Peerless Genius System

Chapter 404 Pre-action

City Hospital, Advanced VIP Ward...

A middle-aged man in a suit sits in front of a hospital bed with a bowl of swallow nest porridge in his hand and a spoon in his right hand, holding a hand feeding motion, while the bed in front of him is empty.

Yang Hongzhi, who should have been lying on the bed, was like a child of five or six years of age with a mental acupuncture. He jumped inside the ward in a sick uniform and shouted, "I want to eat, I want to eat”.

There are also three people in the room, two ruthless black bodyguards and Yang Hongzhi's personal bodyguard Ah Si.

The Four Wars stood fearfully, sweating cold, the one in front of him, but one of the ten largest brokerage companies in the country, "Huangpu” shareholder, Yang Yuanzhong, the most vocal shareholder, also the father of his younger master, Yang Hongzhi, had the right to have money, eat both black and white, now Yang Hongzhi mentally insane, became a fool, he felt the suffocating feeling of repression before the storm came.

Yang Yuanzhong put the spoon back in the bowl, then gently placed the bowl on the bedside table next to the hospital bed, a pair of eyes scattered through the cold light glared at Ah Si, coldly said: “You did not protect the young master, what sin should you do? ”

There is a momentum between the lines, strong, as bright as Hong Zhong, but also a killer smell.

“Putong ~”

Four legs softened, kneeling on the ground, his face showed a strong fear: “My lord, I... I...”

“You and Ara were two stinky people to eat when you met your dog, I brought you back to eat, drink and teach you martial arts, and my request was simple, to protect my son, but look at Zhi, he is now scared of fools, the three-year-old still knows how to eat and drink laser, and he is not as good as the three-year-old, poop on his body, hungry and thirsty and doesn't know how to eat, this is in return for you and Ara San? ”

Yang Yuanzhong's voice was very cold. His body was spreading a powerful momentum. He pressed everyone's head in the room like a mountain. Especially Ah Si, he couldn't even move a moving bullet.

Si was sweating cold, his body trembled and he couldn't help himself. He raised his head and shook: “Sir, he... he is strong, he is not human, he is a monster...”

The voice carries a cry.

“Phew ~”

A gust of wind shouted, Yang Yuanzhong instantly came to his side, bent his back, stared at him directly, the mulberry face was wrinkled, but his eyes shook with cold light, the wind was like a vicious beast.

Si took a sip of cold air and opened his eyes to panic.

“Is that why you're excusing yourself?” Yang Yuanzhong's cold-blooded way was like substantiating the killing gas on his body.

“I... I...”

Four sides were white. He was like a cow who had been sucked by an electric stick and marched toward the slaughterhouse. Knowing that he was about to be slaughtered, he was desperate, scared, anxious. Every piece of flesh on his body was trembling with fear.

“Thank you for your sins. ”

Yang Yuanzhong snorted softly, slapping at his heavenly lid.

“Boom ~”

The male hand poured down, Si's brain was like a fruit in a juice machine. After the juice machine started working, the instant it broke into a slurry. Even a cry could be made in the future and his eyes opened, and his upper body pen fell on the floor.

More or less, the nose, ears, and mouth spill blood, and you can't die again.


Yang Hongzhi, who was supposed to jump alive, shook up and curled in a corner. He looked at Si's body shaking.

Yang Yuanzhong said indifferently to the two black bodyguards at the door: “Bury his body with Sang's, clean it up for me, and don't let anyone spot the tracks. ”


Two black bodyguards were ordered, one of them took a black bag out of his pocket, while the other broke Si's limbs and kneaded Si into a ball and stuffed him in the bag.

They're very skilled, and obviously they've done a lot of that before.

Yang Yuanzhong turned around and walked to Yang Hongzhi in the corner. His tight face eased. He revealed his compassionate father's look: “Zhi 'er, don't be afraid, for the father will find the best doctor in the world to heal you, and the person who hurt you will never forgive the father, he will pay a painful price! ”

Yang Hongzhi seemed to recognize his father. He felt a little safe. Then he grabbed Yang Yuanzhong's arm and smiled. “I'm going to eat the rice noodles, I'm going to eat the rice noodles, eat the rice noodles..."

Crying like a child begging.

Yang Yuanzhong was dripping blood. He grabbed his fist with anger, and then raised his head and growled: “Shaw, I will surely break you to pieces!!! ”



At this moment, Sholo came to the city hall and stood by and watched. In front of him was a building on a dozen floors. Under the building, the words “in the service of the people” were written. From the light of the sun, the words were golden and bright, and under these words, there was a five-star red flag that was stained with blood.

Solemn, dignified, just!

Sholo stepped into the city hall and parked a platoon of police cars neatly in the yard.

The JC named Qiu Yuanjie was taking his team with him at the moment to prepare for the operation. About 20 people, all of whom received guns, were being mobilized before the operation.

“Here you are. ”

Sholo came over and Qiu Yuanjie greeted him politely, but not enthusiastically.

Sholo nodded his greetings: "Here we go.” I looked at the time and added, “It's exactly 9: 00! ”

“Qiu team, he is the NSA, it looks almost like us. He is too few. He doesn't affect his actions today. Why did the boss send him? He's not related. He wants to carry the sheep to earn some kung fu so he can move up? ”

The woman standing at the front of the queue gazed at Sholoh and said everything in her heart, even though she didn't care about Sholoh's feelings.

Dressed in plain clothes, eyebrows, good skin, at first glance is the petite and habitual Lord.

Qiu Yuanjie coughed a symbolic reprimand: “Luo Frost, this is a superior arrangement, don't chew your tongue. ”

Luo Frost threw up his tongue and stopped talking.

At this point, a refreshing voice sounded.

“You must be Mr. Sholoshaw. Hello. My name is Tian Jingxing. I've heard of you a long time ago. The NSA is a good player, and it's a big deal for you to hit the marketing organization. ”

It was a fat, middle-aged man who held Sholo's hand with enthusiasm.

Luo Frost froze, then hummed softly: “Look, even the director came out to greet me personally. If this guy wasn't related, he would take my head off and kick it as a ball. ”

The other members of the team also shared an idea with her. Even if they were members of the NSA, that was their director, who also served as deputy mayor. The background was definitely different for those who were so entrusted to greet them.