Peerless Genius System

Chapter 399: Seeing the Devil

“Dog beating. Bad dog beating. Bad dog, little brother. Are you all comfortable?” The gray-haired beggar pressed Sholo's shoulder with a wooden stick, hey, smile.

Sholo raised his head and sprayed his eyes, which was more of a trick and a disgrace to him than a dog stick.

The white-haired beggar then laughed like an old recalcitrant, and the latter kicked Sholo's chest, containing a kick of internal strength, even Sholo, as if the broken kite flied out uncontrollably and fell hard on the lawn four or five meters away.

“Okay, good shot. Kill the mud! ”

Yang Hongzhi, who watched the war from afar, couldn't help clapping his hands.

Sang also felt offended, his heart was so fast, and then he frowned: “It was a good fight, but not bad enough. ”

“Not bad enough?” Yang Hongzhi playfully said.

“Not bad enough.” Four nods to peace.

“Then let the old man beat up a little harder. ”

Yang Hongzhi was in a very good mood. He took two steps forward and shouted to the gray-haired beggar, “Brother Hong, beat that shitty mud punch a little harder, I'll pay you twice as much. ”

Double your pay?!

Hearing a few words, the white-haired beggar's eyes lit up: “Don't worry, Yang, I will satisfy you.” He lifted his right foot, stretched out his hand and snapped his foot, then put on the flip-flop, and then hummed Xiaoqu towards Sholo and said, “Little brother, I can't help it, I need a lot of money now, so I have to sacrifice you. Don't worry, I will pay you back when I pass this difficult time. ”

“Give back to your grandmother! ”

A loud, depressed, dull roar sounded as if it had originated from the soul.

Sholo slapped his hands on the ground, powerful force shook the ground for a moment. With this backlash force, he was lying on the ground, spinning 360 degrees in the air, kneeling on one knee, his arms moving in the chest half a turn, and then pushed to the white beggar force.

“Ho ~”

Along with a trembling eardrum dragon, the palm power of the mountains falling into the sea swept through the entire space, and the vast power swept like a raging sea of rage.

“Dragon 18? ”

White-haired beggar's face changed rapidly and his eyes were full of horrors. At this moment, he tried his best to slap a hand, but also the sound of a dragon bark, and the fierce force finally collided.

“Boom ~”

A loud and shocking sound erupted, and the ground between the two men collapsed under these two powerful pairs, a large pit nearly three metres deep, and countless turf skins were lifted out, then shattered into dust in the air, and the pine cypress trees behind them broke down because they could not bear this power.

Yang Hongzhi was frightened and the smile just now dissipated into the invisible. At this time, only a creepy feeling was felt.

The white-haired beggar was shocked and couldn't help himself. He looked at Sholo like an alien, and his emotions were out of control: "Where did you learn to drop Dragon 18? ”

No wonder he lost control of his emotions. Although all the martial arts in the world show Shaolin, Dragon 18 palms can be handed down until now. No one has learned anything but their Hung family. Now it is found that a guy who learned Dragon 18 palms is like a ghost in the middle of the day.

Sholo's mouth left a bloodstain and his face was as pale as a cold frost. After his inner strength had gone to its fullest point, he struck like a shadow and turned into a tornado, slapping his hands at the white beggar.

“Fuck you, old pig!!! ”

Terrible threats roll wildly, roaring heavenly.

Is this Feilong in heaven?!

White-haired beggar's pupil contracted sharply. When he was really surprised, his response was not slow. In the inevitable situation, it was also a trick for Feilong to greet him in the sky.

“Boom ~”

When the palms collided, horrific energy fluctuations swept in the area. Intangible pressures poured out like waves of anger. Yang Hongzhi and his bodyguards watched the war in the distance were lifted to the ground.

“Boom! Boom!”

The calm surface of the river was like seven or eight bombs exploding underwater, tons of heavy river water exploding two or three lengths tall, and then pouring down like heavy rain.

“Oh, my God, what happened there? ”

“How come there's an explosion and someone's frying fish in the river? ”

“That's weird! ”

The pedestrians in the distance stood watching, but under the cover of night they found nothing, thinking that someone was frying fish and walking back three times a step.

The white-haired beggar shook his body, fell back into the air and retreated seven or eight steps to stabilize his figure. He felt blood pouring through his chest, hiding in pain, and then “puffing” a breath of thick blood.

Sholo landed smoothly and was pale.

“You... who the hell are you? ”

The white-haired beggar was unusually shocked and frightened. He did not expect Sholo to defeat him, let alone learn to surrender Dragon 18, and was more powerful than him to surrender Dragon 18, the same trick, he was completely crushed.

Sholo came to the front of the gray-haired beggar like a phantom moment, the breeze blew through, Liu Hai gently brushed, like an evil god, full of evil.

He silently grabbed his right hand as a ghost claw towards the white beggar's left arm. Five fingers seemed sharp as a bayonet. Easily, he broke the white beggar's clothing and embedded it in his flesh, with which blood seeped out.


A white-haired beggar shouted an unsound scream, numbing the listener's scalp, and then patted him down with his right hand against Sholoh's heavenly lid in an attempt to force Sholoh to release his hand.

Sholo gave him a direct leg.

“Boom ~”

The white-haired beggar was struck like a train head, and his body turned into a shell and hit it hard behind him. He broke three pine cypress trees in a row before stopping. That was more than a dozen meters away. His left arm was strangled to death by Sholoh's claws. The moment he flew out, he was torn from it by the hard-boiled animal and left on Sholoh's hand.

The pain intensified, the screaming of the gray-haired beggar became even more terrible, the pain rolled on the ground, the wound on his left arm was lost, and a lot of blood came out.


Yang Hongzhi sat paralyzed. Sang and Si were similarly pale and trembled like they saw the devil.

Sholo dropped the gray-haired beggar's arm and turned his head towards them.

These eyes were gloomy, but chilled, but it was a trembling soul. The three of Yang Hongzhi ran back to the black sedan with a roll.

“Drive, drive away from here! ”

After sitting in the co-pilot's seat, Yang Hongzhi roared with a terrifying voice, and was sweating uncontrollably cold.

A Si hurried to start the car, then smoked and drove the car out. They didn't dare look back until they left the embankment a hundred meters later. When they found that Sholo hadn't come after them, they relieved themselves a little.