Peerless Genius System

Chapter 441: You Can Be Little Three

Simon Ting and Liu Yiyao waited anxiously outside, like the ants on the hot pot walking back and forth, more nervous and grumpy than the families waiting here for new life to come. Although Sholo had shocked them with the fact that Guo Taining had been given a place to live before, they still didn't believe in this painless method of delivery.

“Ting Ting, listen, it seems the maternity inside has stopped.” Liu Yiyao suddenly said in surprise.

Simon Ting listened to his ears. He was surprised for a moment. There was really no screaming of the mother tearing her heart and lungs apart: “Isn't Logo's method really working? ”

The two face each other, but at this point, a baby's cry came from inside.

The door to the maternity room opened and a nurse looked up and asked: "Who is Leung's beautiful family? ”

“Here I am. ”

A man with a full face waited outside to greet him.

“Leung Chi-Liang is born, and she is a son. Congratulations! ”

The nurse Daoxi said, "Mother and child are safe, but you have to observe in the maternity ward for about two hours, and you have to wait patiently outside. ”

“Okay, thank the nurse, thank the nurse.” The man was so excited that he bowed down to thank him.


Babies cry so clearly, why can't you even hear a scream of maternity when you were just giving birth? Isn't it twice as painful as before?

Simon Ting and Liu Yiyao were stunned, and their brains were in a state of flatulence because it seemed, as if, that their group leader, Sholo, had done it.

At this time, the door of the maternity room opened again, Guo Taining and Sholo came out, the former held the hands of the latter with enthusiasm, with a sincere smile on his face: “Sholo, you really gave me a big surprise, you solved the problem that haunted the medical community for hundreds of years, it's amazing, this technology report, this year's Nobel Prize for Medicine is not yours, fight for light, and hit the old face of Taishan Beidou in the Western medical world well. ”

Two needles down, all the pain of the woman awaiting delivery is eliminated, and it does not affect the birth process at all. Even the birth process is painless, making it extremely easy, just like going to the toilet, even if it was not witnessed with his own eyes, he would never believe such a miracle.

Yes, that's a miracle!

Guo Taining's eyes were unusually hot. The young man in front of him gave him a great surprise. He had finally made a statement under oath in front of his ex-wife's grave. Although he had not developed it himself, at least he knew a way to give birth completely painless.

“Dean Guo, this is your own research, it's none of my business! ”

Sholo didn't want to be the focus of the world's attention, but before he decided to take out the technology, he figured out what to do. Leave it to this Guo Taining. A man who spends 10 years making up for his ex-wife's regrets will have the ability to change the world.

Guo Taining stunned and thought, "Sholo, are you going to give yourself this technology?

He waved, “No, no, no, it's yours. I can't have it. ”

“Dean Guo didn't forget the deal I just made?” Sholo asked backwards.

“I haven't forgotten, I'll sign a contract with you, but I can't touch this technology, I can know in my lifetime that there is such a way, even if I die now, I can meditate.” Guo Taining resolutely said.

“This is no place to talk, let's go talk in your office.” Sholo turned the subject away.

“Yes, go, go to my office, please! ”

Guo Taining's enthusiastic invitation, Sholo made up for his inner defect, which prevailed over everything, not to mention signing a contract with China Pharmaceutical Group, that is to ask him to give way to his chairman's position.

Shi Yueting and Liu Yiyao were shocked. I couldn't believe how they looked at each other. They asked simultaneously: "You got it? ”



An hour later, the three Sholo men walked out of the administrative building with a contract signed with Guo Taining and greeted by Guo Taining.

The painless delivery method also reached a common agreement, promoted by Guo Taining, not to compete for the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Guo Taining also promised to patent Sholo, but these are insignificant to Sholo.

“Oh, my God, am I dreaming? We took the list from the Municipal Women's Home. ”

“Even Minister Mao and Sister Ling didn't take the list, but we did, which is too unreal. ”

Simon Ting and Liu Yiyao felt like they were dreaming at this moment. A list of 170 million was actually taken by the three groups.

Afterwards, they looked at Sholo with an incredible look of worship.

“Brother Logo, you're too good. Do you need a warm blanket for the night? I can give you a warm blanket.” Simon Ting blinked and said with a melancholy sensation.

“If not, one is definitely not enough, add me another one, hip-hop...” Liu Yiyao lifted his hair to the back of his ear, softening his voice.

Sholo couldn't help but laugh: “I'm married. ”

“It's okay, we can be third kids, just don't get caught in the front room. ”

“Logo captured our hearts for what? ”

Two women dared to flirt with words.

Sholo knew they were joking, and he said with no hesitation: "Well, wait for me in the house at night. ”

“Okay, Logo, we'll wash your body perfumed and wait for you in bed." ”

Sholo played a spiritual game, and these are the two fairies, practicing in the sales department is weird.

“Okay, no kidding. I got the list. I'll buy you a meal to celebrate.” As a team leader, you can't be too stingy. No, Sholo knows the rules of being human.

“Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna eat a bear clap. ”

“Brother Luo, shall I eat the fins? Da! ”

The two women cheered and threw their eyebrows at Sholo.

Bear palms, shark fins?

Shoroton was speechless.

At this time, a group of people dressed in suits came face to face, headed by a man of similar age to their Mao minister, full of energy.

“It's Chee Yongsheng, head of sales at Renhe Pharmaceutical Industry.” Simon Ting took it seriously for a moment.

“They must have come to sign a contract with Dean Guo, thanks to our early arrival.” Yoo Yiyao nodded and appended.

"Leave them alone, let's go," said Sholo. ”

Just as the two groups rubbed their shoulders, that Choi Yongsheng screamed and drank: "Stop! ”

Sholo's three men stood and looked back.

“You're from the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group, right? Why, it's not enough for you to die in the morning, and now you're sending someone? You Chinese medicine groups are really shameless! ”

Choi Yongsheng walked over with a disdainful look on her face. "But you can't take the list from the Municipal Women's Home. Dean Guo and I have a deep relationship. He will never place an order in your Chinese Pharmaceutical Group. Go back and tell Shen Zhenyan to let her die. Besides, she won't even be there herself, just send you a few ‘fun’ to think it would work? Is this underestimating me, Jen and Pharmaceutical, or underestimating my relationship with Dean Guo? This is ridiculous! ”