Peerless Genius System

Chapter 428 Battle

Sholo didn't take the card back and asked, “Who is he? ”

“Ouyang De, current owner of the Ouyang family! ”

Hongji truthfully said, “We Hung and Ouyang have been fighting for generations. From our ancestors until now, I have been fighting this old poison since I was a child. Next time, I pressed him on one side. Now I must have heard that I broke my arm and rushed to the door to retrieve the previous scene. ”

“Bullshit, you old bastard. You're bullshitting the image of your husband in front of the newborn. Little hairy boy don't listen to him bullshit, in fact, every time the old man beats him half a move. As for his broken arm, the old man swore to God that he didn't know anything about it. If not, let the old man strike five thunderstorms.” Ouyand exclaimed emotionally.

“Five lightning strikes a day, you old poison don't swear such poisonous vows, maybe God will send down a lightning to collect you one day. ”

“None of your fucking business. Shut up and fight!” Ouyang broke off his drink.

Honky hey hey smile: "Hit me, I'm afraid you won't make it. ”

Turn around, return to the house, come out with an extra dog bat, all green, like a green bamboo, the surface is covered with the marks of the sword chopping, there is a sense of serenity of the years.

He was about to rush up, and Sholo stopped him: "Are you really going to fight him? ”

“Of course it's true. It's time for us to end this fight.” Hongji took it seriously.

“I'll help you fight. ”

Sholo made this suggestion. After all, Hung Ki's left arm was cut off by him, and it makes sense that he should come out at this time.

“Mr. Schollo...”

Keith grew more and more appreciative of the man and couldn't help but whisper his name.

Hung Ji waved his hand and resolutely said: “I know, but this is between the two of us. I don't want any outsiders involved. ”

Just say it, no more hesitation, break the sip and rush up towards Ouyang.

“Old Hung, my husband doesn't take advantage of you, let you have one left hand! ”

Ouyang puts his left arm behind his back and hits with a ghost snake in his right hand.

As soon as they came into contact, they were caught in a fierce fight, and the fierce internal forces burst out, and the wind swept through the courtyard, and the solid ground cracked under their feet.

Fighting like this is better than in a Martial Arts movie, and boxing to the flesh impinges on people's visual nerves!

Keith Ying stared at her, she was just a C-level fighter, and Hung Ki and Oyeong De definitely had A-level fighters, possibly even S-level. She wondered why such powerful characters were not present in their NSA, and met two such characters in the summer sea. Isn't there more hidden masters in the country?

Sholoh was so full of color, he could see that Hung Ki and Ouyang De were both doing their best, and they were fighting each other to death, but they were obviously friends and acquaintances, and Ouyang De had not used his left hand to make a fair confrontation with Hung Ki.

Those children in the hospital have a strange look at this situation, still holding a bowl, eating the porridge inside slowly...

“Old Hung, eat the old man's cane! ”

Ouyang's eyes spreading in the shadow, his wrist shaking, powerful rotation.

Hongji's old eyes curled slightly, his waist stretched in the middle of the sky, and he twisted his figure. At the same time, he risked avoiding Ouyang's full strength. At the same time, the dog bat in his hand seemed to be a striking edge, hitting the top of Ouyang's abdomen.

Ouyang quickly spinning, swinging the ghost snake wand punching, smooth and dominant movement, the tender and gentle scent of the Forest Cold shows the horrible killing power in the wand.

“Old poison, you almost meant it! ”

Hung Ji mocked and returned to greet him with a stick.


The stick bumped into each other and swelled vigorously. The ground beneath Honky's feet recessed deeply into a pit. His face became a little ugly. The next second, his right foot retreated one step against this force lane and his left foot kicked towards Ouyang's chest.

Ouyang is doing the same thing with his feet.


Each one of them took a foot in the chest and burst back five or six steps to stabilize themselves.

Two people gasped heavily, staring at each other dead, and each had a hot sweat.

“Old Hung, your broken arm seems to be bleeding.” Ouyang's faceless reminder.

“Too much blood, can't we just let it go?” Honky didn't even look at the bloody broken arm, but the pain there made his forehead sweat beads.

Ouyang's voice shouted: “Why don't you blow the cow to death? Forget it, don't beat it like that. If you keep beating me like this, I'm afraid I'll kill you. Otherwise, we'll all make the strongest move. You use your Dragon 18 hands, my husband uses my toad kung to clear all our generations of grudges? ”

“Good idea. Good idea. Come on!” Hunky's eyes flashed with insane warfare.

“Okay, come on! ”

Ouyang shouted and threw away the ghost serpent wand, his body poured forward on the ground, limbs on the ground, like a toad.

As he inhaled and exhaled, the surrounding air was shaken away and turned into a circle of ripples that spread outward, his chest expanding and his clothes cracked open.

Hung Ji similarly threw the beating dog stick aside, took a deep breath, his right palm slowly scrolled, accumulating the power of lowering Dragon 18.

In the moment, the atmosphere in the courtyard became heavy, as if the air had solidified!

Ji Siying's heart hung up, nervous to the extreme, it is clear that to live and die, whoever lives and dies is not the result she wants to see.

She turned to Sholo: "Mr. Sholo, can you stop them? ”

Sholo didn't answer her, his eyes just blinked ahead and couldn't speak calmly.

At this point, Hongji and Ouyang have done everything they can.

“Toad, open your mouth! ”

“Hyperdragon repents! ”

Both of them shouted in unison, all attacking each other in the strongest way. The strong wind was like a tornado, and the entire welfare home seemed to shake under the shock of both forces.

Keith Ying shouted and covered his eyes with his hands, not daring to look at what happened next.

“Boom ~”

Two forces hedged, solid ground inches collapsed, and vast forces swept into the surrounding waves.

Hunki and Oyandzizi stood still because one of their strongest moves was not to act on each other, but on another person, who came to their midst like an empty space, blocking their attack with his chest and back.

“In the afterlife, you... what's your situation?” Ouyang was stunned.

Hung Ki's face also changed dramatically: “Young man, you... you...”

There are deep concerns in the words.

Keith Ying put his hand down, opened his eyes, and his little mouth was stunned and opened to O. It was Sholo who withstood the attack of Hung Ki and Ouyang.

Sholo glanced coldly at the two of them, slightly commenting: "Two bad old men who were hungry and had nothing to do with it! ”

The voice just fell, and he suddenly struck again on everyone's spiritual lid.