Peerless Genius System

Chapter 456: Put Me Down

“Fiery Clap!!! ”

The brick splashed, the sand flied, Yang Yuanzhong broke through a wall and stubbornly rushed out. Despite the scars, despite the blood, the smell on his body was even more shady and horrible. His face was splitting, and his intentions for Sholo's murder were as substantial as they were, like a cold blade on a road, and as his fiery palm struck Sholo.


Sholo's nostrils whispered a cold hum, and the instant appeared five steps away. After a slight stagnation, he started again. When Yang Yuanzhong returned to God, he found that he had come behind him.

A frightening emotion appeared in Sulu's heart as she watched in the corner. Sholo moved so fast that she could not see clearly, like a ghostly flutter, seemingly slow, but appeared in another direction between blinks, like a transient shift.

Who the hell is this guy?

Didn't he come from a small village under Gan Shi?

How can you have such an incredible ability?

Unconsciously, Sholo had a mysterious veil in her eyes, and what the man had been showing shocked her heart over and over again.

Yang Yuanzhong also developed a cold sweat, but after all, he was unusual. He was at a critical juncture in life and death. He quickly retreated into shock in his roar. His powerful fierce firecracker struck like a thunderbolt.

“Boom ~”

Fierce fist punches erupt suddenly, more fiercely than ever before.

“Click-click ~”

A strong backlash returned, Yang Yuanzhong's right arm skeletal inches burst, tearing heartbreak lung pain swept all over his body, Yang Yuanzhong screamed backwards.

“The flames on which you depend are obsolete! ”

The cold voice suddenly appeared behind Yang Yuanzhong. Yang Yuanzhong raised his head and found that Sholo, originally in the forward position, had disappeared. This must have come behind him.

Cold tremor, what's wrong with this kid?

How can you have such a terrible speed?

It was too late to think about it, suddenly retreating from the body and striking again with his left hand.

However, when the left palm slapped hard behind him, there was no focus, like a slap against the void, without any sense of focus.

“Pfft ~”

Sholo's claws, which had come to his side like ghosts, fell from the top and took his left hand straight. The sharp claw peak was embedded in Yang Yuanzhong's back wrist as if it were iron. Then he pulled smoothly over his arm. The blood mouth of the four deep visible bones suddenly appeared, and intense blood splattered out. The great pain caused Yang Yuanzhong to scream.

Sholo made a sneer, his claws touched his neck like a snake, his five fingers clasped tightly, and then he pushed it forcefully to the ground.

“Boom ~”

Yang Yuanzhong's neck came into a fierce collision with the ground, the earth and stones splashed, the sand and dust were scattered, and the solid ground was hit directly through a large pit.

Sholo let him go, stood tall and stared at him with his head down.

“Little... Son...”

Yang Yuanzhong was badly wounded, his mouth and nose bled, and at this moment, Sholo, the scarlet of his eyes, also caused him to produce a trembling chestnut on his soul. When he thought that his son Yang Hongzhi was forced to be a fool by this man, he was angry, biting two rows of already stained teeth, staring fiercely at Sholo.

Sholo smiled coldly at him, then grabbed a Chinese sofa in the air. The solid wood sofa weighed more than 200 kg. Sholo directly hit Yang Yuanzhong in the head as a stick gavel.

Cruel, decisive, merciless!

“Bang ~”

The chinese sofa is torn apart and splashed into countless pieces of wood.

Yang Yuanzhong's flesh blossomed, his head was blurred, and he only had one or two breaths left to breathe after being hit so hard.

Sholo slapped his head one more time, chemistry started, Yang Yuanzhong's internal power leaked from his ears, mouth and nose, and his tens of millions of pores, lost the support of internal power, Yang Yuanzhong's head twisted, and he fainted unconsciously in the past.


Su Glass was stunned, her eyes were trembling violently. She had not seen such a bloody picture, but it was only on the TV screen, or it was just her filming, for the first time in real life, and the whole hall was full of eyesight, and the furniture was smashed to pieces, as if it had been an earthquake. She couldn't believe it would have been caused after a fight with bare hands.

“Let's go. ”

Sholo came next to her, his eyes cleared, black and white, deep as the night sky, and he took Sulu's hand and took her away.

Not knowing if it was too shocking or frightened by what I saw today, Su Li just took two steps and fell to the ground because of her weakness in her leg. Fortunately, Sholo held her back.

Without saying a word, Sulu couldn't refuse. He simply hugged Sulu in a princess's arms.


Su Li's cheeks were red and he looked at the man shyly.

“Sometimes, you don't need to be tough. ”

Sholo glanced down at her flat head and walked out the hall.

Su Li was more shy, even her ears were red, but Sholo's words touched the most sensitive nerve in her heart. Yes, she was not so strong. On the contrary, many times she was still fragile, so strong that she could not be bullied.

Embraced by Sholoh, it's like a boat going through a wave at sea back to the harbor, with an unknown sense of security.



The moon teeth bend and the path to the outside of Bode Hills is unseen. The lights of the street lights gently fall down, and the shadows of the speckled trees fall. Occasionally, an unknown bug sounds out of the grass, adding to the tranquillity of the mountain night.

“Is the wound on your back okay? ”

The long-brewed sulfur finally asked softly.

“It doesn't matter. ”

Sholo continued walking, shook his head, and then looked at the woman's face, “But you, when you go back, have to lay more with cold water. For a star like you, it would be bad to leave a mark on her face. ”

Su Glass's subconscious hands covered that half of his face, his pretty face blushed more than a few points.

She turned the subject around: "Your martial arts...”

“I learned it when I was a kid, at home, from an old lunatic in the village.” Sholo took out what had initially been said by Kuchirin and went on to plug Sulu.

Su Li asked: "Is there really such a thing as martial arts in this world? ”

“Yes.” Sholo gave a positive answer.

Then along the way there was nothing to say. Perhaps Sulu was digesting what he saw today and what he heard.

Coming to the mountain gate, he saw the black guard screaming all over the place. Su Li asked the exit in surprise again: “Did you do it? ”


Sholo nodded and asked, "Do you think I'm scary? ”

Su Glass was stunned and remembered that the scene of Sholo against Yang Yuanzhong just now was not cold and chestnut. She could be so bloody cruel with her bare hands. She nodded unconsciously, thinking that the unheard voice said "hmm”.

“Let me give you a suggestion. We'll end this unknown relationship tomorrow. The road leads to the sky, one side at a time.” Sholo smiled.

After listening to this, Su Li's heart trembled and his fondness for Sholo's rising momentarily dissipated. Then he became unknown and angry at Sholo's attitude.

“Put me down!” She chewed red lips unhappily.