Peerless Genius System

Chapter 424: Non-human

The silence of the night and the step-by-step walking of the two masked black men, the silver moon curved knife in their hands scattered a gloomy cold light reflecting the light of the street lamp, and it was from these two silver moon curved knives that Shawther's killing breath spread.

“Boss, something's wrong. Shall we retreat? ”

A member of the Wolf Mountain motorcade whispered to Thunderstone's firm ear.

Thunderstone came back from his shock and slapped him hard in the back of his head: "Get out of my ass!” And then he stares at Sholo and he yells, "Boy, you think you can scare us off by looking for two guys to play assassins? What if I'm a pig? Golden Eagle, Cool, get up there and beat the hell out of these two assholes. Remember, if they don't call Grandpa on their knees, don't stop. ”

“Yes, boss! ”

Two strong men of the Wolf Mountain motorcade nodded, holding a steel pipe, knocking a nostril in his hand and walking up toward the two blackjackets in the sky, and the expression looked like he had eaten the two blackjackets.

“Hmm, I'd like to see what you little redneck are up to. I've heard of playing JC bluff. I've just never heard of playing assassin. That sounds fucking fresh.” Thunderstone Ken wasn't too busy forcing Sholo to brush back the five million, and the two men in black who showed up here were so funny that he was more interested than returning the five million.

“You two brothers are afraid to say goodbye forever.” Sholo smiled softly.

Dressed in black and with such intense homicide, the two men were dedicated to killing, and Thunderstone insisted that they should go up, which was undoubtedly death, and he did not feel any obligation to save the tragic lives of those two men who were already under the knife.

“Yo Yo Yo Yo, it sounds real, come on, keep pretending, I'll see when you can pretend to be a movie imperial performer, I'm going to feel like a disgrace to the movie industry if I don't give you an Oscar prize.” Thunderstone didn't believe it at all, and he thought it was a trick Sholo was playing.

Sholo smiled and stopped talking.

At this time, the two men in black accelerated in unison, moving fast, hurrying to the ground, but silent, like a wind, pressed their hands against the knife handle of the Silver Moon Machete between their right waist, revealing their eyes to burst into a cold killing machine.

The two members of the Wolf Mountain motorcade who were supposed to walk towards them were horrified, a breath that made their souls tremble, but before they could react, death had arrived, and the two blackjackets acted in unison, like a combination of shadows and entities, and the Silver Moon Machete was split apart.

“Pfft." Pfft.

Two members of the Wolf Mountain motorcade split their bodies directly from the top of their heads and fell in two halves, their colorful visceral "wow” shouted, blood flowing and bloody.


Thunderstone and his companions, as well as Su Chanye, both opened their eyes and breathed a breath of cool air at this moment. They only felt that the root of all the sweat was upside down uncontrolled. Who would have thought such a scene would happen? It was two people with flesh and blood. The previous second, they were still alive and tigers. At this moment, they were cut in half alive. Even a dozen meters apart, they could smell a strong smell of blood flowing in the air.

“Ah... killed, killed!!! ”

A frightened scream came, but the staller was paralyzed to the ground, and then ran away with everything, not even the stall.

Su Chanye also shouted “Murder". But he didn't shout a few words. Because he couldn't stand the bloody image, he just ate three pieces of powder and threw up "Wow”.

“Boss, Golden Eagle and Cool are dead, cut in half by people...”

A member of the Wolf Mountain motorcade cried with a cry. What happened at this moment destroyed their psychological fortress in a moment, frightened them and shook them constantly.

Thunderstone stuck, horrified to see his companion split in half, his brain had forgotten to think, he was still talking to them, now he's dead?

It is unacceptable and even more unbelievable.

He looked at the two men in black, and they were as terrible as death in his eyes.

“You were right. You're a pig!” Sholo Cold Road.

Looking at his two black men, he grabbed the edge of the table in front of him with his right hand, got up a little hard, and the square table was thrown away by him, spinning hard into the black man in the air.

The faces of the two men in black did not change color and their eyes were cold, while the knives were raised and cut.

The flying table was torn apart, not even the stainless steel table foot was spared, cut into two pieces by a machete, and the cut was unusually flat.

“Try this again! ”

Sholo came to the stall of the stall owner, which was a bicycle with a set of gas stove equipment, as well as chopping boards, oil salt, powdered ingredients and other sundries, and he kicked his foot on the side of the tricycle.

“Boom ~”

A loud, deaf-haired noise swept up the moor weighing more than 200 kg and slammed straight into the two black men.

Oh, my God. Is this still a person?

Wolf Mountain motorcade members watched this scene in horror, and it was horrible. How could people have such great foot strength? It's only possible that a car that comes running wild crashes into that booth.

Su Chanye was also stunned. Although he had seen the non-human side of Sholoh at Nebula Sword Hall last time, however many times he saw it, he was still so shocked. It was horrible.

Faced with a stall that fell like a meteorite, the two men in black were still simultaneously chopped with one knife, their knife was fierce and overbearing, the two knives were chopped down, and the stall was as divided as the table had just been.

Sholo had rushed up like a black lightning bolt and slapped his left and right hand against their chest just as they were about to re-lock Sholo's position.

The timing was very clever, just as their silver moon curved knife fell, the chest door was wide open, the two palms were sturdy in the shooting, and the fierce hand surged like a wave of waves.

Boom! Boom!

The two black-clothed men flew uncontrollably backwards like broken kites, falling four or five metres apart, spraying a thick piece of blood in their mouths and soaking their black masks.

“Who are you people? ”

Sholo stepped out of the room, and a strong gust of anger erupted.

There was a horrible color in the eyes of both of them, and they looked at each other like there was some kind of consensus to pull two superficially wrinkled black balls out of their pockets.

Trying to escape?

Sholo's eyes squinted slightly, rushing towards them the first time, but it was still too late, and the two blackjackets had thrown the black ball to the ground.


With two dull blasts, the black ball burst, two thick smokes spread like mushroom clouds, the instant one covered Sholo inside, the thickness of the smoke was too high, the visibility was very low, and there was also the effect of tear gas. In order to prevent dark wounds, Sholo had to exit the smoke zone quickly, and when the smoke dispersed, the two black men were no longer known.