Peerless Genius System

Chapter 397: The White-haired Beggar

After leaving Zhongshan District, Xiaoluo and Li Zimeng narrated the old relationship between their superiors and subordinates. Li Zimeng told him that Luofang's factory area in Xiahai City was in the process of being urgently constructed. He hired more than a dozen engineering teams. Not surprisingly, the factory could be completed in six months.

In addition, baking equipment, store arrangements are on the agenda and everything is in order!

The only thing to worry about is that the baking industry in Xia Hai City is the ‘Sumir’ family, and Lo Fang's march into Xia Hai City will inevitably interweave with Sumir, which has long taken root in Xia Hai City.

“Who's Sumir's boss? Have you looked into it? ”

Sitting in the cafe, Sholo asked after hearing Li Zimeng's debriefing.

Li Zimeng handed over a piece of information to Sholo and said: “After the investigation, the boss behind it is Su Glass, today's leading star. ”


Sholo almost didn't spray the coffee into his mouth. He looked down and read Li Zimeng's information about Su Lai. His age, height, weight, hobbies and starring works were all clearly written on it, which made him cry. He never thought that Su Mir's boss would be his own wife Su Lai.

“How did she end up in the baking industry when she was a star?” Sholo is very confused.

“Not surprisingly, many stars have secondary careers. I also know that a male star opened a national chain of hot pot stores with a star effect. The business was very red fire, but Su Li seemed to be low profile and didn't get to the bright side. Nobody knew she was the owner of Sumir. ”

Li Zimeng sent another piece of information to Sholo, "This is Sumir's branch information across the country. It's an old brand, it's very strong, and President Shaw has seen you through. ”

Sholo picked it up and suddenly felt a lot of pressure. His Lo Fang was king at best in Jiangcheng, while Sumir had branches in the country's major key cities, much bigger than his Lo Fang. In front of Sumir, Lo Fang was too small.

No wonder that woman is always taller, look who is shorter than her, there is indeed a proud capital!

Sholo raised his eyebrows and felt that he did not know Sulu well enough.

He nodded his compliments: "Thank you for your hard work this time. ”

“These are all matters within the division, but the male compatriots struggled to work with the engineering team in the factory area, tired like a dog bear every day, huh...” Li Zimeng smiled softly, getting Sholo's praise, her heart said that unhappiness was impossible.

“Then let them get tired and work harder to exercise. ”

Sholoh picked up his cup and had a little coffee, “Oh yeah, I'm going to visit Sumir's store later, get familiar with their products and see what their strengths are so I can improve myself and give Lofong the ability to compete fairly with it. ”

“Um, okay. ”

Li Zimeng nodded, added a little white sugar to the coffee, took a spoon and mixed it, then drank it elegantly.



After basically walking through Sumir's stores in Xiahai City, it was already around 8: 00 PM. Sholo and Li Zimeng ate together, exchanged opinions and opinions with each other, and summarized Sumir's major advantages, while also mapping out Sumir's products.

To stand firm in the city of Xia Hai, Lo Fang must do better than Sumir and must be hard in all aspects of its services, products, etc.

Sholoh felt left to go far, on the one hand Sumir's strong strength and customer base, and on the other hand, Sumir's boss, Su Li, Lo Fang marched into the summer sea, didn't he want to force him to fight Su Li, which gave him some headaches.

After breaking up with Li Zimeng, he drove to the riverside to sit down.

The night covered the heavens and the earth, like a pitch-black cloth, covered the vast world, dotted with stars, the moon hung on the sky like a roulette, is surprisingly clear.

The riverside environment is clear and bright, and the bright buildings are reflected in the river surface, unspeakable illusions, as if there is another world underwater.

Suddenly, an unpleasant smell came from the side, like the fermented smell of a garbage pile.

Sholo wrinkled his eyebrows and turned his head. An old man in broken hair walked towards him, wearing a pair of flip-flops on his feet, showing his arms and calves. His hair, eyebrows and beard were all white and long, but his eyes were gorgeous and glorious.

You don't have to guess, that smell is coming from this person, because this person is dirty, especially in flip-flops, just like he stepped on a coal ball, dirty. If you put it in a basin of clean water and wash it, make sure that basin of clean water becomes as turbid as sewage.

This man walked in front of him very blindly and said with a smile: "Can I sit next to you, little brother? ”

“No! ”

Sholo refused without hesitation, which was too stinky for him to smell.

But the other side still fell to sit beside him, while sitting down with a long fart.

Sholo's face has changed so much that he wants to beat people up.

And the other person's breath was extremely comfortable, like the constipated person suddenly smoothed out, and the body trembled, as if it was a particularly comfortable thing to fart.

He reached out to Sholo and said, "Little brother, meet me. My name is Hung Ki, and the people of Jianghu call me Hung! ”

“Get out!”

Sholo was angry not to hit a place to drink, a beggar suddenly came and sat next to you, and spat a long, stinking fart, Sholo did not immediately hit him as a pig head is already heavenly benevolence, still introducing himself, with whom?

“Young man, don't be so angry, I just came to meet you...”

“Take this money as far away as you can before I beat you up.” Sholo took out a hundred dollar bill, disgusted by his face.

The white-haired beggar stood still and laughed and moaned: “Look at you. If you are young and don't learn well, you like to insult people with money. Although I am a beggar, I am also professionally ethical and won't be eaten.” Speaking loudly, he took the money and photographed it carefully against the lights on the side of the road, then returned it to Sholo, and said seriously, "Little brother, change it. This one doesn't feel right. I seriously suspect it's counterfeit money. ”

Sholo was all smiled at and coldly said: "I think you old bastard deserved a beating! ”

Yan Zheng, one finger, like a ghost claw, grabbed the white beggar's collar, tried to ambush him, and then taught him to be a man.

But the grey-haired beggar reacted surprisingly quickly, before his claws arrived, his upper back, just enough to avoid Sholoh's claw, after all, his arm was so long, Sholoh's claw was limited in distance, and the grey-haired beggar hid just outside that distance.


Sholo's eyes curled slightly, and now determined, this guy was looking for trouble. He couldn't even hold his hand, his right hand held the ground, his torso rotated with his right arm as the axis, and his left foot swayed with a whirring wind towards the gray beggar's chest.