Peerless Genius System

Chapter 411: Wolf Mountain

Su Chanye's voice was very light, but he was calm and accommodating, as if he saw through everything.

Sholo stopped, turned his head and looked at him indifferently.

“Brother-in-law, I'm not a three-year-old kid. I can still tell the real gun from the fake gun. In order to give me a strong body, I was forced to train in the army for three months. In the meantime, I personally fired the gun. Besides, I've looked into your pistol in the last few days. It's a desert eagle. A hunter gun released by MRI in 1980, with a range of over 100 meters, is extremely powerful. There were test-gunners who said that only people weighing 80 kilograms could use it normally because of its strong backseat. ”

Su Chanye slowly walked over, smiling with a mystery on his face, "Desert Eagle is called the king of handguns. The person who can possess this kind of gun is absolutely different. Am I right? ”

Sholo smiled coldly: "You know too much. ”

At first, I thought it was stunning, but now it doesn't seem that easy, he is now considering whether to give this guy a hypnosis, save him from always blackmailing himself with this.

Su Chanye struck a chill under his eyes. He put down his body. “Brother and wife, you look like you're trying to kill someone. I sincerely ask you to help me. As long as you help me, this secret will rot in my stomach. I will never tell my sister. I swear, if I do, I will beat the hell out of you. I will never find a girl in my life. ”

“You seem to have zero credibility with me. ”

Xiao Loo had no expression on his face. If Su Chanye hadn't reported to Su Li since he promised him last time, he might have helped the boy. But now, he is really lazy to help, let alone threaten Su Chanye with having a pistol.

“Brother-in-law, you're breaking my heart! ”

Su Chanye covered his chest, and his face was sad.

Sholo doesn't want to deal with him anymore, which is a comedy, and ignoring him is the best way to deal with it.

At this time, the apartment door opened, and the fabulous glass appeared behind the door. She took a strange look at Sholo and Su Chanye, and then frowned: “What are you two doing out there? ”

Su Chanye went out and walked up with a smile: “Sister, I have a big discovery to tell you, it's about my brother-in-law, he... Oops, my foot! ”

Before he finished, Sholo stepped on him, screamed like a pig, and jumped on one foot in the hallway, as if it would relieve the pain.

Sholo coughed dry: “Su Chanye, what you just said is settled. ”

I also wanted to send Su Chanye to hear this. Even the pain was temporarily forgotten. He pounced on Sholo and gave him a bear hug. He laughed: “Brother-in-law, I knew you still loved me. Mmm-hmm. I love you so much. Ha-ha-ha... Let's go and eat! ”

Excited and excited, he kissed Sholoh so hard on his face that he jumped into the apartment.

Sholo's face stretched down a black line. Had it not been for Su Li here, he would have sworn to make Su Chanye look good.

Su Li decided to look at him for half a while and seemed to be asking, "When did your relationship get to this point?

“Eat! ”

She said a word and turned back to the apartment.

Sholo quickly wiped off the saliva left by Su Chan Ye on his face. Don't mention how suspicious he is. At the same time, he is incredibly confused. What happened to him? When Su Chan Ye was just about to tell Su Li that he had a gun, he didn't come because he was nervous and scared. What was he afraid of? Afraid Su Li knows the other side of himself? You know you're a butcher with blood on your hands?



After dinner, Su Chanye lived in Sholo's apartment with a thick face. He waited until 12 pm to go out with Sholo. He drove the car to Wolf Mountain.

Wolf Mountain does not have wolves, it is just a mountain more than 800 meters above sea level on the outskirts of Summer Sea City, with five or six peaks, a road that crosses, bends, because of complex terrain constraints, this road has a lot of steep bends, U-type bends, S-type bends, C-type bends, etc. It is precisely because of the existence of these bends that make this place a paradise for racing enthusiasts.

Racing is very popular in the summer sea, but it can only take place underground, never on the bright surface. After all, traffic police will never allow this kind of scene that only appears in the movie to appear in the real world, plus the need for roads to be unobstructed during the race. Without such harsh conditions as a reverse vehicle, time selection is very necessary in the middle of the night.

At the foot of Wild Wolf Mountain, there was a huge crowd of racing enthusiasts. Two large gasoline barrels lit a flame three or four meters high. The flame illuminated the surrounding area, and there were many modified racing lights in the room, making it look like daylight.

Sholo took a rough sweep, all worth millions of sports cars, and the worst part was 700,000. Of course, if you want to count his legend, the bottom of the mat is this one.

Looking for an empty spot to stop, Sholo turned to Su Chanye: “Who won your Bentley? ”

“Look, that's him! ”

Su Chanye reached forward.

Looking in the direction he was pointing out, Sholo's field of view revealed a tall, bald-headed man, one meter and eight tall, muscularly developed, wearing tight short sleeves and wide jeans, with strong arms around a sexy, sexy woman, and a blonde, eye-catching foreign woman.

“His name is Thunderstone Kin. He is known as" Wolf King ". He is the captain of the Wolf Mountain motorcade. The gambling industry in Wolf Mountain is so popular that it is carried by him. In addition to gambling cars, he can gamble for 500,000 to 5 million. As long as he possesses human driving skills, overnight wealth in Wolf Mountain is not a dream.

Moreover, many rich and wealthy children in the summer sea have enjoyed this sip. They like to seek excitement. After learning that there is a racing event in Wolf Mountain in the middle of the night, they enter. There is also a forum on the Internet dedicated to Wolf Mountain. All the members are racing enthusiasts. As long as Thunderstone releases the news of the race, everyone will come to watch the game.

And of course, there are a lot of racing enthusiasts who can't make it to Wolf Mountain, and in order to meet their needs, they come up with a team that specializes in racing, and they use drones to shoot on target, and drones that are set over this path of Wolf Mountain, and after their cropping and post-processing, the videos are so complete and consistent that they basically don't miss any great moments. ”

Su Chanye introduced the information about the skinhead, and by the way, gave a rough introduction to the situation of Wolf Mountain.