Peerless Genius System

Chapter 457: Touching Surprise

Sholo frowned and wondered what was wrong with this woman: "Are you sure you can go? ”

“Put me down! ”

Su Li's lips bite tightly. Her tone has increased by a few points. She can't stand the strange look of this man. She thinks she's getting closer, but she didn't expect the two of them to still feel so distant. She also said that if she didn't have to put up with it, she would have to bite this guy hard.

Sholo stopped talking, put her down, and said “somehow.”

Su Li took a few angry steps outside the hill, but seemed to think of something to stop at, then turned back, and walked behind Sholo. When she saw the striking wound on Sholo's back, her body shook for a moment and her voice shook and said: “You just said it's okay, this... is not important? ”

The wound was more than 30 centimeters long, as if it had been torn out by the beast's claws, and the flesh was blurred, how could it not matter?

“What are you up to? ”

Su Glass trembled and shouted at Sholo. Her eyes turned red. The crystalline tears circled inside. She couldn't speak of heartache. After all, this man was hurt to save her.

“Nothing really. ”

Sholo consoled, even the gunshot wound had been suffered. It doesn't matter. He was too lazy to spend points to heal it. Thinking about going back, he handled the bandage himself. In a few days, he could heal. Looking at the tears in Sulu's eyes, he didn't come to be confused. This woman actually shed tears for herself? It feels incredible.

Without saying anything, Su Li walked straight to a black guard on the ground, searched his cell phone out of his pocket, and then called 120 ambulance calls, roughly repeated Sholo's situation, and gave him the address.

“Did you call an ambulance?” Sholo asked her.

Su Li sucked his nose and held back the tears in his orbit: “You have been so badly wounded, can you not call an ambulance? ”

“Aren't you afraid of identity exposure? If those doctors see you accompanying a man to the hospital, tomorrow's negative news about you will probably fly away.” Sholo shook his head and laughed.

Su Glass was stunned. She didn't think so far. This is a big problem. When she thought of the wound on the back of this man, she bit her teeth: “Then let it fly! ”


Sholoh looked at the woman, and in the light of the moonlight, the face of the woman seemed to have a faint sanctity, like the skin of the freshly shelled chicken protein, the elongated and clear eyes, the full-bodied white ball-like forehead... none of it was as fascinating as God's finely carved art.

He was surprised that Sully would say that. He had no idea when he had become so important to this woman, or just because he was here today to save her?

“Forget it, it's really not in the way! ”

Sholo suddenly laughed softly, then softly in Su Li's brow heart, Su Li fell asleep like Su Xiaobei. In his arms, he did not want this woman to lose the glory of a star because of herself and fall into the whirlpool of public discourse.

Pick up the glass and walk out of Bode Hills.

Ji Siying happened to arrive with the police inspector. She saw Sholo walking out with Sulu in his arms. Her heart grabbed her hard. She subconsciously looked at the bracelet worn on her right wrist, and then suppressed this complex emotion. She came forward and shouted respectfully: "Mr. Sholo! ”

The nose smelled a bloody smell, looked closely at Sholo, found the wound on Sholo's back, and his heart trembled: “Are you... hurt? ”

“Not tight, it's just a flesh wound. ”

Sholo smiled softly, "I'm counting on you here. It's not much killing this time. Most of them are still alive. ”

Had it not been for Ki Siying's previous orders and Su Li's presence, he would have killed in the hills.

The cops around me were shocked, and I went, and it was incredibly easy to talk about killing, and the NSA was bullshitting me? So you won't be bound by the law?

Of course, these questions can only be said in the heart, after all, their hearts are also open, this NSA is really bullshit, dare to make trouble, give you the name of a traitor, no one can eat and walk.

“Well, don't worry, Yang Yuanzhong will be punished for kidnapping.” Kiss nodded.

“Well, I'll go first.” Sholo doesn't want to stay here any longer. After all, the wound on his back needs to be dealt with quickly.

“Mr. Schollo, wait. ”

Keith Ying took a delicate bottle out of his arms, kind of like the one used in ancient medicine, “This is a golden sore drug developed by the bureau and works great for flesh wounds. ”

Sholo hugged Sulu and couldn't get his hands off him. Kiss Ying stuck him in his pocket and put it in his pocket.

“Thanks.” Sholo nodded his greetings.

“You're welcome, Mr. Schollo.” Ji Siying said.

Sholo stopped talking and slowly disappeared into the night with Sulu in his arms.

“Looks like I misunderstood. ”

Ji Siying's face revealed a lonely color. He looked down at the bracelet and muttered to himself. “This was given to me by Mr. Shaulo's mother. Mr. Shaulo definitely didn't want to go back because he felt unsuitable. Ji Siying, you are so confused! ”

Suffering from heartache, Dry Cough adjusted his mood and took these policemen to the Bode Hills.



When Xiaoluo returned to Xingyue Bay, it was already after 2: 00 a.m. Su Xiao Bena's girl was falling asleep. Robin Xiangsi had no master. She also called Su Li's agent, Zhiying Chai.

“Shaw, what happened to the glass? ”

Chai Zhiying has always had a strong hostility towards Sholo. At this time, when he saw Su Li sleeping in Sholo's arms, he suddenly drank loudly.

"If nobody taught you how to speak politely, I wouldn't mind teaching you, Miss Su is so well-educated, but her agent is an old woman who goes to menopause early, which is pathetic. ”


Chai Zhiying was suddenly choked and unable to speak. She was angry that Buddha was born. The three words "menopause" were like three sharp knives stuck in her heart.

Sholo ignored her and walked up to the bedroom on the second floor with Sulu diameter, placing her gently on a soft queen bed.

Both Robin Xiang and Chai Zhiying saw the wound on his back and all inhaled a sip of cool air.

He didn't even wrinkle his eyebrows when he got hurt so badly?

And brought back the glass (sister) without changing colour, his body is not able to fight?

Both of them were very shocked. When Sholo walked down, Chai Zhiying could not dare to slap him with a thrill.

“Miss Luo, please take care of Miss Su and Xiaobei. ”

Sholo gave an order, and then opened the door and walked out without returning.