Peerless Genius System

Chapter 443: Depending on the Mood

All the people in the sales department hung their hearts. They stood from their seats and cast their eyes at the gate. They said that if they broke Vice President Shen's hand, they would break Vice President Shen's hand. Isn't it hard for Captain Xu to escape the consequences of being cut off?

For the first time, Guangtong thought that Sholo was such a stranger. When he was in school, he didn't find Sholo's harsh taste. He wasn't particularly impressed with Sholo. He just knew that there was this person in the class, and then he met him. Who would have thought that Sholo's style of action would be so powerful and overbearing after society? It was frightening.

“Captain Xu, where are you going in a hurry? Rushing to the hospital to wrap a wound to the head? ”

Sholo knelt down on his knees with a funny smile on his face.

“I... I...”

Xu Le raised his head and panicked. Sholo was the devil to him at this moment.

“Oh, by the way, we had a gambling appointment, and it was a hand, and I think you know I won, so you're gonna have to break one. Tell me, which hand do you want to break?” Sholo asked with a smile.

As soon as this was said, Xu Le's whole person sat on the ground paralyzed. The next second, he knelt down again, and shook Sholo's head constantly begging for forgiveness: “I lost, I lost Sholo. Please don't break my hand. I will never be right with you again, please...”

Tears filled with fear, and voices became trembling.

A pungent nose rose. Sholo and Simon Ting behind him and Liu Yiyao both deeply frowned and covered their noses, but Xu Le was scared to piss incontinently.

“Get out of here! ”

Sholo didn't even have the desire to break his hand, he disgusted the avenue.

“Thank you, thank you...”

Xu Lelu was amnestied and even rolled up and climbed away from the sales department, regardless of any image. I'm sure he won't dare to come to China Pharmaceutical Group again.

Sholo walked back to his place, the whole public office was silent, and everyone pretended to be busy, but remained focused on him, as if there was a leader on the inspection.

“Logo, water! ”

Simon Ting poured a glass of hot water and placed it in front of Sholo with a smile.

“Thank you.” Sholo nodded.

“Logo, let me slap you in the back and squeeze your shoulders.” Liu Yiyao also wanted to dedicate some enthusiasm.

"No, just do your thing," said Sholo. ”

“Okay, Rog, we're holding your thighs tight. ”

“Logo must call us if you need anything, like warm beds, hip-hop...”

The two women did not forget to flirt with their young and powerful team leader.

Sholo: "…”

At this point, Tung Tung came over and sat next to him.

“Soul faint. Are you the soul I knew when I was in school, Sholo? ”

I really can't believe that Sholo would have such great talent. Not only did he take the list from the Municipal Women's Home, but he dared to break Vice President Shen's hand. This is so frightening.

“Do I look like someone else?” Sholo is really sweaty.

“No, no, no, no, you're still you. Forget it, don't say such a bad thing. Did you hear? Our class leader, Guo Qinghe, was arrested for marketing. He will be greeted by the law trial.” Guantong suddenly shifted the subject to Guo Qinghe.

“Oh, when? ”

Xiao Lo was a little heartless and drank some tea. After all, Guo Qinghe could not be clearer if he was caught.

Tung Tong shook his head: “Not long ago, that is, four or five days ago, I also heard that he tricked your... cough... Zhao Mengqi into the distribution organization. That soul deserved this. ”

There was an avenging tone of jealousy between the lines.

“It does deserve it!” Sholo nods his head and sums up.

“Yeah, well, it looks like the police are finally going to punch the distribution organization in Natsumi City. ”

Zhao Mengqi was not mentioned again. At this time, Ling Fei came this way and hurried, "Okay, no more chatting, I'm busy. ”

He stood up and returned to his position.

Ling Fei walked over and stared at Sholo with her beautiful eyes.

She did not speak, and Sholo was too lazy to take the lead, but he would not be frightened by the woman's gaze and look her in the eye.

Neither of them spoke, staring at each other.

The people in the office had to face each other and whisper.

“Sister Ling was originally the champion of our sales department. Sholo snatched the position of the champion from the past. Sister Ling must be uncomfortable. ”

“They're not fighting, are they? ”

“Your speculation is not superfluous, and it must be something for the two of them to keep watching. ”

Everybody couldn't help but get a little nervous.

And Ling Fei said, "Congratulations, Sholo, I underestimated you. ”

“Thank you.”

Sholo nodded and the gentleman thanked him.

“Next month I'll take back the championship!” Ling Fei gazed resolutely.

“Oh… I'll wait. ”

Sholo is actually not interested in this first position at all. If it weren't for Mao Jianxi and Shen Xingqing, he would not have picked up the list of the Municipal Women's Insurance Institute, although it was well paid.

Ling Fei stopped talking and turned around and left.

Sholo continues to turn on the computer and play with the lightning, but he hasn't left work yet. Now that he's here, wait till the end of the day and play a few games just to waste time.

“Luogo, Minister Mao seems to be resigning. The Minister's position is yours.” Simon Ting came over and whispered. She had just seen Mao Jianyi packing things in the minister's office.

“Wow, Brother Luo, we are definitely not with the wrong person, you are a thick and long thigh. Tonight I will definitely open a room to wash incense and wait for you, hip-hop...” Liu Yiyao's words are really seven minutes off, it still makes people think. After all, she needs to look good, she needs to be in shape, she really feels sexy.

Sholo poured a plate of cold water: “President Shen did say to make me a minister, but I refused. ”


Both women wondered at the same time, how could such a good opportunity for promotion have been wasted? This is too violent. You will be struck by lightning. Hello?

“Nothing, I just want to hang out in the company. ”

Sholo lifted his eyebrows. It doesn't matter. He said he wasn't afraid of the jokes of both his men. He did come to give Su Li a statement, hanging an idle job here.


Simon Yue Ting and Liu Yiyao simultaneously opened their mouths and shocked their faces.

“I'm off duty. I have work to do. Let's go.” Sholo looked at the time and turned the computer off, getting up and walking straight out.

“Rog, when are you coming back to work?” Simon asked aloud.

“Look at the mood. ”

Sholo didn't wave back, he left.

Depends on mood?


The rest of the office couldn't help but laugh. They could see how much they wanted to decide not to go to work. At this time, they were undoubtedly hurt and struck by Sholowton.