Peerless Genius System

Chapter 401: The Strong Poison Girl

Looking at the closed door in front of him, Su Li opened his eyes in amazement, and he was actually rejected from the door? And they refused to ask questions on their own initiative, which… is really unimaginable. How many men dream of being favored by her, even with an eye and a smile, can cheer them up, but this rule is ineffective in front of this man inside.

She raised her hand to ring the doorbell again, she actually had a lot to ask, such as today's interview with China Pharmaceutical Group, she was curious and wondered if Sholo really understood so many foreign languages, but thought about it, gave up, lifted her hand in the middle of the sky and put it down, then turned around and walked back to her apartment.



As soon as Sholo returned to the house, he entered a state of harmony. The strength of the gray-haired beggar could not be diminished. That foot caused him a lot of internal injuries. Since he did not want to waste the healing power of the integral utilization system, he could only use the method of harmony, which is also the main reason why he did not promise to teach Sului how to make green potato paste.

Besides, not long ago, he threw Yang Hongzhi and his bodyguard into the public toilet for a full meal. Although he didn't get any on himself, he always felt that he had a smell on him. This is not a good time to teach cooking.

All of a sudden, a strange scent floated gently...

Sholo sniffed his nose and opened his eyes to withdraw from the state of breath because he was so memorable of the fragrance.

At this point, a shadow of a black body was plucked out of the bedroom, like a black lightning bolt coming behind him, his index finger and middle finger wearing black silk gloves, precisely on his back point. Sholo felt nothing but numbness, and his limbs could no longer move.

“Destroy, you're mine! ”

A delightful and seductive voice sounded, a woman in black walked from behind Sholo to the front, folded her waist slightly, her eyes filled with spring water, clear waves of hope, black hair slanted into a jade dragon phoenix, show delicate jade, like a rose blooming in the snow, demonic, especially her eyes, snatching souls, seems to have all kinds of flair.

Looks like an ancient beautiful woman out of a painting!

“Poison girl, what are you doing?” Sholo looked at her coldly.

“As I said, we are a pair made in heaven. ”

The Voyeur suddenly bent down, his bright red lips draped slightly on Sholo's lips, and then the girl laughed like Huaichun, "I want to taste the smell of a man. Tonight, let's go into the cave. ”

Her cheeks were slightly red and faint, in the light, making her look distinguished, demonic, and her voice was deeply seductive, especially when she bit her red lips, like an inviting invitation.

Sholo glanced and said indifferently: "Find someone else, I'm not interested in you. ”

“But other men are nothing to me, I just want you. ”

The Voyeurs held Sholoh's face in both hands because, with a little force, Sholoh's face was squeezed together in the middle.

Sholo's eyes were cold, how could machismo allow a woman to hold his face like a child: "Get your hands off me. ”

“Doom, I want you to understand your situation, you are my prey, I want you to do whatever you want, you don't feel for me I don't blame you, I feel that this kind of thing can be cultivated slowly, I don't have any tasks lately, I can cultivate feelings with you here every day. ”

The voice of the Voyeur was sweet, the kind of sweetness that allowed a man to souffle into his bones. After that, she forced Sholo to kiss her, close her eyes, and her wet little tongue slipped open Sholo's teeth and stirred them inside.

Sholo opened his eyes and did not expect the Voyeur to be so bold. Although he was resistant to the poison on the Voyeur and this feeling was wonderful, in any case, he felt he was being molested and could not move his hands and feet, so he gave him one last stroke, his upper and lower teeth were bitten hard.


The Voyeur, immersed in kissing a man, immediately woke up and stood tall with his little mouth covered. Sholo bit her so painfully that she immediately revealed her cruel nature.

“I'll kill you! ”

Lifting her right palm with a strong drink, she had to shoot at Sholo's heavenly lid. But when she met Sholo's eyes, she immediately dissipated the thought. Her right hand dropped flatly, just staring at Sholo dead.

“Poison girl, you and I work together in the NSA, I don't want anything unpleasant to happen between us, your request I can't satisfy, if you really want to taste the man, I can introduce you to a few, absolutely pack you satisfied.” Sholo Cold Channel.

“I said I wouldn't even look at you if I wanted you, another man. ”

The Voyeur's expression stretched out and said seriously, "That was my first kiss, and whether you admit it or not, it was given to you, so you have to take responsibility for me. ”

I ~! @ # # ¥%...

Sholo's 10,000 grasshoppers rushed past her heart. Why is it another responsible woman who likes to play this routine?

He said firmly: "Then die before you die. ”


The Voyeur is an acute man, although he said he wanted to cultivate a relationship with Sholo slowly, but after getting this answer, she really wore off her sexuality, she resented like a jealous woman, “Your wife is just living across the street as red star Sulu, she looks beautiful, even I would be jealous of her beauty, but she shouldn't get the man I want, so she must die! ”

“Try it?! ”

Sholoh's eyes were red, and his body burst into a fierce murderous breath.

The Voyeur was really jealous this time, ups and downs in his chest: “I won't touch her if you come into the cave with me. ”

Sholo is really on fire, there are so many men in the world, why choose him, not to mention that he is now Sulu's nominal husband, even if he is single, he will not easily have a relationship with a woman, let alone a woman whose whole body is very toxic.

The Voyeur saw the resoluteness on Sholoh's face and couldn't care less, and she was about to get this man.

“I wouldn't believe you wouldn't move! ”

She undressed her clothes and jumped on Sholo in her underwear.

She had no experience in the fascinating scent of Nadez's body, her wonderful figure, and her white-jade skin. She just learned to make out with men and women on TV, kissing Sholo's neck and chest constantly, and tearing Sholo's clothes apart one by one.

This crazy woman!

Sholo frowned deeply, he really dared not imagine that the Voyeurs would be strong against him. He had heard women rape men on the news before, smiled, and now he bears it himself, and while it is still going on, in the words of Zhang Dashan, it is: really grass his mother's thief love.