Peerless Genius System

Chapter 422: What the People Want

Nobody expected this to happen, nobody could believe it would happen in real life, and they were all asking, "How the fuck does this work?" Let the car leap off the cliff. It's horrible. It's creepy!

“Goddamn it, what is that? ”

The thunderstone, which had come from this side of the U-bend to the other side, had just seen the scene of the legendary leap over the cliff, and was stunned at the time of boarding.

“It's a message, it's the message, it's... it's jumping off a cliff...”

The man in the co-pilot's position was amazed and even spoke ill. Such a picture challenged his psychological limit. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, who could believe that a car was spinning like a tornado and jumping fast?

Shen Yin and Su Li were equally stunned on the red masalati, their eyes trembled violently, and the message of leaping over the cliff shook their hearts deeply.

At this moment, accompanied by a heavy landing noise, the message steadily fell back onto the road on the other side of the U-turn, the timing was very precise, it happened to land at the moment of bottom, and the distance was just right, after landing, left and right tail buffered, then continued to rush forward rapidly.

Flew over a cliff over 20 meters wide, undamaged and neat!!!

Shen Yeon swallowed a hard sip of saliva: “Is that bastard really God? ”

She boasts that she is extremely talented in racing and has always despised others, but now, when Sholo drives the message from the Devil's Bend to the other side of the cliff, she has to admit that there is a great distance between herself and Sholo, and she can learn to drift in the inner driveway of the Devil's Bend, but she will never learn the tornado.

In addition to being highly skilled, she also has to possess the psychological qualities and courage of a human being, none of which she has.

“He's joking about life! ”

Su Li returned from shock. She absolutely disagreed with Sholo's behavior and behavior. With good luck, she jumped over. Bad luck, the car destroyed people, even her life had to be told here. One was her husband and one was her brother. She didn't want any of them to go wrong.

And at the foot of Mount Wolf and at the forum, cheering, shouting, screaming and preaching for Sholo's feat, the leap was made to boil the blood of all. The tall, skinny young man shouted loudly with his dull but very exhilarating voice: “Fly over, preaching leap over. This is the most shocking scene since Mount Wolf hosted the race. It's so magnificent, it's amazing what it is! ”



As the cliff leaps, the game is nearing its end.

The rumor drew a distance of more than two hundred metres, extending the advantage to more than five hundred metres in the subsequent bend.

Shen Tinyen ranked second, thunderstone followed closely, after walking out of the Wolf Mountain Bend Road section, began to crawl to catch up. At the foot of Wolf Mountain was full of cheers and shouts, the sound was very neat, all in the process of fueling the message, as well as in the forum, everyone was expecting to pass on the first.

“Sprint, we are at the final stage of the Sprint, let's see if the Sprint can keep the first advantage to the end, come on Sprint, come on my car god!” The tall, skinny young man lifted his fists and similarly cried out for help, reverberating in the Wolf Valley with a loud and loud sound.

Three cars, with the roaring beast, rushed towards the two gasoline barrels burning with flames at the foot of Mount Wolf.

The black message leads the way, the red masalati leads the way, and the silver and white Porsche chases the owner's anxious mood at full speed.

“First of all, I don't want anyone to take it!!! ”

Thunderstone chewed on the teeth and the throttle stepped to the bottom.

This is like the final sprint of a long run, where any player uses all their energy to run to the finish line.

“Nearly, 200 meters… 100 meters… 50 meters… 20 meters… too fast, we saw the three cars rushing past the finish line at the same moment, let's watch the lens play back slowly. ”

The tall, skinny young man asked the photography team to take the slow lens. On a huge silver screen, the images of the three cars racing after each other were quickly played back. After a 20-fold slowdown, the screenshot was saved. The number one confirmation was that the message rushed to the finish line first, the red Maserati and finally the silver and white Porsche.

“The first is to preach to the Dark Horse, ladies and gentlemen, with our warmest applause and shout, that we have won the championship of this competition! ”

The tall, skinny young man was very excited and cried out in his voice.

Car God! Car god!!!

At the foot of Mount Wolf Mountain, there was a neat echo of this voice. Everyone watched the slowly returning message. Their eyes were filled with the colour of crazy worship. They had not seen the guy before. At this time, in their hearts, they were like God.

Boom! Boom!

Two muffled noises, two doors were pushed open, Sholo and Su Chanye walked down from the car, the front of the car did not change color, calm down, and the latter just fell on the ground and threw up.

“Nothing! ”

Sholo turned around and lowered his voice to a faint comment.

I ~! @ # ¥%...

Su Chanye raised his head and tried to scold him. He continued to vomit for the next second. This time, he was kind of exhausted. Especially in the eyes of others, he felt nothing inside but the sky and earth spinning. Even if he got out, he still felt everything around him was in motion. Like spinning a few hundred laps in place, his brain was particularly dizzy.

The tall, skinny young man came to Sholo with a microphone and interviewed Sholo like a journalist, while the shooting team set up a camera to shoot Sholo.

“Car God, you're my idol. Can you tell us how you felt first? ”

“Go away, don't shoot me. ”

Sholo responded coldly while putting the camera's camera over the sun cover.

Turn around and head straight for the silver and white Porsche, which has also come from afar.

The tall, skinny young man was embarrassed and had to say to himself: “The god of cars has such a character! ”

In front of the crowd, Sholo walked step by step to Thunderstone, and all the members of the Wolf Mountain motorcade were surrounded at this moment.

Looking at Shen Yeon's red masalati, Sholo stretched out his hand toward Thunderstone: "Give me my money back, and you'll have to pay me five million! ”

Thunderstone looked at the man in front of him, trembling and asked: "You... who are you? ”

It's inconceivable that such a man would let his soul have a sense of fear and win by driving a domestically produced message.

"Don't worry about who I am," said Schollo indifferently. "Just give me the money. I don't have time for this. ”

Five million. That's not a small amount. That's enough for six months.

Is that a bad idea?

Thunderstone insisted, but he couldn't do it. There were too many people watching this game. If he dared to defray the bill at this time, the whole underground racing industry in Wolf Mountain would collapse in a flash, and he couldn't afford such a loss.