Peerless Genius System

Chapter 426: Masterful as a Cloud

Sholo was stunned and laughed softly: "What am I doing in Jiangcheng? Didn't you find out? ”

“But I don't think you're as simple as what's written on the surface. ”

Su Glass walked over with a faint scent. "Speaking French, Russian and Arabic, the language is extremely high, and you know how to race cars, but your profile says that you are just an ordinary employee of Lofong. Based on your ability to show, how can your identity be so simple as an ordinary employee? ”

“Who does Miss Sue think I should be? Or, what better fits me?” Sholo asked back with a smile.


Su Li was asked at once. Indeed, although he thought that Sholo was more than just an ordinary employee of Luofang in Jiangcheng, he could not think of what kind of person could understand several foreign languages and drive so well.

She squinted her lips: “I don't know. ”

Sholo laughed. “That's too much for you. I'm just a normal person. ”

What happened in Jiangcheng, he didn't want Su Li to know, he even wanted to turn it over like a book because it was a bloody night chapter.

After a pause, he added: "Foreign languages and racing are learned in leisure time. ”

“Learned?” Su Ruizhou dissented.

“How else would it have come?” Sholoway.

You're right!

Su Li didn't have a hard time accepting this statement, but Sholo's talent still shocked her, three foreign languages, and possibly one more English, that is, four, master four foreign languages, how much language talent is required, and the racing car. She suddenly felt that the man in front of her was a genius.

“If there's nothing else, please go back. Remember to close the door. It's getting late. It's time to rest.” Sholo spoke softly.

You kicked me out?!

Su Li said that it was impossible not to be upset at this time. It was too embarrassing for her. Is she not to be seen like this?

At the same time, there was some sadness in her heart. She tied the man up with a card in order to improve the relationship between the two people over time. She had been trying to get close to the man, but he had not responded. She was going to work very quickly. She was probably busy for two or three months. Thinking about the relationship between the two people, she was a bit upset.

“Tomorrow night you and I will accompany Su Xiaobei," she said. ”

“Are you going to start working?” Sholo immediately guessed.


Su Li nodded and looked at the man with some anticipation. She thought Sholo would continue to ask about her place of work and what she was doing.

But the man only said, "Yes. ”

She looked back a little disappointed: "That's it, then rest. ”

Then he turned around and walked out.

Su Li felt that she was out of her mind. She was humbly expecting a man to care. Since coming out, she has long been accustomed to being strong and weak to show who?

Sick, carried by one person; bored, hidden by one person; painful, blocked by one person.

After all these years of mixing in the entertainment world, how can she crave the care of a man when she's already independent?

She suddenly found herself ridiculous, fake eventually being fake, perhaps never coming true.

Sholo had been watching her leave, the look was complicated, Sului jumped off the balcony without hesitation to force him to get married, then bought him a wedding ring, then bought him a cabinet of new clothes shoes, his heart couldn't do anything, only the woman was not only strong, but also arrogant, which must have a direct relationship to her success, but he couldn't get used to it.

There's always that feeling of two people on the same channel, or that the aura is going off!

He didn't want to get too involved in this kind of thing, took his pajamas and walked into the bathroom.

The next day, after eating too early at Sulu's apartment, Sholo rushed downstairs.

There was an Audi parked on the street outside the hotel gate. When he came out, Keith pushed the door down.

“Mr. Schollo! ”

Her voice was sweet and gentle, and she was with a female subordinate who was respectfully crying out for her secretly loved boss.

Dark hair, white skin tone, clear and bright pupils, curved willow brows, white casual pants and a pink coat, looking smart.

“Ming Ying, please investigate your case clearly?” Sholo asked.

“Not yet. ”

Ji Shiying shook his head, “I guess the black man last night was most likely the fighter of the marketing organization. The reason why the bureau entrusted this task to you is also to find that the distribution organization in the summer sea is inextricably related to the anti-Chinese forces in Japan. The Aso family is also one of them, and they have not disturbed the security of our country for a moment. ”

“So that's it! ”

Sholo nodded suddenly, and now it makes sense how the NSA could have transferred him if the marketing organization was just a common criminal offense.

“There is also an old beggar, Hunky, who was late wounded by Mr. Schollo No. 10, whose identity check is clear and who is the director of the Tianzhi Welfare Home. ”

“Dean of the welfare home? ”

Sholo was surprised, not to say that he was the leader of the Baba gang, but how he went to become the dean of the welfare home.

Seems to see his confusion, Ji Shiying explained: “Hongji is indeed the leader of the contemporary Baba gang, but now the standard of living of the people has improved significantly. Most of the people who live in the streets beg are professional beggars, few real beggars, some are also due to physical illness, and there are no other earning skills.

Forced to beg, so the Baba Gang is long gone, talent is depleted, Hung Ji is basically a barber commander now. He acted as a fighter against you that day in order to earn living expenses for the handicapped orphans, children and children adopted by Tianzhi Welfare Home. I just didn't expect to encounter a strong opponent, so I was taught the lesson. ”

Sholo was in a bit of a heavy mood: "Take me to the Tianzhi Welfare Home. ”


Kiss nodded her head, of course she knew that Sholo was not upset about continuing to look for Hunky because she knew this man, though holding a slaughter knife, killing people didn't blink, but deep inside he had justice and kindness.



“Our country hides dragon tigers. Although the bureau houses many powerful warriors, there are many extraordinary masters hidden in the flourishing city, of which Hongji is one. ”

In the car, Keith Yingying spoke a long way, which is also to give Shaolo's advice on the side. It means to pay more attention to safety. China is not as calm as it seems. Last night's black killer was well trained and extremely tall. There may be S- or even super-S monsters present. Once confronted with these people, the situation will naturally become extremely dangerous. She is worried about Shaolo.

Sholo didn't hear what she meant inside, just sat in her seat and looked out the window, some regretting that she had such a heavy hand under Hung Ki that night.