Peerless Genius System

Chapter 396: Nobody Can Keep You.

Li Zimeng took out his phone and dialed Luofang's Minister of Human Resources, Lin Impulse: “Minister Lin, expel Li Yueze. ”

“Why? Didn't you bring it up? He was one of the first people we marched into the Summer Sea. Why did you fire him?” Lin impulse asked puzzled.

“That's what General Shaw meant.” Li Zimeng Dao.

“Okay, I get it. Li Yueze's dismissal report will be on the phones of Lofong's employees in five minutes. ”

Upon hearing what Sholo meant, Lin's impulse did not have any hesitation, let alone any hesitation, and should be carried on immediately.

Li Zimeng nodded, finished the call and relayed Lin's impulse reply to Xiaoluo: “Minister Lin said, finish the matter in five minutes! ”

In fact, there were no more than five minutes, and just before her voice went down, she received a new email in her mobile email.

Li Yueze's phone also rang the tone of receipt of the new email, opened it, it was emailed by Luofang HR Department, it was about his dismissal report, and there was a prominent line of words at the end: Never hire!


Li Yueze opened his eyes and felt as if he had fallen from heaven into an abyss of hell and everything in the world had turned grey.

He is not a big, rich and noble family. On the contrary, his economic conditions have not even reached Xiaokang, and today's achievements can be achieved thanks to his own tireless efforts and struggles to become the manager of Lo Fong. He is the most proud thing, and the source of his confidence.

But now that he is no longer the manager of Lo Fong, he has been fired, which means that all his efforts have been wasted, and more importantly that he will lose his economic base, even a million in debt for buying this Porsche, and he will instantly have nothing.

No! No!!!

He screamed in despair and screamed in his heart, then hugged Sholo's leg in spite of everything, and cried bitterly: "General Xiao, give me a chance, give me another chance, please, I beg you...”

The job was a world he had fought for, which was now crumbling, and he was just scared, cold, desperate, and had to preserve it even if he let go of the dignity of men.

“Give you a chance? ”

Sholo grinned, he was never easily angry, but once he was angry, someone had to pay the price for it, and unfortunately, this Li Yueze annoyed him. If he were to be another person, he feared that he would be taken away by the Department of Health at this moment because of such absurd reasons as treating an elderly person.

“I'm sorry, the opportunity isn't for someone like you. ”

With one foot kicking Li Yuezawa away, Sholo doesn't like to be held in his thigh dead by a big man.

In the distance, all three of the Tan family were in extreme shock.

He... he's the owner of Lofong?

Mother Tan temporarily forgot the pain in her hands. When Sholo's identity was revealed, she felt she had some difficulty breathing. Before, she said that she couldn't even compare a single piece of sweat from Li Yueze. But in fact, she was the boss of Li Yueze. In addition to being shocked, her cheeks were hot and hot, as if she had been slapped hard.

Tan Jiefu also opened her eyes and couldn't accept Sholo's change of identity for a moment. She knew that Sholo's status was unusual, but she didn't expect it to be so unusual. She knew Lofong, who was on the headlines last year, and half of the country should know about this company, which built the legend, and the owner of this company, at this moment, stood alive not far from her.

How is that possible?

It's... impossible!

She couldn't believe how close she was to someone like that.

Li Yueze, who was kicked off by Sholo, climbed up from the ground. He actually continued to kowtow to Sholo. His forehead knocked “knock" on the ground. Less effort was made, and his forehead was kowtowed with flesh and blood.

“Give me another chance, give me another chance, I'll give you a head start, please...”

Li Yueze tore his heart to tears, tears and snot together, he can not lose this job, because this job is all he has, lost, he feels that he cannot be a complete person.

Again and again, each time exhausted his full strength. After four or five strokes, his dusty forehead looked fleshy and miserable. Li Zimeng next to him couldn't help but frown.

Tan Jianbai tried to run over and dissuade him. Her father Tan Jianbai stopped him and shook his head to show her to stay out of it. Sholo would never like a woman who cared.



“You're tough! ”

Sholo squatted down and set eyes on Li Yuezawa, whose face was covered in blood.

And Li Yueze begged to look at him. Compared to the previous conversation with Fengsheng, Li Yuezheng was undoubtedly impatient at this moment. The sharp pain made Li Yuezheng tremble all over his body and his voice became dull: “President Xiao, I... I can't lose this job. My family considers me proud, I can't let them down. I know I was wrong. I'm sorry, you don't remember the little people, forgive me...”

“But after all this, how do I know that you can be loyal to the company and not retaliate against the company if you have the opportunity to do so?” Sholo's cold way.

Li Yueze knelt down and took a few steps forward. His eyes were filled with pleading and panic. He said nervously: "I would like to sign a 10-year contract with the company. If I do anything to the detriment of the company, I would be willing to assume the corresponding legal responsibilities and divide all property into the company. ”

Sholo looks at him playfully, without a word.

Li Yueze's inner heart was restless to the extreme, then continued to kowtow, every time he kowtowed to the ground, blood splashed, like a blood bag burst during the film, leaving a striking blood stain on the ground.

“All right!”

Sholo called him and stood up in his poor Baba's eyes, turning to Li Zimengdao, "Withdraw the order just now and continue to appoint him. ”


Without asking why, Li Zimeng's instructions to Sholo will only be carried out unconditionally. Not only she, but the elderly people of Lofong will do so. Sholo's position in their elderly people is supreme.

She dialed Lin's impulse phone and relayed Sholo's words.

Lin impulse, like her, does not ask for any reason, and follows the instructions.

“Thank you, Mr. Shaw, I will never forget your great grace, thank you! ”

Li Yueze cried, crying like a child. All his hard work was finally saved and his heart stepped down.

“Remember today, I want you to put your strength on the job, but at the same time, I have a piece of advice for you, don't do anything to hurt the company, or nobody can keep you!” Sholo put his hands in his trouser pockets and looked down at Li Yueze.

“I will remember, I will remember...”

Li Yueze thanked Zero, nodded impatiently, and slapped Xiaolo's forgiveness.