Peerless Genius System

CHAPTER 394: Here's Your Fruit.

Tan Jianbai and other members of the health bureau looked at Sholo in front of them with dismay. Compared to before, he was completely personal, and he was completely overwhelmed. Isn't he a doctor who healed patients? How did you suddenly become a cruel butcher?

Tan Jianbai knew that this was all because his wife had offended each other, but the opposite temperament appeared in one person at the same time, or was it incredibly stunning?

A good and an evil is a union of angels and demons!

Sholo squatted down and looked at Mother Eytham's hand: “Nice hand, well maintained, nail polish applied at this age, indicating that these hands are the most proud part of you. ”

Mother Tan looked at her beautiful hands and said in vain: “What are you... doing? Don't be ridiculous... or the police won't let you go..."

Cold sweats erupted and her voice was trembling, at a time when Sholo looked like a demon in her eyes, and she regretted provoking such a fierce man.

Sholo was too lazy to talk to her, the acupuncture equipment unfolded, his hands quickly pulled out the elongated needle, and tied it down to Tam's hands. Soon, Tam's hands were stuck with the elongated needle, like hedgehogs.

Originally, the acupuncture was not very painful, but this time it was different, Tam only felt a heartbreaking pain gushing from her hands into her brain, and she baked it in the fire basin. It was unbearable and painful, so she screamed Lian, and the needle stuck, she couldn't move.

“Tan, help me, help me, ah!!! ”

She sighed and shouted for help, but Tan Jianbai was completely immobile and could only watch his wife suffer.

The four members of the health bureau were frightened and frightened to look pale. They did receive a report that someone was practicing medicine without a license. In general, they closed one eye and did not come to the door proactively. Only because they received a bribe of 40,000 whistleblowers, they made a right to make a personal profit and came up in a fire.

If they knew each other was such a tough guy, don't give them 40,000, just give them 100,000, 200,000, they wouldn't dare come, because this guy is not a human being, he's a monster, otherwise how can he crush their toes like in "Kung Fu"!



When Sholo removed all the needles, the pain persisted, and Tan Mother was able to move and roll with pain.

“Watch your fingernails come off, your hands will age faster than anywhere else, imagine a dry, woody picture, I think that would be interesting.” Sholo stared at her indifferently, and the woman repeatedly provoked him, giving him a slight punishment.

Just say it, lift your foot across her and leave Tan's house.

Downstairs, the Porsche was still parked there, with Li Yueze in the car.

He was looking forward to Sholo's capture, daring to be so intimate with his woman, it was impatient to live.

Seeing Sholo come down alone, Li Yueze looked surprised and pushed the door out. "Why didn't you get caught by the Health Department? ”

Sholo didn't say anything back to him, just watched him laugh.

“Grunting ~”

Li Yuezawa's consciousness took a step backwards, and all his sweaty hair rose to its uncontrolled roots, because Sholo's smile was so shady.

The next second, Sholoh's five fingers, grasping at him in the void, a powerful and irresistible suction, he didn't know how to get to Sholoh's nearest front. By the time he returned to God, his neck had been strangled by Sholoh, the steel pliers strangled his throat, lifted him half way up, and his toes barely touched the solid ground.

How the hell did this guy do that?

Li Yueze was horribly discolored and it was hard to believe what he was going through.

“Answer whatever I ask, and I'll kill you right away if there's half a lie.” Sholo murdered in a blazing way.

No need to guess, the person who reported his undocumented practice is Li Yuezawa, such a small man is no pity to kill.

Li Yueze dared not say half a word, scared the dead soul to death, nodded quickly like a chicken pecking rice, and Xiao Lo's anger made him feel his life was in danger at any time.

“Are you really Lo Fong's manager?” Sholoe asked faceless.

Li Yueze focused: “Yes… I am…”

“Not in Jiangcheng. What are you doing here in the summer? Just to meet Miss Tan? ”

“No... no, we Lo Fang are going to the summer sea, I am the first people to come to the summer sea to play headlines...” Due to lack of oxygen, Li Yueze's face rose red into pig liver, his face was full of pain, but he still had a hard time answering Sholo's question.

“So that's it! ”

Sholo kicked Li Yuezawa's knee while loosening his neck.

Li Yueze knelt heavily on the ground, his knees collided with the ground, and his knees rang a 'clicking’ sound, hurting him to make a terrible scream, trembling all over.

Sholo took out a phone and dialed out: “Minister Li, please come to Zhongshan District! ”

Hang up when you're done, confident.

This Li Yueze is not sure if it is true yet, it is necessary for Li Zimeng to come and confirm it. If he is really the manager of Lofong's shop, he should be fired directly and never hired. If he is not, then it is better to do it and throw him away.

Soon after, Li Zimeng didn't arrive. JC came first.

Three police vehicles received a police call from members of the Department of Health stating that there had been brutal violence in the Middle Mountains during the day, and that they had come here immediately.

Meanwhile, the four members of the health bureau who heard the siren held each other down from the upstairs, and Tan Jianbai, Tan Jianfu and Tan Mother all came down after the effective time of the cave.

“Who called the police? Who's committing violence?” The lead JC asked aloud.

“I called the police. ”

The fat man from the Health Department presented his work permit and then pointed at Sholo, who was comfortable sitting on the Porsche, "He, he was abusive, he refused to cooperate with the investigation without a license, and he broke our toes and acted extremely badly. Such a person must be arrested and punished severely to bring justice back to us! ”

The lead JC looked down at the right foot of the four of them and suddenly had a chill. The flesh on his toes was blurred, as if it had been crushed by a hydraulic machine. The flesh and leather shoes were glued together.

It wasn't just him, all JC had a chill, it was so cruel and harsh, and then he pulled the gun and brushed it all against Sholo.

“Head down, head down, head down!” The lead JC shouted loudly and shouted.

Sholo had no nervousness whatsoever, turned around and waved at him, holding the phone in his left hand, meaning you had a phone here.

Is the leader JC stunned, or did this happen for the first time? Is the other party a senior official's child, with the protection of his superiors?

He hesitated and decided to take this call. After all, there were so many J-guns pointing at each other that he didn't have to worry about any conspiracy.

“Whose phone?” Walking to Sholo, the board looked up and asked.

“Just answer it and you'll see.” Sholo laughed.

The lead JC had no reason to be nervous for a while and stared hard at Sholo: “If you dare to fool me, you have good fruit to eat. ”

Then bring the phone and answer it in your ear.

“Little King!” There was a loud voice on the phone.

“Horse... Horse Bureau? ”

The lead JC was surprised, but he didn't expect to be his top boss. The voice was too familiar, and with that name, he could be sure that it was their chief horse.

“Bring your men back immediately and stay out of this.” Director Ma said.