Peerless Genius System

Chapter 405: What Can You Do?

How could Sholo not hear the whispering of Roseam? His hearing was already unusual, and he could hear the mosquitoes flashing their wings three meters away. With no voice on his face, he greeted Tian Renewal in front of him: "Hello, Chief Tian! ”

“Not inferior, um, nice, coming out of the NSA is just different and extraordinary. ”

Tian Renewal's eyes were filled with admiration, he turned to Qiu Yuanjie, smiling and moaning, “Yuanjie, this is a joint operation between the police and the NSA, it is a cooperative relationship, there is no difference between superiors and subordinates, Mr. Shaw and you are on an equal footing, if there is a critical situation, everything can be headed by Mr. Shaw, you hear me? ”


One of the team members thought they had heard wrong, plainly put an NSA man in, disrupted their normal rhythm, not to mention, but under his command in a critical situation. Chief, is this a joke?

Qiu Yuanjie's divine color is also unnatural. How can he say that he has also been watching Xia Hai City for two or three years. He has put in some eyebrows. He has a better understanding of Xia Hai City's distribution organization. The Bureau should firmly determine that his command position is the one. How can he suddenly blur his command?

“Field Bureau, I think you're biased in this arrangement. ”

Luo Frost took a step forward, toasted Tian to revitalize a policeman, and then uttered his dissatisfaction without taboo.

Qiu Yuanjie, busily reprimanded: “The arrangement of the field bureau is his own intention and reason, Luo Frost, don't be ridiculous! ”

Although he was somewhat dissatisfied, since it was Tian Renewal's arrangement, he would implement it unconditionally, even if there were objections, but only buried in his heart.

Luo Frost was stubborn at this time: “The arrangement of the field office is already biased.” By Sholo, "he said,“ it's already troubling us to get him in, and to command him, and if there is a real emergency, I'm afraid all of us will die because of his wrong command. ”


Qiu Yuanjie was prepared to reprimand her for a few shouts, but was interrupted by Tian Zhenxing's wave of laughter.

Tian Jingxing swept away the rest of the team and asked, "Is that what you all think? ”

Forced by his majesty as director, no one else dared to admit it and shook his head.

“What I want now is what you really think inside.” Tian Renewal adds one sentence.

Everyone looked at each other and nodded, acknowledging that their thoughts were the same as those of Luo Frost.

"We all know he's from the NSA, but none of us know what he's capable of. In other words, whether he's capable or not is doubtful, how can he command us? ”

In her eyes, Sholo is a related account. There's nothing real about it. He's just here to give credit. Just give him command. How can this work?

Tian Renewal nodded with a deep nod: “Well, that makes sense, so I'm going to say a reasoning, and if you can answer that, I'll let Mr. Shaw follow your lead completely. How about that? ”

This can inspire this group of people to fight. They are all criminal investigators. Logical reasoning is that they can get caught. What's the problem?

Luo Frost said confidently: "Okay, no problem. ”

Tian Renewal carried both hands and slowly came: “A jewelry store was stolen a precious diamond. After being detected, it was found that the perpetrator was definitely in Party A and Party B, so the four major suspects were interrogated, and the confessions obtained from the interrogation were as follows.

A said, "I am not guilty. B said," Ding is a criminal. "C said," B is a criminal who stole this diamond. Ding said, "It wasn't me. It has been verified that only one of these four people's statements is false, so..."

“It's A's case! ”

Luo Frost answered like a snapshot and explained her own reasoning process, “Assuming that what A said is true, then all three other people are false, those sentences can be presumed respectively, A no, D no, B no, D yes, the second sentence and the fourth sentence are contradictory, so the hypothesis is not valid, if B is true, it can be presumed...”

“No, no, no, no, I'm not asking who committed the crime, I'm asking, what are the twenty-first and thirty-fifth words, respectively, in the narrative just now?” Tian revitalized the handshake.

As a result, the entire team was stunned, including Qiu Yuanjie, who had no idea that Tian Jingxing would ask the question.

Luo Frost is even more foolish. Her brain is completely stunned. She has been focusing on the descriptive focus of Tian Renewal just now. How can she remember the full description of Tian Renewal? What exactly are the twenty-first and thirty-fifth words? Her brain can't determine how many times she remembers carefully.

“Five seconds to answer.” Tian revitalized the way he moaned.

And then it started for a few seconds.




“Field Bureau, you are deliberately difficult, and this is not the right question.” Luo Frost disgusted the way.

“You don't think anyone can answer that?” Tian revitalizes the fun of looking at her.

Luo Frost was a little heartless, thinking back: “There can't be anyone answering. ”

Just as her voice fell, a faint voice came: “The twenty-first word and the thirty-fifth word were ‘make’ and 'pair’, respectively. ”


Everyone brushed their eyes toward Sholo.

Sholo went on to say: "'A jewelry store was stolen from a precious diamond. After being detected, the perpetrator was identified as definitely in Party A and B, and the four major suspects were interrogated', which was what Director Tian had just said. ”


Everyone opens their eyes like a monster, and they can remember the original words, which is too perverted.

Luo Frost felt his face was hot, as if he had been slapped. She could not accept the fact that he had been slapped in the face by Sholo. “Who can prove that this is the original language of the field office? I mean, you can say whatever you want. ”

“Luo Frost, Mr. Shaw really wrote my words down. ”

Tian Zhenzheng took the audio recording equipment in the exit bag and opened it for play in front of everyone. The content was the reasoning he had just described, and then compared it with Sholo's words, and then took out the twenty-first word and thirty-five words separately. It was indeed the word 'make’ and ‘pair’, that is, Sholo remembered his words without a word.

Shit, is this guy the strongest brain?

The members of this team looked at Sholo differently. Qiu Yuanjie also did not dare to have any more petty feelings about Sholo, giving Sholo command, but it would not be so unbalanced. If everyone could answer the question beforehand, but the psychological implication to everyone beforehand was to find the culprit. Everyone's attention was completely out of the original language. It was amazing to be able to answer that question.

Luo Frost was severely beaten in the face, how dare you speak again, angrily returned to his position.

“Mr. Shaw, they've worked so hard on you.” Tian Renewed patted Sholo on the shoulder, sincerely ordered.

“With Captain Qiu, it shouldn't matter to me. ”

Sholoh had relieved himself of that responsibility, and his mission to eradicate the marketing organizations was unnecessary to hold them accountable, a constraint for him.