Peerless Genius System

Chapter 442: Vibration

Choi Yongsheng's face was full of ridicule, and one of his cadres laughed a few times. He didn't even put Sholo in their eyes.

In the face of Choi Yongsheng's cynicism, Shi Yue Ting yang's bag: “Sorry, President Guo has signed a contract with us, you are late. ”

“Heh… heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh, do you think I would believe that? ”

Choi Yongsheng didn't think otherwise, the smile on his face was stronger, “If you can't eat the cake, draw a large cake to fill you with hunger. This means that you, little girl, need to practice for a few more years. It's too childish to play this little trick. ”

“Yes, she is too childish and pathetic. Minister Choi is absolutely right!” Liu Yiyao laughed in agreement and deliberately raised his voice.

“Ha ha...”

Simon Ting only laughed vigorously.

Choi Yongsheng suddenly lost his interest in mocking them. He hummed softly: “It seems that you have all gone mad without this list. Two crazy women, let's go and sign a contract with Dean Guo! ”

Speak up, turn around and take your men to the administration building.

“Let's go too!” Sholo retracted his gaze, a faint path.

“Logo, why don't you wait here? I'm curious about Choi Yongsheng's expression later.” Simon Ting smiled.

Sholo asked back, "Don't you think it's boring? ”

“It's just, it's so boring, Rogo said to buy us a big meal, how can we waste our time here?” Liu Yiyao said seriously.

“All right then. ”

Simon Ting had to shrug her shoulders. In fact, she was really looking forward to seeing Choi Yongsheng's cheeky mouth.

The three men walked to the gate of the city's women's shelter. As soon as they got there, a scolding came from behind: “Stop! ”

Looking back, Simon Ting couldn't help but smile: “Luo, it's Choi Yongsheng and them! ”

No, it's just Choi Yongsheng and his crew are catching up.

Sholo raised his eyebrows: “Ignore it, let's go. ”

However, Choi Yongsheng and they chased after him and stopped the three of them from going.

Because of the fast paced run, Choi Yongsheng was tired of gasping like a cow, bending his back and gasping for a large mouth.

“Minister Choi, can I help you?” Simon asked deliberately.

“Bitch, shut up! ”

Choi Yongsheng was straightforward and cared nothing about his identity. He lost the list of 170 million. No one could be complacent. He stared at Sholo dead. "Son of a bitch, what conspiracy did you use to get Dean Guo to sign the contract? Say it!”

The last sound was like a roar, he was almost exhaling blood, and the fat flesh in his mouth flew away, and his heart was bleeding.

Sholo frowned: "Minister Choi, pay attention to your words, or I won't mind teaching you how to speak politely. ”

“Say your mother, you bastard, little bastard, son of a bitch, I will fuck your ancestors for 18 generations, grass you...”

Choi Yongsheng lost his mind and insulted Sholo with all the dirty words he could think of, wearing a suit, but doing it was a bad thing.

But the sound stopped, and Sholo kicked him in the chest with an unwelcome foot.

“Boom ~”

Accompanied by a dull limb collision, Choi Yongsheng smashed like a shell into a trash can on the far side of the road. He happened to sit in his ass and the whole person was stuck in a trash can full of dirt.

Sholo stood on his left foot and kicked his right foot high, holding the position of kicking Choi Yongsheng out.


Choi Yongyuan's men sucked the cooling air, and one by one was frightened to the side, horrified to look.

After being stunned, Simon Ting and Yoo Yiyao looked at Sholo again with a wildly admired look.

“Awesome. Cool! ”

The two females got idiotic, how do you think their team leader was handsome enough to get rid of the scum?


Sholo retracted his foot and said a few words.

“Yes, hip-hop...”

Simon Ting and Liu Yiyao giggled and followed Sholo around.



“Did you hear that the new head of the sales department took the list from the Municipal Women's Home? ”

“What? How is it possible that Sholo really took this big order from Jenhe Pharmaceutical!? ”

“It's true, even the contract has been signed. The blank paper is now handed over in Shen's office. ”

“Terrible. Terrible. What exactly is that Sholo? ”

“Yeah, I can even get the list from the City Women's Home, and for a few hours, I can't imagine how that guy would do it, even with my imagination. ”

“President Shen won, Vice President Shen had to step down, and Sholo also gambled with Vice President Shen. There's a lot to see. ”

“It's just a gamble. It's not serious. How could the Shen family let Vice President Shen go down? It's even more unlikely that Sholo would really take Vice President Shen's hand. Is it against the law? ”

“Exactly, but a lot of interesting things are bound to happen in the group these past few days. ”

When Sholo and Guo Taining signed the contract back to China Pharmaceutical Group, the group boiled up and down, an impossible order came to China Pharmaceutical Group, many senior management felt like a dream unreal, 170 million, this is definitely the largest order ever made by China Pharmaceutical Group, and this order was still snatched from the mouth of the number one competitor, Jen and Pharmaceutical Industry, too difficult, amazing!


Xu Fu noodles as dead ashes, sitting in his seat with his eyes open in horror, muttering and repeating: “How is it possible... How is it possible...”

Mao Jianyi in the office looked stunned and shook his head and sighed. He picked up the paper and pen and started writing his resignation.

A team leader, Ling Fei, also had difficulty keeping calm. He couldn't help but look up and see if Sholo had returned from Shen Shenyen's office.

She put away her old pride, and from now on, she was no longer the champion of the sales department, and the list at the City Women's Conservancy was enough to make Sholo jump into a sales star, and out of shock, there was only one question in her mind: how did that guy do it?

“Oh, my God, Sholo broke Vice President Shen's right hand! ”

The fat chick from the sales department who loved to listen to the trail suddenly rolled in like a leather ball and shouted out the news in her high-decibel voice.

Everyone's body was full of body, and their subconscious souls went to Xu Hae Wang.

Xu Le's face was full of fear. His hands trembled independently. Then he set his mind to it and shouted to everyone: “Don't work anything you look at. ”

As he shouted, he picked up his valuables from his seat, like the defeated soldiers who had thrown their armor away and had all the grass to flee, panicked and couldn't tell which way the gate was going. His body hit someone else's desk several times before finally finding the right direction, but it was because of his soft legs and feet.

Just as he was about to walk out the door, he ran into three people, Sholo, Simon Ting and Yiu Yiyao.

“Putong ~”

Xu Le fell directly on her knees and sweated like a waterfall. She shouted in her mouth: “Shaw... Shaw...”