Peerless Genius System

Chapter 393 Fawei

Four people immediately saw Sholo, who was practicing medicine in the old man's house, and the fat-headed man reached out and said, “Comrade, could you show me your medical certificate, please? ”

Sholo tidied up his acupuncture set not too slowly and replied, "I don't have this ID! ”

“I'm sorry to ask you to come with us.” The fat man with the big ears is cold.

Meanwhile, two JCs in uniform were forced to come up, one of whom also took out handcuffs.

Sholo smiled: “Is saving people illegal too? ”

“Uncertified practice is illegal and the law does not allow it, so you have to come with us, please cooperate with us.” The fat man with the big ears said.

“Yes, yes, he said before that he doesn't have any medical documents. He is practicing medicine illegally. Take him away.” The Tan Mother made a statement at this time.

As soon as Tan Jianbai heard it, he was angry and pointed at Tan Mother and said, “What's wrong with you? Mr. Shaw saved my mother. How can you frame him like this? ”

“Whoever framed him said himself that he was not in the medical profession, then he was practicing medicine without a license.” Mother Tan replied in a forthright manner.

“How could I marry a bitch like you?” Tan Jianbai's heartbroken path.

“Mom, why are you doing this...”

Tan Zhenfu's grief persisted. Sholo kindly came to cure her grandmother's illness. Her mother was fine. Forget it if she didn't thank her. She also left Shigang Health Bureau downhole to testify, which is no different from benevolence.

“Mr. Shaw, please come with us! ”

A man with big, fat ears raises his voice by seventy-eight decibels, quite dignified.

The mud man still has three flames, let alone a living person...

Sholo felt that his temper had always been good, but his better temper had also been grinded down by Tan Gefu's mother. He went to see an elderly person without paying anything back. He just didn't get a single thank you. He was actually reported as an undocumented practitioner. It was ironic to send him to the Health Bureau for investigation.

A man with condensed eyes, looking straight at his fat head and ears: "What if I don't go with you? ”

The four members of the health bureau stood still, and they felt a strong and dangerous smell, like a frog stared at by a snake, which could kill them at any moment.

“Oh... you see how arrogant he is and how honest he is without a medical certificate, you are the health bureau, such a delusional person should hurry to take him away, it is best to keep him locked up for a year or two and grind his personality.” Tan Mother choked.

Rumor has it, the man with big fat ears thinks it makes sense. This arrogant man should teach him how to be a man and order him: “Arrest him...”

The sound stopped because Sholo stepped forward and stepped on his right toe.

Though across the leather shoes, this foot strength was strong, pressed like a knife, listened to only a few crisp shouts, fat men's five toes smashed fractures, acute pain instantly poured into the brain, after a brief stagnation, a scream like a pig broke out, making the scalp sound numb.

The other three didn't even react. Sholo came close to them like a ghost, and then ruthlessly broke all their right toes. The strength was fierce. After stepping on them, the five toes, along with the leather toe, dried into thin paper, and the blood water seeped out of them.

“My foot... ah... my foot...”

Four people screamed and fell to the ground, their faces distorted by pain.

Tan Jianbai, Tan Jianfu and middle-aged women are all stunned at this time, who can imagine that Sholo actually has such a horrible figure, and dare to take a hard hand on the people of the Health Bureau, when it really challenges their psychological endurance limit.

Sholoh walked across the four members of the Health Bureau, walking step by step in front of Tan Mother, his eyes freezing cold, to the bones.

“You… what are you going to do? ”

Mother Tan shook and shook.

Tan Jianbai returned to God and stretched his arms in front of Tan Mother. After all, he was his wife. He could not verbally insult her, but he couldn't do it to watch her get her toes broken. That was too much.

He said nervously: "Mr. Shaw, I'm sorry, I didn't discipline my wife. If you're angry, send it to me. ”

“None of your business! ”

Sholo reached out his right index finger, quickly as electricity in Tan Jianbai's sandalwood cave, Tan Jianbai's body fell to the ground weak, limbs were weak, unable to move for a while.

Dotted hole?!

This hand can surprise the four members of the health bureau who are lying on the ground screaming painfully. They have a deep understanding of the body. The dot kung fu often described in Wu-man's novel may really exist rather than be false. The human body's points are very peculiar, such as the vast star complexity. If the force and location of the dot cave is very accurate, it can make people inactive for a certain time.

It's just that their research is limited to theory, not practiced in real life, but now they see real point kung fu, how can they not be shocked.

Tan Geufu was completely stunned at the moment. She actually knew that Sholo was a mystery. Otherwise, after disembarking from the plane, the airport's leaders would not have blocked the news and kept the outside media from knowing about the Boeing 747.

He can fly planes, and his medical skills are very high. He seems to be a master of the legendary martial arts. These characteristics are assembled in one person, which can only indicate that the other person's identity is unusual.

“Don't come near me, don't come near me! ”

Mother Tan's screaming brought her back to God.

At first glance, Sholo approached his mother step by step, while her mother kept retreating, because of excessive tension, she accidentally fell on the ground and could only rely on her hands to support her back.

“Mr. Shaw...”

She hastily caught up, but before she was complete, like her father, Tan Jianbai, she was dotted with a cave by Sholo, and the whole person was paralyzed to the ground.

Cleared all obstacles, Sholo's mouth corner outlined a brutal curly laugh, with his left leg as the axis, his torso spinning, swinging his right leg, a sword full of killing will hit Tan's head, the footwind will whistle, if this is swept, Tan's brain will be shaken into a slurry, absolutely a blow to death.

At this moment, Ji Siying jumped out of his head and told him not to kill.

“Buzz ~”

Killer's right foot suddenly stopped on the left side of Tan's head, bringing up the strong wind surface, Tan mother was frightened white, the crotch was wet, but piss incontinence.

Sholo frowned and retracted his feet: “Death is inevitable, sin is inescapable, your husband pets you to get used to you, whatever you do is just not itchy, symbolic reprimand you, but I'm sorry, I don't know you, I won't let you step on my head! ”