to familiarize him with the business these days.” Mao Jianyido.


The man named Le came and shook Tung Tong's hand, "Hello Tu, if you don't understand anything in the future, ask me and I will do everything I can to help you. ”

Tung Tung grabbed his hands and shook them up: "Alego, you're bothering me. ”

“You're on my team now, I suppose.” Le patted him on the shoulder canal.

Then Tung Tong went with him to the group, and there was an empty table for him to keep.

Mao Jianyi dry coughed a few voices and began to highlight Sholo: “This is Sholo, also a graduate of the University of Aviation. He stayed with Huahai Group and Luofang in Jiangcheng. He arrived at the summer sea at the beginning of this year, and came to our Chinese Pharmaceutical Group. Welcome. ”

Another round of sparse applause, still less intense.

But Sholo's face was handsome, and a woman couldn't help but ask, “Sholo, you've been in both Huahai Group and Lofong, so what do you do in each of those two companies? ”

“All product engineers!” Sholo answered with his résumé.

“Engineer? That must be a technology-oriented job. Why did you suddenly switch to selling? ”

“Sales is not as simple as eating and nagging with customers. There's a lot of learning in it. ”

“Yeah, you have to learn from the beginning, discover customers, develop customers, stabilize customers. You have a lot to learn at every stage. ”

The women in the sales department said they were interested in coaching handsome and handsome male colleagues.

Sholo remained silent, what was not moving forward, if Su Li did not force him to die, how could he come to China Pharmaceutical Group, since it doesn't matter, then don't care what others say, let them say.

Mao Jianyi coughed a few times: “Xiaoli, you guys have looked away, do you know who took Princess Dubai's list half an hour ago? ”

“Who took it? Minister, you're not saying it was him, are you?” The first woman to talk was half joking, obviously she didn't believe Sholo had that ability.

Others have funny smiles on their faces.

“You're right, you're right, that's him. Princess Dubai's list was taken by Xiao Lo, whether you believe it or not, which is true, because of this credit, President Shen Te approved his freedom of working hours, not bound by the company's system.” Mao Jianyi looked at the woman named Xiaoli.


The smile on everyone's face solidified, and they thought the joke had come true, which was shocking.

“Minister, your joke is not funny.” Little Lily looked embarrassed.

Mao Jianyi did not continue on this topic, he turned to Shao Lo: “Xiao Lo, that position will be yours in the future. ”

Looking in the direction he was pointing out, everyone was stunned, because that position was the position of the previous three team leaders, who had just resigned.

“You'll be the leader of the three teams. Do well. I'll take care of you, Lo.” Mao Jianyi smiled at Sholo Dao.

Become a captain?

This... this...

Everyone was stunned and at the same time determined that the Dubai princess' list must have been taken by this person, otherwise it would not be so broken. Sholo's image instantly became tall in their minds. No one looked lazy anymore, all sitting on their backs and looking at Sholo with a shivering spirit.