Peerless Genius System

Chapter 395: Opens Him

The leading JC heard that he was stunned and thought, "Are you really a high-ranking official brother? Is it okay to commit atrocities during the day without lawlessness?"

The sense of inner justice prevailed at this time, and he was righteous in his words: “Horse Bureau, this man behaved extremely badly. He broke the toes of all four members of the Health Bureau. If you don't arrest him, I...”

“Don't be an asshole to me, I said back off, that's an order!!!” Director Ma shouted out.

The leading JC immediately stood up, respectfully answering: "Yes! ”

“Give the phone back to Mr. Shaw. I have something else to tell him.” Director Ma slowed down.

How dare the leader JC have any objection when he crushed someone to death? He handed the phone back to Sholo honestly. The next second, he opened his eyes in horror, because he clearly heard Director Ma respectfully express his sincerest apologies to the other party. Even across the phone, he could imagine Director Ma bowing to his knees.

Shit, what the hell is this guy doing?

The leading JC looked at Sholoh like an alien. I can't imagine that the ever majestic Director Ma would be so respectful to a man. He was too low with the ancient eunuchs when serving the emperor.

Sholo hung up the phone and turned around and looked at him. He said faintly: "There's nothing for you here. Let's go. Don't stand in the way here! ”


The lead JC was angry to bite his teeth, but when I thought of the guy in front of me was the one whose director was to be treated with respect, he didn't dare to cross the thunder pool for half a step. Finally, he had to gray face and leave with the wounded of those four health bureaux.

Vigorously, gray-headed dirty face walked away, not even the siren sounded!

Tan Jianbai, Tan Mother and Tan Jianfu all dared not believe to watch this scene. The young man sitting on the Porsche car, at this moment in their hearts, is as tall as a pretty peak, even JC dared not care, how strong the background must be!

As for Li Yuezawa, his face was dead grey and his eyes trembled, as long as a normal person knew he had kicked an anvil.

“You… who are you? ”

Li Yuezhe raised his head and looked at Sholo in horror. His voice trembled violently because of the sharp pain in his knee and the fear in his heart.

Sholo glanced at him indifferently, not answering his question, and asked, “This Porsche costs 2.6 million and landed three million, right? ”

Li Yueze's body trembled and her pupils shrunk, thinking that Sholo was going to smash his car.

“Are you in full or in installments?” Sholo asked again.

“Split… Split…” Li Yueze answered honestly, afraid to play any slippery head.

And Schollo said, "About $1.6 million down payment, about $24,000 a month, right? ”

Yet Li Yuezei had an extremely bad idea. The other party was to get a clear picture of the price information of his car. At the same time, it was a nod with a question and answer: “Yes. ”

“Are you in debt for buying this car?” Sholo sat with his legs on, his left hand lazy against his chin.

“Negative... indebted...”

“How much is the debt? ”

“A million. ”

“A million is a loan from a relative or a friend?” Sholo went on to ask.

“Half a million is borrowed from friends, and half a million is special treatment from the company, and I advance my salary by a year and a half. ”

Li Yueze increasingly felt the back of the spine was cold. This problem made him feel like there was a dangerous mesh covering him, “Xiao Xiao... Oh no, Shaw, what are you doing? You have a lot of adults, just... spare me this time.” He pointed to Tan Zhenfu, "In fact, I had nothing to do with Xiaofu. It was her mother's willingness to promote us. I didn't know she was Shaw's girlfriend. If I knew, I wouldn't dare pursue her even if I borrowed a hundred balls. ”

He is deeply afraid of Sholoh. He looks harmless and restrained. He can start to be as fierce as a beast. How can he not be afraid?

This can make Mother Tan blush, and Tan Jianbai stared at her severely, meaning: This is your favorite son-in-law!

Sholo shook his head and said to Li Yuezawa: "I have nothing to do with you, Miss Tan! ”

It was not intended to be difficult for this Li Yueze, but he actually reported to the health bureau that he was practicing medicine without a license. This behavior is too vile and disgusting. Lo Fang really has such a store manager that is not a good thing for Lo Fang. He may have performed very well in working in the company store, but it is only a disguise. Now is the real him. If he doesn't get rid of it, one day he will harm the interests of the company.

About five minutes later, Li Zimeng arrived here in a hurry.

A tango red Audi stopped, approaching the height of one meter and seven, Li Zimeng came out of the car, wearing a white sweater, accompanied by a fashionable plush long coat, long jade legs wearing black stockings, through a different temptation, high heels made her figure look even taller, hair neatly tucked back into a ponytail, delicate face like chicken protein smooth white.

There was a woman's aura all over her body, and the average man looked at her and dared not approach her, because they understood that such a woman was not something they could conquer.

“Ministry… Minister?! ”

Li Yueze was shocked. I can't believe he would see Li Zimeng here. His eyes were full of respect. He was able to become a store manager, mainly because he had Li Zimeng's company, his belle, and his boss.

“Li Yuezawa? ”

After seeing Li Yueze on her knees, Li Zimeng was also stunned and frowned slightly. Then she walked to Xiaolo's side and slightly lowered her head, shouting with respect, "President Xiao! ”

Shaw... Director Shaw?

Li Yueze opened her eyes and thought she was hearing things.

Then suddenly came the legendary history of Lo Fang last year, Lo Fang is now in charge of President Zhang, but he knows that President Zhang is just a good friend of the boss behind Lo Fang's scenes, he got the news from various channels, Lo Fang's real boss name is Shaw, this is the boss of Shaw's name leads the dying Lo Fang strong rise, defeated Yue Lei, a powerful competitor, and became the number one baking giant in Jiangcheng!

Is this Shaw always him???

Li Yueze glanced at Sholo. This conjecture led to a hard sip of saliva and a cold sweat. How could he not associate this guy of his age with Lo Fong's real boss? It's unimaginable.

“Long time no see.” Sholo jumped off the Porsche and smiled.

“Yeah, it's been almost six months, and Shaw's getting a lot more handsome.” Zimeng Li smiled softly.

“I'll take you for a kiss. ”

Sholo joked, then glanced at Li Yuezawa, "By the way, is this the manager of the company? ”

Li Zimeng pointed out: “Yes, his name is Li Yueze. He was able to do this once during the inspection work, and he and I are the Li surname Ben's family, so I promoted him to become the store manager at the new store. ”

“Oh, well, drive him.” Sholo's faint way.

Li Zimeng was slightly stunned and then did not hesitate to say, “Well, yes! ”