Peerless Genius System

Chapter 437: Time Is Precious

After carefully reviewing the basic information of Guo Taining, Xiaoluo took Shiyue Ting and Liu Yiyao to the Municipal Women's Protection Institute with the company's contract.

The current location of the Municipal Women's Conservation Home is near a vegetable market, the surrounding environment is not easy to say, because the alley is narrow, plus there are usually stalls selling fruits and vegetables on both sides of the alley, there is a lot of traffic. In the event of an emergency ambulance, it is very difficult to get around, choosing a new address is reasonable, and behind the back of the country, there is absolutely no financial problem.

“Logo, can we really take this list? ”

Standing in front of the door of the women's protection center, Simon Ting doubted this, even Mao Jianyi and Lingfei can't take customers, how could they take it?

Liu Yiyao did not speak, but her expression was tense and grumpy, obviously like Simon Ting's, she had no confidence in the trip.

“Things are artificial! ”

Sholo smiled and walked in.

Shi Yueting and Liu Yiyao smiled bitterly and followed each other. However, their professional qualifications were quite high. After entering the women's protection home, they brought a smile on their faces. From their appearance, they could not see their inner nervousness, and they felt confident all over themselves.

Because it has to be disinfected every day, like other hospitals, the air is filled with the smell of disinfectant water, but when it gets to the hospital area, the smell fades. From time to time, you can hear the crying of babies in the ward, and on the way to the administrative building, you will encounter many parents holding the child's emotions.

Liu Yiyao suddenly asked curiously: "Logo, are you married? ”

Sholo thought about it and replied, "It's over. ”

“Do you have children?” Liu Yiyao asked.


In Sholo's mind, Su Xiaobei's moon-toothed eyes appeared to laugh innocently.

“I hear having a baby is like going to jail, Rog. How did you feel when your sister-in-law was in the maternity ward?” Liu Yiyao continued.

“I can't answer that question yet.” Sholo laughed, how would he know if he hadn't experienced it?


“Yao Yao, why do you have so many questions, forget what we're doing here?” Simon Ting interrupted.

Liu Yiyao explained: “I'm not in a touchdown situation, I'm more curious about having a baby. Besides, talking about these topics just happens to ease my nervousness. ”

Shi Yueting sniffed, feeling rational, shook her head and sighed: “My sister told me that she wanted to kill herself when she was born. It was a kind of severe pain that even her soul was torn in half. She also said that the maternity room was full of tears waiting for the mother to tear her heart and lungs. It felt like she was going to hell, so it was impossible to have a child, I could not have a child all my life! ”

“That's because you haven't met a man you've fallen in love with, and if you do, you'd be willing to give birth to him.” Liu Yiyao preached as if he were coming.

“Come on, I don't want to suffer that sin. I'll just go to the welfare home and adopt one later.” Simon Ting waved.

The two soothed their emotions in such a way that Sholo simply raised his eyebrows and made no comment.

In the talking room, the three of them came to the administrative building, and Simon Ting and Liu Yiyao stopped talking on their own.

“Three, this is the administration department, the building in front of you to see a doctor or a patient.” A decently dressed woman greeted me with a smile.

“We are not visiting patients, we are looking for you, Dean Guo.” Sholo opened the door and saw the mountain.

“Looking for our Dean? ”

The woman froze and asked, "Who are you? ”

“We are from the sales department of China Pharmaceutical Group. We are here to talk to President Guo about business cooperation. ”

Xiao Loo truthfully replied that he could see from the history of Guo Taining that Guo Taining was a person with a straight heart. He would certainly not like to play tricks into this scheme. If he did not disclose his true identity, I am afraid Guo Taining would deny him at the first time, and deny the Chinese medicine group behind him.

“Didn't you just send someone in this morning?” The woman frowned.

“They're in a hurry, and there's something else that's not clear.” Sholoh was modest.

“Then you wait here. I'll report it first. ”

“Thank you! ”

Sholo nodded slightly.

“Will President Guo promise to see us? How do I feel we won't even see him this time?” After the woman left, Simon Ting spoke to herself.

“Certainly, Guo Taining is a highly qualified person. He may refuse to let someone who plays smart, but he will never keep people who visit him in good faith out of the way.” Sholo confidently said, this is the result of his basic information from Guo Taining, and he has a general understanding of the character of Guo Taining.

Seems to verify what he said. After a while, the woman walked back and told them that Dean Guo had invited them.

After thanking the women, Sholo led some surprised Shizuku Ting and Liu Yiyao to Guo Taining's office.

It was an office at the end of the corridor on the third floor, and as soon as I walked in, I saw a middle-aged man with half white hair sitting in his office chair, looking seriously at the medical books, benevolent eyebrows, with a sense of affinity.

The size of the office is small, more than thirty square meters, with a bookshelf, green bonsai at the corners of the walls, no computer on the desk, but a globe and a document.

“Dean, they're here!” The woman knocked on the door.

The middle-aged man nodded and didn't even look at Sholo. He kept staring at the medical books and asked: “I've made myself clear to your sales minister. What else did he ask you to do? ”

“Dean Guo, on behalf of China Pharmaceutical Group, we would like to talk to you about cooperation.” Sholoh was not humble, he said.

“Don't say I don't give you young people a chance, if you can talk to me in less than a hundred words, I will place an order with you Chinese Medicine.” Guo Taining still didn't even lift his eyes.

A hundred words?

Simon Ting and Liu Yiyao both wrinkled their eyebrows deeply. Minister Mao and Captain Ling Fei spent all morning not taking them down, but now let them convince Guo Taining within a hundred words. How is this possible?

“Dean Guo, we are here in good faith. Regardless of the preferential terms offered to you by Renhe Pharmaceutical, we at China Pharmaceutical Group double.” Shizuku Ting Expressway.

“Yes, Dean Guo, please consider our Chinese Pharmaceutical Group, whether it is medical equipment or pharmaceuticals, the quality of the two houses is very different. If you can buy the same thing for less money, it would be a great thing for you, you can use the saved money for the construction of the hospital, wouldn't it be better?” Yiu Yiyao attached to the Way of Peace.

“Time is precious. Don't waste my time. Likewise, don't waste your time. ”

Guo Taining's attitude was cold, not at all like giving him a chance, and his eyes were always on the medical books in his hands.