Peerless Genius System

Chapter 423: The Black Man

The end result was Sholo getting his own money back and an extra five million on the account. Su Chanye also returned to his Bentley car. He was in a mood for excitement and joy. He whistled at the beautiful women around him on the spot.

Because of its special identity as a star, Su Li stayed on the red Maserati in order to avoid being recognized, but her eyes continued to fall on Sholo. She found that the man had an unspeakable charm at this moment. Although he was dressed in black all over his body, his face was clean and his dark eyes were particularly noble and elegant at a glance.

She had never looked at a man with her eyes. At this time, she couldn't see through it. It was like looking at a flower in a dream. What she thought she saw was a real face, but it proved to be nothing more than a visionary veil. She spoke four foreign languages and possessed more superior driving skills than her girlfriend Shen Yin. Such a guy is no ordinary worker, right?

Shen Shenyen stepped straight out of the car and walked straight to Sholo's side. “Tell me, where did you learn to race? ”

Sholo glanced at her with a faint glance: "Self-taught. ”

After that, he opened the door and sat in the driver's seat. He looked in the direction of Su Li. He knew that Su Li did not want his identity to be exposed, so he did not go to greet him. He drove a message. He threw his tail back one hundred and eighty degrees in the same place and went up.

“That's awesome. Is that God's style? ”

“It's not the wind, it's the attitude God deserves. ”

“Leap off a cliff, how magnificent it is that he deserves to be our Wild Wolf Mountain racing god! ”

Both the audience at the foot of Wolf Mountain and the members of the Forum have a near-crazy admiration for Sholo, and the stunning and shocking cliff leaps in their minds, that scene, will become the legend of Wolf Mountain.

“Brother-in-law, wait for me! ”

Su Chanye returned to his senses and hurried into the car, driving his Bentley after Sholo.

Although the process was painful, the result was unexpected. He admitted to this brother-in-law not only physically, but even in his soul. He had to hold Sholo's thighs tightly.

“Su Chanye, this bastard, I helped him win the car back, didn't even say thank you.” Shen Shenyen's psychology was extremely unbalanced and her hands slipped into her waist with anger.

Su Li said to play a round field for Su Chanye: “Okay, don't be angry, I'll buy you a drink! ”

“Glass, he's your brother, or I'll have to slap him to death! ”

Shen Zhenyen Qi walked into the car, and then a handsome shake tail turned around and drove Masalati away like a red phantom.



Sholo found a roadside stall and lit three fresh powders like he did in Jiangcheng. He loved this slippery, slippery, yet non-greasy soup powder.

After the chase, Su Changye sat down. He wiped the stool and table with a tissue. After three times, he sat down. "Brother-in-law, why are you eating in such a place? Look at this stall, it's too dirty, and it's still on the side of the road, it's full of dust, and I'm sure I'll get a tummy from eating it. ”

Sholo looked up at him and said, “Did I ask you to come with me? ”

“Cough... OK, I have a tough face to follow. ”

Su Chanye coughed awkwardly a few times. In order to have a common language with Sholo, he raised his hand to the stall owner. “Little Er, have something like my brother-in-law. ”

Little Er?

When this name was heard, the staller was obviously stunned and then politely laughed: "Okay, hold on. ”

Fortunately, it is the middle of the night. This vendor earns hard money. Only Sholo and Su Chan Ye are customers. Otherwise, the claim of Su Chan Ye will be called out. It will definitely make people laugh.

Sholo Shinjoon couldn't help but say: "You sound magical. ”

“This is poisoned by the old costume TV drama, by the way, brother-in-law, in the future we will not come to this kind of roadside stall to eat food, unhygienic, if it weren't for you, young master I... Oh no, brother-in-law, I wouldn't be here, we don't have no money, right, it would be better to go to a fancy restaurant.” Su Changye Road.

Sholo shook his head and came over and said, “The food in our country is in the folk, in the alley, not in the kind of restaurant you're talking about that looks gorgeous. ”

“Really?” Su Chanye Half Letter Half Doubt.

Sholo did not speak and waited patiently in his position.

Shortly afterwards, two bowls of hot saffron powder were served and a few small cabbages were added to the noodles, which looked perfectly fragrant.

Sholo picked up the chopsticks and started.

“Wouldn't you really get a tummy? ”

Su Chanye frowned very hesitantly. Then came a protest from his stomach. Plus, he smelled the smell of three fresh powders on his nose. He couldn't care less. "Pull it. You have to have a common language with your brother-in-law. ”

Find yourself an excuse to get started.

This meal can't stop at once.

“Good Chug, good Chug! ”

Su Chanye greatly appreciated my food while forgetting it. The three fresh powders were slippery and delicious, which opened his appetite.

Sholo shook his head helplessly. Of course he understood Xia Hai. Su Chanye meant “delicious”.

At this time, a black business car came from a distance, a brake came in front of the stall, the door pushed open, a group of strong men in black vests with baseball bats and steel pipes walked down.

He's not the leader. He's the thunderbolt of Wolf Mountain!

“What's with the Wolf Mountain motorcade?” Su Chanye reacted a little slowly, scratching his back of his head.

Sholo smiled slightly: "The momentum is fierce and the visitors are not good. ”

“Do they want to take back the five million you lost?” Su Chanye was shocked.

The voice had just fallen, and the thunderstone that had come pointed the baseball bat in his hand at Sholo, and said harshly: "Kid, if you don't want to be a cripple, spit out those five million honestly, or I'll beat you to death. ”

A companion next to him threw the POS machine on the table because he wanted to act so fierce, and this threw so much energy, Thunderstone immediately reprimanded him: “I, Nima, threw you all over me? ”


Sholo suddenly raised his head and made a silent gesture at him.

At the same time, Shawther's killing intentions spread in this space, not to mention Shawlow, which is Thunderstone, Su Chan Ye and they all felt, it was a chilly atmosphere that caused the temperature to drop suddenly, as if a dangerous beast was watching them.

“This way! ”

Sholo turned sharply and looked east at the street.

Thunderstone Ken, Su Chanye and others also looked at him with his eyes. This look made their minds tremble. Two people in black, holding a silver moon curved knife in their hands, came this way under the cover of the night. There was no footsteps between them. If it had not been for Sholo's indication, they would not have discovered the existence of these two men.

“Shit, is this an assassin in an ancient costume?” Su Chanye couldn't help but shout.