Peerless Genius System

Chapter 403 Food

Instead of continuing to eat Aunt Li's early preparations, Su Li followed Shaolo to the kitchen area. This time, we need to take a closer look at how Shaolo specifically made green potato paste.

Aunt Li was watching beside her and begging for advice.

“Dad, what are you doing? ”

Su Xiaobei ran over and raised his toes. His two little hands could just grab the edge of the marble platform in the kitchen. A pair of large black gemstone eyes curiously measured Sholo.

Sholo touched her head and smiled. “You'll see, honey. Go stay with your mother. ”


Su Xiaobei was very obedient and turned around and ran back to Su Li.

Sholo first put some potatoes in the casserole and boiled them in boiling water, then cut the right amount of cabbage into thin pieces, beat two eggs in a large bowl, add water and salt, mix them with chopsticks, and then steam them into a high pressure cooker.

After the potatoes are cooked, extinguish, pour open water, fill with cold water and peel directly by hand.

“These potatoes are okay, they rot as soon as they are cooked, and they peel very well. If you buy potatoes that can't be cooked as hard as a rock, the taste of this dish will be greatly discounted.” Sholo peeled and explained.

“You mean, making green potato paste must be this easy to cook potato?” Su Li's eyes are filled with a desire for focus and knowledge.

Sholo nodded: "Well, only this easily boiled potato can be smashed into paste when cooked with green vegetables. ”

“Got it. ”

Su Ruiming wrote it down.

Usually, Aunt Li buys the ingredients, and she says: “Mr. Shaw, when you say cookable potatoes and uncooked potatoes are mixed and sold in the vegetable market, you have to make your own choices, sometimes it is difficult to pick cookable potatoes. ”

“Flat, smaller heads are usually easy to boil, while larger heads, very full, usually are hard to boil, how to cook it is hard, if you peel the skin and eat it directly, the throat will also feel like something is diaphragmatic, very uncomfortable.” Sholo pointed to his throat.

“It turns out there's such a thing in there, Mr. Shaw!” Aunt Li praised Sholo with her thumbs up, not stingy at all.

"These are the experiences that are slowly learned from the practice of life," Xiao Looqian said. ”

“Daddy's awesome! ”

Su Xiaobei didn't understand a word. When she saw Aunt Li praising Sholo, she also jumped to cheer.

Sholo smiled back at her and continued to cook the dish with green potato paste.

The more he looks at it, the better!

Su Li's heart silently said that she was really looking at the process of making this dish, but at the same time she was also measuring Sholo. The more she looked at it, the more she felt that the man was eye-catching, dressed very neatly, giving a clean impression. For the first time, she was less reluctant to give her body to such a man.

She suddenly asked, "Did you have a successful interview yesterday? ”

“Not bad. ”

Sholo had a simple word with him.

Su Li softly coughed: “Yeon said, you know several foreign languages. Is this true or false? ”

Sholo nodded with a glance: "Really. ”

Though there was psychological preparation, after confirmation, Su Lai was very surprised. It took her a lot of money, time and energy to master two foreign languages, English and French, but Sholo actually mastered three. If not unexpected, there was also one English, that is four, one person mastered four foreign languages at the same time, which was simply unimaginable, at least she had never met such a demon, except for the man in front of her.

“How did you learn those foreign languages? ”

Su Lai was curious. Learning a language is not an overnight feat. Diligence can make up for the awkwardness. Yes, but more or less talent is needed. Otherwise, when she masters four foreign languages, she will probably be fifty or sixty years old. Sholo is only two years older than her. She would like to know how Sholo learned it.

“Easy, listen, talk, read, write.” Sholoway.

Su Li raised her eyebrows and thought: If only learning a foreign language was that simple.

Sholo raised his head and looked at her: "You asked me so many questions, I asked you a question, didn't you, Sumir's boss? ”


Su Li hasn't reacted in a while. Why did this topic jump to his pastry shop? And she's consciously hiding very well. Nobody knows she's the boss behind Sumir's scenes. Where did this guy get the news?

She answered honestly, "It's me. What's wrong? ”

“Nothing, just asking. ”

Sholo smiled slightly, but his heart mumbled: Lo Fang marched into the summer sea, and the first opponent he met was his own nominal wife. That can't deal with Sumir like a taste bud in Jiangcheng.

Su Ruizhou's kung fu was still very profound. She said seriously: “Your eyes tell me that you seem to be hiding something. ”

Sholozanne said, “You've discovered all this.” Default, “right, I don't get it. If you're Sumir's boss, why don't you let me go to Sumir and ask me to go to China Pharmaceutical Group instead? ”

“You like soft meals so much?” Su Li exhaled.


Sholo's forehead is a little sweaty. I didn't expect this woman to react so much. He's just a joke.



When a large pot of hot green potato paste and a bowl of yellow orange steamed eggs, as well as a small plate of soy sauce and chili, Sulu couldn't help but start. In order for Aunt Li to make this flavor in the future, she let Aunt Li taste it.

As for Su Xiaobei, I couldn't wait long enough. I surrounded myself with a tablecloth and ate it in large bites.

This was their first breakfast with white rice, green vegetable potato paste and steamed eggs. Su Xiaobei's appetite was surprisingly good and soon had a large bowl of rice.

“It's delicious. It's really delicious. I never thought green vegetables and potatoes would taste so delicious cooking soup together. ”

Aunt Li was very praiseworthy, as can be seen from her body language and excited expression, she wasn't trying to please Sholo, she was really delicious and came from her heart to sigh.

Sulu's eating is still elegant. If she gets a little bit of napkin on her mouth, she wipes it off gently and then continues with a small sip, although she seems to have had a bowl of rice.

“The occasional change in the taste of rural people in the city seems good. ”

Sholo sat in his seat and secretly ate the toast.

“You're not eating?” Su Li raised his head and asked.

“Leave me alone, I'll eat whatever I want.” Sholo laughed.

Su Li ignored him and continued to eat.

Sholo looked at her and the woman kept grunting and eating. She couldn't help laughing and commented on her heart: Eat!