Peerless Genius System

Chapter 450: The Black Man Reproduces

Su Li and Robin's face suddenly changed, but this situation they had encountered before. The subconscious ran to the safe exit. If surrounded by this group of people, the consequences were unimaginable. God knows what will happen. Su Li did not forget to hold Su Xiaobei while fleeing.

“You guys go, I'll break it! ”

Sholo ran with Sulu. When Sulu and Robin Xiang entered the safe exit, he closed the door of the safe exit. Without locking the door, he had to rely on his hands against the door.

“Are you crazy, there are so many of them, how can you hold the door alone and walk with them!” Su Li hugged Su Xiaobei and turned back and shouted.

At this time, the people in the dryland rushed over, all gathered in front of the door of the safe exit, the power of the idol drove them almost mad, regardless of anything to crash the two doors of the safe exit, to slam the door that prevented them from meeting with the idol, but the two doors were resisted by Sholo, like a big lock, steadily fixed them to death, the impact of the people was useless.

Su Li and Robin Xiang stared at each other and withstood the impact of hundred people by themselves. What kind of international joke is this?!

“Don't look, let's go.” Sholo coughed as a reminder.

“Then be careful, we'll wait for you in the underground parking lot.” Su Li turned back and cared softly for the way.

“Daddy, come on. Babe's waiting for you!” Su Xiaobei in Su's arms also blinked like a black gem and shouted.


Sholo smiled slightly, and the little girl was like a cute little elf living in his heart, smiling all over his heart.

With Su Xiaobei, Su and Robin Xiang quickly left the stairwell and rushed to the underground parking lot. At the same time, they didn't forget to keep their hats low and put on a mask so that they wouldn't be blocked in the middle of nowhere.

“Star, this meal doesn't look so good. ”

Sholo shook his head and frowned and evaluated. Even eating a meal and skating on dry ice had to guard against being blocked by the crowd, gaining the title of a star, but also disqualified from being an ordinary person.

“Senior Sholo, please open the door. We won't hurt your sister-in-law. We just want an autograph of her.” A schoolbrother shouted through the small window of the door.

After hearing this, Sholo tried to get the mountain cattle to punch this guy to death. This is obviously a lack of strings in his brain. Can you say this at this time? It's obvious that it's meant to make a scene for Sulu.

Indeed, this phrase is like a big stone thrown into the lake, one stone triggers a thousand layers of waves...

“Sister? Goddess Su is already married? ”

“How is it possible that Su Goddess could have married someone. ”

“Oh, my God, this is big news. Contact the press. Tomorrow will definitely take over the headlines of the major media sites. ”

The crowd was in turmoil, and people took out their cell phones to contact the media, and even more so, they photographed Sholo through a small window at the gate.

Sholo hurried to the side, but his hands were still dead against the two doors without letting them loosen slightly.

But he underestimated the madness of the group, and a man inside didn't know where to find a fire axe, yelled "Get out of the way," rushed up towards the door of this safe exit, and the raised fire axe fell down hard against the small window glass.

I ~! @ # ¥%...

Sholoh shouted directly at his mother, not afraid that the fans would have culture, but afraid that the fans would go crazy and not die. He roughly estimated that Sulu and Robin Xiang should be in the underground parking lot soon. It doesn't make much sense to continue to hold on here. Thinking about this, he lucked out, like a lightning bolt quickly retreated.

He arrived at the underground parking lot shortly afterwards and came to his car.

However, only Robin Xiang and Su Xiaobei were seen. One big, one small and two people were crying, and Su Glass disappeared.

“Daddy, the bad guys have taken Mom. Daddy, go save her! ”

When Su Xiaobei saw Sholo come over, he immediately hugged Sholo's thighs, raised his head, and his face was full of tears.

Sholo squatted down, hugged her, turned his head and asked Robin Xiang: “What happened? ”

“We... we just got here, two people in black didn't know where they were coming from, they came to us silently, knocked my sister out, and then carried her straight away, and they were fast, just a blink of an eye, like... like a ghost...”

Robin Xiang's body trembled irresistibly. The two men in black just now were so weird that they took Su Li away. Not only was she frightened, she is now devoid of the six gods. I don't know what to do.

“What kind of black man?” Sholo frowned.

Robin shook his head and shook: “No... I don't know, they covered their faces and dressed up like ancient assassins on TV...”


Sholo's eyebrows wrinkled deeper, and immediately appeared in his mind the two black men he met on the day after the Wolf Mountain race, just as Robin Xiang described them, especially the description of 'silent and interest-free’, 90 percent likely those two.

This is for you?

Sholo's eyes were cold deep inside.

“Dad, why don't you go save Mom, Babe is so scared, woo..." The little girl cried in his arms.

“Don't worry, get some sleep. When you wake up, Mom will be back.” Sholo consoled.

“Really?” Su Xiaobei wiped her tears with her cuffs and choked.

“Daddy promised! ”

Sholo reached out his hand and gently frowned. The little girl fell asleep and fell into his arms.

He took out the car key and opened the door. He gently placed Su Xiaobei in the back seat. Then he handed the car key to Robin Xiang. "Take her home first and leave Su Lai to me. ”

“Mr. Schollo, I...”

“No need to say more, do as I say, wait at home and take care of Beck.” Sholo lifted his hand and interrupted.

Robin Xiangwei focused on bringing the car keys and then opened the door and walked into the driving position.

Sholo took out his phone and dialed Ji Siying's number.

“Thinking Ying, have you made any progress on the identities of the two black men you asked me to look into the other day? ”

“Well, it has been established that there is nothing to do with the marketing organization, and the two blackjackets seem to be inextricably linked to Yang Yuanzhong of 'Huangpu Entertainment’.” Kiss's gentle voice rang on the phone.

“Yang Yuanzhong? ”

Schollo searched his mind for information about this name.

“Yang Hongzhi, who was scared of you by Mr. Sholo, was his son.” Keith is brilliant.

Shorone's heart was clear for a moment. He never thought that Yang Hongzhi's father had such a layered identity. With those two subordinates, his own strength was definitely not bad. It seems that the world is really a martial arts society, with masters hidden everywhere.