Peerless Genius System

Chapter 440: Miraculous Two Pins

The old hospital district of the Municipal Women's Protection Institute is relatively old, the maternity ward is on the fifth floor, compared to other hospitals, the sound insulation effect is not particularly good, standing outside the maternity ward can hear the scream of waiting for the mother to die from inside the waiting room.

Today, the national policy encourages successful delivery, which is not possible without exceptional circumstances, and the general public knows that childbirth is better than caesarean delivery. Survival is mainstream, both economically and in terms of policy and child health, with the attendant pain of a nightmare delivery.

Guo Taining and Sholo put on sterile clothes, put on gloves and hats, then put on surgical clothes and slippers and walked into the maternity room.

This caused a lot of eyesight. When the doctor and nurse of the maternity ward saw that the director had come in person, they greeted him, and Guo Taining's official greeting made them take them to the waiting room.

When he came to the maternity room, the clearer the scream of waiting for the birth, even Sholo could hear frowning, his face became extremely unnatural, and from their screaming, he could feel a torn sore soul.

“What, how can this work? Isn't this bullshit? ”

After listening to Sholo's arrival, the doctor on duty in the maternity ward immediately objected, “How can you let him mess up so much? If anything happens to the mother, who will bear the responsibility? Mother, don't be confused. ”

Guo Taining also revealed the colour of difficulty, "Sholo, have you..."

“Dean Guo, if anything happens to the mother, I'll take care of it. Didn't we just sign it in black and white?” Sholo interrupted directly.

That said, Guo Taining is still a little disturbed. After all, waiting for the birth of the mother is two lives, not a lab rat. In the event of an accident, this responsibility is not to say that Sholo can bear it, they are still the main responsibility of the women's shelter.

“You bear, what can you bear? The family will only think that it was the doctors and nurses at our maternity home, and I strongly disagree with you for giving them needles.” The doctor on duty shouted loudly.

“Dr. Liu. ”

Guo Taining raised his hand, indicating that the doctor on duty was relieving his emotions, “Go and call the nurse to make an emergency response and send him to the maternity room as soon as there is any abnormal condition. ”


“Do as I say. ”

Guo Taining decided that if he remembered his ex-wife's past, which ended his life because she couldn't stand the pain, he was like a sedative injection. He didn't want this tragedy to happen again, so he had an unimaginable desire for such a complete painless delivery.

Dr. Liu had to give his consent and execute Guo Taining's order.

Soon, the maternity waiting room will be filled with nurses and emergency care equipment, and measures will be taken as soon as the indicators for waiting motherhood change.

“You can start now.” Guo Taining shook Sholoh.

Sholo nodded and stopped in front of the waiting woman lying in her nearby bed, slowly dismantled the monitor on her body, ordered another nurse to remove the maternity pants to her rear hips, and also revealed her back.

“What is this man doing? ”

He said that it would be possible for the expectant mother to have a truly painless delivery. ”

“Isn't this the kind of cheater who says on the Internet that the world can't find such a way? How dare he say that the pain of waiting for the birth can be completely eliminated? ”

Young nurse girls whispered that everyone was skeptical and didn't believe Sholo had the ability.

“Stop talking and get ready for emergency treatment! ”

Dr. Liu coughed to remind her that she was very dignified in the maternity ward and that her voice was cold and all the nurses shut up and stopped talking.

Without smelling it, Sholo pulled a ten-cent long, thin needle like hair silk out of his arms. First, it slowly stuck in front of the long point of the woman waiting to be delivered, and his hands were very light, using soft force, and then twisted his thumb and forefinger into the inner zah.

The woman who was waiting for a heartbreak and lung ache immediately stopped...

“This needle needs to be applied first to determine the depth of the maternal coccygeal vertebrae. This needle must be stuck on the last section of the coccygeal vertebrae without any deviation. When stuck, it must be light, but not too light, light, not obvious, heavy, will cause greater pain to the woman. One or two or five dollars is the best force. The needle is applied most tested by the kung fu of the fingers. President Guo wants to master this method, and more practice is required. ”

Sholo explained to Guo Taining while applying needles. He is not a selfish man, but he is also not Ji Gong's living buddha. When conditions allow, he can give the society something in the system that he will not resist.

Once the needle is tied, the second needle will be tied down at the Yangguan point on the back of the waist!

“This needle is about speed, and there has to be a fast knife to cut the hemp, see Blood Seal Hou. ”

Sholo had just finished saying that a fine needle had been stuck to the back of the waist of the woman waiting to give birth, and it was too fast to even catch their eyes. It was as if the fine needle had been stuck empty-handed on the back of the woman waiting to give birth.

At this point, no one dared to look at Sholo with a small look. Even Dr. Liu was stunned. This hand was horrible and professional. After stabbing the two needles, the midwife stopped screaming. At the end of the day, she opened her eyes and looked around curiously.

Guo Taining's heart was very excited, and he shouted, “Dr. Liu, ask her how she feels now. ”

Dr. Liu ordered him to walk up and ask, “Beautiful Liang, do you still feel pain? ”

“It doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt at all, Doctor. What's wrong with me?” The expectant mothers are a little nervous as the pain dissipates.

“Quickly give her a fetal examination and see how close her uterus is.” The doctor on duty ordered.


Several nurses were busy putting the womb monitor back on to the expectant mothers, and soon the results were available.

“Dr. Liu, fetal confinement is normal and uterine contractions are very regular. ”

“The palace opens normally and is now five fingers away. ”

Two nurses reported on maternity waiting.

Dr. Liu asked the expectant mother, “Liang Jianli, do you feel like going to the bathroom now? ”

“Yes, it's getting stronger.” To be answered honestly by the mother.

“She's having a baby. Send it to the delivery room! ”

After a hundred wars, Dr. Liu, who was extremely experienced, was judged by the moment.

What, are you having a baby?

Can't even feel the pain?

Everyone in the waiting room was shocked. Then Guo Taining opened his eyes and opened his mouth. Incredibly, looking at Sholo, the problem that the medical community could not solve was actually solved by the young man in front of him. If it came out, I'm afraid the whole medical community would be shocked by it.

“Now that it's here, let's get rid of all maternal pain, and President Guo remembers my technique as well.” Sholoway.

“All right, all right! ”

Guo Taining nodded excitedly and suddenly burst into tears. If he met this young man ten years ago, his ex-wife would not die.