Peerless Genius System

Chapter 398 Dog Battering

White-haired beggar's arms crossed to cover his chest, Sholo's feet with power precisely hit the center of his arms crossing, only listened to the sound of "bam," the fierce force shocked out like a flood, white beggar retreated, retreated while standing, feet hurried to the ground, finally after two or three meters of exit, stabilized shape.

He looked down on one knee, his hands on the ground, his eyes as sharp as a jackal tiger, and Sholo, hey, smiling: "Little brother, are you practicing toad kung fu? It's a bit like the Ouyang family. ”

With a long beard, he was naturally proud, and the line was filled with drama.

“Who are you? ”

Sholo stood up and stared at him with hostility.

“Didn't I just say, my name is Hung Ki, and the people of Jianghu are called Hung Brothers, and I am also the leader of the Buddha Gang today. ”

The gray-haired beggar stuffed the hundred-dollar bill in his pocket and dug his nose and shit. “For your insulting me with the money, I'll tell you one thing, you offended me, I was asked to teach you a lesson. ”

“Who?” Sholo coagulated his eyes.

“Hey, there he is! ”

The white-haired beggar pointed at the banks of the embankment with a relaxed smile on his face.

Sholo looked in the direction he pointed, and saw a black sedan parked there, the car door was open, two black bodyguards stood beside the door, the two people Sholo recognized, it was Yang Hongzhi's bodyguards A San and A Si, while sitting in the co-driver's seat, not Yang Hongzhi and who.

Yang Hongzhi jumped out of the car, waved to say hello to Sholo, and then shouted out loud: “You can't fight very well, come on, start your show, if you can still be intact this time, fucking old man eat shit!!! ”

The last almost roared, his beloved woman was pulled head by Sholo, his heart was dripping blood, he hated not being able to tear Sholo apart alive.

Sholo softly hummed, this jumping clown appeared again, coincidentally, he is not in a particularly good mood right now, it is necessary to beat people up out of anger.

He turned around and smiled. "How much did Yang Hongzhi pay you? ”

“Not much, just 300,000. ”

The white-haired beggar grinned, “Take people's money and people to fight disaster, little brother, in order to avoid my hand too heavy, accidentally beat you to death, I think you should just stand still and let me break your hand, don't worry, it won't hurt very much, I'll be very careful, you rush to the hospital as soon as possible, there's 90% hope to get back, there won't be any after-effects, what do you think? ”

Sholo laughed furiously: "Are you here to laugh?” Reach out your hand, merge your four fingers, and hook up to the gray-haired beggar, "Let me see what you can do, break your hand just like you said! ”

“Little brother, this is a toast. You don't eat fine wine. ”

The gray-haired beggar shook his head helplessly and sighed. The smile on his face slowly converged, "Then he had to sin. ”

His eyes gradually solidified, his sword blade stormy sharp momentum broke out and filled the area. He rushed towards Sholo like a wind, and the remnants of the road circulated beneath the night, and his majesty swept like a raging wave.


Sholo's nostrils gave a chilling hum, drifting on his feet, rapidly impacting, bringing out a madness and fierceness, fierce, diamond, two ways to perfectly combine.

“Boom ~”

Rotating flickering feet just hit the white beggar's fist, Sholoh borrowed his strength, like a leopard slaughter, and the shadow of his legs hit the white beggar.

White-haired beggar's expression is as thick as ice, and his body is suddenly illusory before walking. His claws appear as if they were tract remnants under a dark reflective lining, like the Sickle of Death, cutting space, and sweeping across.

Sholoh's body vibrated violently. In the middle of the sky, the carp beat quite unjustified. He rose again, almost exaggerated spinning. The legs of the wheel kick turned into scattered shadows. He constantly swayed in front of himself, seemingly slowly and truly swiftly. Precisely but dangerously, the white beggar's fists were caught up in the fight.

“His mother's, is this a martial arts scene? ”

Yang Hongzhi watched the battle gradually widened his eyes, opened his mouth and looked at the shadow of Sholo and the gray-haired beggar almost tangled together. Even if he was 20 to 30 meters away, he could still feel the beating fists and feet of the heart.

Third and fourth hearts trembled and thought: Are these two monsters? I'm afraid there's no such shock from the visual impact in Stunt Martial Arts.

They thought the white-haired beggar was bluffing, but they didn't think he was really a powerful, horrible man. Young master, 300,000 dollars is worth it.

By this time, Sholo and the white-haired beggars had blown hundreds of moves, the lawn under their feet had become messy, and more grass and dirt had been shocked into the air by their internal forces. Had it not been for the night, they would have found that their battles had caused a whirring wind, and the dead leaves on the ground had been swept up, close together, and directly shattered into dust by their external internal forces.

“Boom ~”

Sholo punched, the gray-haired beggar clapped, the fist clapped against each other, the fierce force was like a beast howling in the air, then swept wildly at two people, each of them retreated four or five steps at the same time to stabilize their shape, the qi and blood surged, the chest as if a giant dragon was flipping.

Redeploy your own internal strength and push down this agitation!

“Good boy, it seems you need to show some skill. ”

White-haired beggar's face revealed a heavy colour. He was sure of the tricks just now. Sholo's road count was wild. There was no way to fight, but he was fierce as a beast. Without real strength, he feared he would suffer greatly.

A sip of saliva was poured on his palm, and then he reached out and grabbed it, and in the distance, a stick used to fix the tree was sucked into his hand, and his inner strength was poured on the wooden stick, and the ordinary wooden stick was as tough as cold iron.

“Let me show you how our gang punches dogs! ”

The white-haired beggar danced a wooden stick and pounced toward Sholo. Under his dance, one wooden stick turned into two, two into three, three into four… At the end of the day, it was as if a thousand sticks were dancing in his hand.

Meanwhile, the wind whistles, the sticks wave loud, sharp and infiltrating!

Yang Hongzhi, all three of them in the distance, were too stubborn to believe. One stick actually danced with a thousand sticks.

Sholo was forced to retreat, but the gray-haired beggar approached very quickly, he had to fight, but the pattern of the stick method was not clear to him. On top of this, he was instantly punched with five or six sticks, the wooden stick pouring his inner strength punched on him like a whip, like a spicy suction, like a skin blossom, in fact, soft tissue injury, the pain was very.

“Beat the dog in the head, watch the stick! ”

As the gray-haired beggar drank lightly, Sholo's head was beaten hard.

“Intercept the buttocks! ”

The stick swept across Sholo's hip.

“Shoulder strap, hey...”

The wooden stick stretched out, the stick fell down, pressed on Sholoh's shoulder with four or two kilograms of strength, and Sholoh knelt down on one knee.