Peerless Genius System

Chapter 415 Beginning

“Did you say that? ”

Sholo raised his eyebrows and got a little interested.

“Yes, I did!” Thunderstone fingered himself with his thumb, and the bottom was a bold path.

“What if I win and you don't?” Sholo frowned.

Thunderstone smiled and shook his head and patted Sholo's shoulder: “Dude, you've been thinking too much. The most important thing in the racing industry is reputation. I can't stink up our reputation for two and a half million. If it gets out, who dares to come to Wolf Mountain to play in the future, isn't this a self-destructing job? ”

“I'm talking about in case.” Sholowryn said.

The members of the Wolf Mountain team and the surrounding audience all smiled, as if to say, "You don't even know what you're dealing with, you want to win the game, who gives you the courage and confidence?"

Thunderstone couldn't help laughing: “Brother, if I don't cash it, I'll be out of my hands, and I won't be able to drive anymore. Is that okay? ”

“Okay.” Sholo nodded.

“By the way, so much. Where's your car? ”

Thunderstone glanced around and wanted to see which brand of overrun Sholo's driver was.

Speaking of this, Su Chanye patted his head with his hand. Not only did he feel big, but he also felt particularly embarrassed. Everyone else was a modified super sports car, and their, on the other hand, was a domestic legend of about 200,000, maybe not even 200,000. This is like the difference between a player equipped with coins all over his body and a player with bare hands and a hanging silk all over his body wearing shorts.

Sholoh, on the other hand, did not change colour, and with his eyes he showed one direction, and said firmly to Thunderstone: “That's my car. ”

Looking in the direction indicated by him, Thunderstone and the crowd saw a black message, although its design arc and appearance looked classy, and it would never lose face driving on the road, but in a racing place like Wolf Mountain, it inevitably looked too sour.

“Do you compare this message to him? ”

Shen Qinyeon asked, looking at her rushing expression, as if Sholo would brutally beat Sholo to death if he nodded his head and said yes.

Sholo glanced at her with a faint glance, then nodded his head: "Yes. ”

At the final confirmation, the whole scene fell into a brief silence, with a startling look on everyone's face, and the next second, the mockery sounded like a tidal wave.

“I'm going to drive a domestic car over here. Is this going against the sky? ”

“Not against the sky, this is obviously about the ground! ”

“This is just a fucking Iron Head. He came to Wolf Mountain to compete because he didn't know anything about it. It's really funny, hahahaha...”

There are laughs all around, some people laugh tears, such as thunder stone firm, slap the thighs and slap the shoulders of the companion, it is more exaggerated than holding a belly laugh, just one person can laugh more than three people.

“Am I saying you're stupid? ”

Shen Tinyen glanced at her and reproached her unnecessarily. Then she reached out to Sholo and said, "Can you compare this car to someone else's super-run? You live in dreams. ”

The glass on the red masalati twisted its head and looked at Sholoh, and the eyes under the sunglasses were full of doubt.

Sholo did not answer Shen Yeon, then asked Thunderstone: “When does it start? ”

“Now, hey... now! ”

Thunderstone has not been able to calm down from the joke just now, as if the person who was lit with laughter had been laughing and talking.



Less often than not, the three cars stopped in parallel at the foot of the hill with two burning gasoline barrels as the starting line, from left to right, followed by Porsche Superrun, Maserati GranCabrio and Herald.

The drones in each section have also been emptied, and a giant silver screen mounted in the trunk of a truck receives video signals from those drones and reveals the situation in each section.

Everyone in the room, their eyes blinking at this huge silver screen, and their long-awaited match between Wolf King and Queen is coming up, which makes them feel unusually excited, especially the bet that Queen loses but sleeps with Wolf King, and that human figure, just think about it, is exciting and bloody.

Beyond that, the Wild Wolf Mountain forum boils down and millions of members are waiting online for this exciting competition.

“Build a building for Queen and see how much support Queen has? ”

“Build a castle for Wolf King and see how many brothers support us? ”

“What strange thing is that? The Wolf King and Queen match also has a face to stick in, and don't light a B-face. ”

In the forum, there are many different kinds of posts, and there are also sticky posts dedicated to live Wolf Mountain videos, which are counted as live broadcasts.



The rule of the game is to run three laps around Wolf Mountain, and whoever arrives first in a gas barrel that is both the starting and the ending point wins.

“Glass, I said your husband was retarded, you wouldn't be upset, would you?” In the Masalati, Shen Shenyen turned his head on Sulu Road.

At this moment, Sulu had taken off her sunglasses. A beautiful pair of eyes were as charming as a star. She glanced at the message next to her and her red lips flickered: “I care more about where their money came from than about his IQ. ”

“It's worth asking, your brother has too many fox friends. You can borrow one to collect two and a half million. Yes, two hundred and fifty, both are two hundred and fifty. I helped him win back two hundred and fifty, and they added another two hundred and fifty, which is almost two hundred and fifty to the house.” Shen Qinyeon felt extremely uncomfortable in her heart and complained continuously.

“I'm not going to discuss this right now, and I'll settle with them after the game.” Su Li sighed softly.

Shen Tongyen also retracted his gaze from the conveyor and adjusted his attitude so that he could play properly during the game.

“How sure are you to win Thunderstone?” Su Li asked.

Shen Fenyen thought about it and replied: “Seventy-eight points. His skills are good. The first two times he lost because of excessive confidence. This time he even replaced the car with the best. I think he must have tried his best. Seventy-eight points of certainty may still be high. ”

“So you promised him the disgusting terms he'd just mentioned?” Su Rui frowned.

Shen Qinyeon smiled softly: “What's wrong with this? I promised him more disgusting conditions than this when I was abroad before. It's just that they weren't so honored to let me serve him. ”

Su Li's eyebrows were deeper, and she couldn't imagine anything more disgusting than what Thunderstone had just said.

On the trumpet, Su Chanye cried and sat in the co-pilot's seat, grieving as if he had lost a $5 million lottery ticket. He even had a heart for suicide.

“Calm down, it'll all pass.” Sholo calmly comforted himself.

“Young master, I can't calm down. Fucking Qiaoqi is the stupidest and most unintelligent thing in history. When the game is over, my sister will kill me. Why are you laughing? Do you think she'll let you go? Even my own brother can kill, you cheap husband will she dare? You underestimate my sister too, I dropped my own mother and uncle, what the hell is going on, I'm the bad luck who hit me. ”

Su Chanye cried with a snot and tears. He could already have foreseen the image of Su Li hanging and beating him. That image was... cruel, bloody, horrible!