Peerless Genius System

Chapter 454 Fire Clap

Too fast, the blinking process disappeared, the black guards shouting down again, feeling a suffocating fear sweeping down at them, and all they could think about was one word: is this still a person?



The lights were bright in the hall, Sulu was tied to a chair, dressed in a large red bridesmaid's suit, her lips painted red, bright red as blood. Although her cheeks had a few fingerprints, it did not affect her beauty in any way, which was a kind of inclined city beauty.

Next to him is Yang Hongzhi, flowing with a halla, licking a lollipop with a silly smile, spitting “I want to eat" out of his mouth from time to time, a complete idiot, a mentally ill person.

At this time, only Yang Yuanzhong, two black-clothed men, Su Li and Yang Hongzhi were in the lobby. Oh no, there were three bodies. They were the ones who had just blown Na Na. After the blow, Yang Yuanzhong shot them directly from the heavenly lid and killed them. Blood and brains were splashed everywhere.

“Rest assured, the kid has good strength, the trash outside can't stop him, he will definitely come here. ”

Yang Yuanzhong worshipped the spiritual position of his wife, appeared to comfort Su Li, but his voice was mixed with a cold, chilling, "I will twist his head in front of you! ”

“You crazy...”

Su Li stared closely at him. Her voice trembled slightly because of fear. She was usually so arrogant and powerful. This time she was also scared. This Yang Yuanzhong is a monster who kills people without blinking.

“After tonight, you should call me Dad like Zhi.” Yang Yuanzhong was not angry at all. He said with a smile.

Su Li no longer cared about his words. The air was filled with a bloody smell. Next to her was a halibut idiot. The wall behind her was still covered with corpses. It was a grave. Yang Yuanzhong was a perverted lunatic. The two black men in the distance had a cold atmosphere, which made her feel cold.

In such an environment, had it not been for her strong psychological endurance, it would have collapsed a long time ago, how much she wished it had been an incredibly real nightmare!

“Boss, here he comes! ”

Originally immobile, the eyes of two black men who stood side by side like dead bodies moved, one of whom opened his mouth and said that there was no human emotion at all, low, sinister, and cold.

Sulu glanced at the front door for the first time. A figure slowly appeared out of the darkness outside. She walked step by step. When the bright light reflected his handsome appearance, her mind trembled a little, a little happy, a little excited, and a little worried.

Yang Hongzhi, who was sitting in a chair laughing silly and licking lollipops, fell to the ground and looked at the people who appeared in the lobby in alarm. His mouth screamed sharply: “I don't want to eat anymore, I don't want to eat anymore...”

Even though the mental problem turned into a fool, he could not forget the fear that was dominated by Sholoh and even the lollipop in his hand fell to the ground.

“Zhi! ”

Yang Yuanzhong swept away like a wind. He tried to calm his emotions by saving his hands. But Yang Hongzhi could not calm down any longer. He was caught in a scorching anxiety. Yang Yuanzhong had to reach out in front of his chest and quickly light two large caves to let him sleep. "Sleep well, for my father will definitely help you kill him, dig out his heart and liver and make you spirits to cook your body. ”

“Yang Yuanzhong, this is between me and your Yang family. It has nothing to do with Miss Su, let her go. ”

Sholoh's eyes were so cold that when he saw Sului tied to the stool with five flowers and wearing the makeup of a fiery red bride, his anger accumulated, although he had never considered himself a man of Sului, but he felt unnamed anger, and he did not allow anyone to harm the woman.

“Let her go? ”

Yang Yuanzhong walked back to Su Li's side. His fingers seemed to be watching a piece of art. After that, he suddenly strangled Su Li's neck. With great strength, Su Li's face quickly rose red due to breathing difficulties. Yang Yuanzhong smiled coldly. "Okay, I'll let her go if you scrap your hands! ”

“It's a shame you're dreaming!” Sholo grinned.

The voice had just fallen, no sign of the hand, one hand impacted Yang Yuanzhong to the past, accompanied by a deafening dragon bark, the heroic palm power swept throughout the lobby, the wind danced violently, everywhere, the floor size of the lobby burst, the floor was lifted.

“Dragon 18? ”

Yang Yuanzhong's eyes were wide open, the other party's palm power was too strong. If he did not hide, he would definitely be badly injured. But he felt that he was going to blackmail Sulu. This Sholu could not have killed himself. Sholu's right palm was getting closer and closer. That horrible palm made him expand his pores all over his body. He did not hesitate to even hesitate. He immediately abandoned Sulu and drove away.

At the same time, he looked this way, thinking that Sulu would surely be beaten to pieces by this clap, so that he could see an unexpected image.

When approaching Sulu, the heroic palm power actually turned like an autonomous consciousness. Like a boulder when the current braved in, it spread to both sides. The spiritual position of Yang Yuanzhong's wife was broken. Sholoh had regrets and held Sulu directly in his arms, and then quickly returned to the original position as a gust of wind, distancing him from Yang Yuanzhong.

Sholo ripped the rope tied to Sulu and pushed her behind her. “Stand behind me," he said. ”

Su Glass looked at the man's back with amazement and surprise.

What did this guy just do? Martial arts?

It's Dragon 18. Is there really this kung fu in the world?

At this moment, Sholoh's image in her mind suddenly grew higher, and she never thought that Sholoh would be so powerful that he would have the kind of God-like martial arts in a Martial Arts movie.

After being stunned by mistake, there is a warmth and a feeling of being cared for.

Yang Yuanzhong came back to God at this time and scolded: “Son of a bitch, no wonder you are so arrogant. It turns out you are fighting to know this kung fu. ”

“Don't you dare be so arrogant because you know how to clap?” Sholo laughed coldly.

“Have you investigated me?” Yang Yuanzhong's face lagged behind.

Sholo did not answer the question, but watched Eye Yang Hongzhi play: “Your son spent money trying to get rid of me, he said he didn't get rid of me, he went to eat shit, I helped him fulfill what he said, I just didn't think he had such a bad tolerance, he turned into a fool. ”

Hearing such an understatement, Yang Yuanzhong's mouth pounded and said angrily: “Son, I want your life! ”

Anywhere else, the tiger shouted and rushed towards Sholo.

Fire is not really a fire, but luck in the palm, each palm has the power to destroy the enemy's internal forces, and will have a burning effect, hence the famous Fire Palm.