Peerless Genius System

Chapter 469 Distance Between the Two

As the early morning sun poured out onto the earth, this enormous magnitude of Summer Sea City woke up from its slumber.

Perhaps because his hand was broken, Zhuowei first woke up from a coma, and the scene that allowed him to stay on the spot for a moment, a little too late for God.

Why is the sky underneath and over your head?

Two or three seconds later, he was immediately awake. Turns out he was tied to his feet with a rope and hung upside down on a high floor outside the 52nd floor. Everyone but him was hung upside down outside this high building, even without fear of height, at a height that was enough to allow people to get their roots upside down.

“Help... Help...”

Zhuowei shouted in horror, hung upside down like this, not feeling safe at all, as if his life would be unsafe at any time.

Others also woke up from a coma, and when they realized their situation, they all screamed like Chewie.

When he woke up, he was outside the 52nd floor of the tall building, still hung upside down, which was horrible, and even people who were already afraid of heights were pissing incontinently.



“Sister, look, it looks like someone is hanging outside! ”

On the other side of the Starling Moon Bay Hotel, Robin Xiang first spotted the situation outside the office building, pointing to the balcony where the curtains had just been opened and shouting.

Su Glass was feeding Su Xiaobei to eat early. After hearing this, he couldn't help but look out of the balcony. This made him look surprised. Twenty or thirty people were indeed hung upside down outside the 52nd floor.

“It must be those bastards from Drew! ”

Chai Zhiying firmly said, and then wondered, "Who hung them outside? ”

Su Li suddenly thought of Sholo. She had just told the man last night that someone was filming. This morning, they were hanging outside the tall building. There was no such coincidence in the world that Sholo did it.

I was thinking, the doorbell was ringing.

Robin Xiang ran to open the door and walked in generously in a white shirt and came straight to the table to sit next to Su Xiaobei.

“Good morning, Dad!” The little girl squinted her moon teeth and giggled, revealing two neat rows of her teeth.

“Morning, Becky! ”

Sholo touched her head melon and ate the morning before.

“You did?” Su Li got up and pointed directly at the office building opposite him and asked.

“Well, I do. ”

Sholo is a very simple admission. It's useless not to admit it. I'm afraid Su Li's heart is long gone.

Robin Xiang and Chai Zhiying were stunned and looked at Sholo in amazement. He thought: This guy is too simple and rough. He actually hung Zhuowei and his feet directly outside. He could even hang there all night. Just think about it and it would be creepy, not afraid of someone's rope suddenly breaking or not tied loose, causing people to fall and die?

“Who told you to do that? ”

Su Li shouted and drank with deep blame. “You think you've learned a little martial arts, you can come as you want. Really? Not everything in the world can be solved by violence. What if they show up with casualties, you are wanted by the police? Are you satisfied with ruining your life? You're so arrogant, don't worry about me! ”

Sholo looked up and laughed, "Excuse me, am I being treated like a donkey? ”

Su Li opened his big, round eyes, the whole person was stiff there, the kindness was treated as donkey liver lungs? I'm worried about you. Why don't you understand?

“Mr. Schollo, that's not what I meant. Don't worry about it.” Robin Xiang spoke for Sulu.

“That's what I meant! ”

Su Li's stubborn temper came up and snorted softly, "He is a self-righteous, reckless, lawless savage. ”

Sholo hummed twice: “Looks like I made a mistake myself. ”

At the end of his sentence, Su Li, Robin Xiang and Chai Zhiying suddenly noticed that Sholo was a little unusual at this moment, giving off a frightening smell of hair.

“Think you are? Reckless? Unruly? Barbarians? ”

Sholoh scoffed, “Turns out I'm this kind of person in your mind, I thought... Oh, I made love to myself, well, I'll be lazy in the future, whether it's negative news from you or verbal abuse without a bottom line, or peeping into my private life. ”

Su Li's words deeply stabbed his heart. He did so much silence behind his back for this woman. What he didn't expect was this result. It was ironic.

And Su Glass stood there, staring at Sholo, almost unable to hear all the voices. What does that mean? Did this man do all the things that hacked all the news outlets and made Ja Justice apologize to her?

How could he have done so much for himself?

Moving moments filled the whole mind, she felt incredibly ashamed and guilty when she thought about what she had just said to him.

What did you just say?

Sulu fell into deep self-blame.

“Give Beck to my apartment this afternoon! ”

Sholo dropped a cold sentence and turned around and left.

“Wait... wait...” Sulu subconsciously called him.

“Wait, what? You continue to humiliate me here?” Sholo twisted his head, coldly.


Su Li's body swayed for a while. The man's eyes broke her heart. How could this happen? She really cares about him. Why doesn't he understand?

“Shaw, stop right there and tell me what's going on.” Chai Zhiying chased Sholo to ask aloud.

Sholo was in a bad mood, this Chai Zhiying was hitting the gunpoint, he snorted cold, stopped, left leg as the axis, body strength spinning, swinging the right leg with a broken voice towards Chai Zhiying's head temple position.


Chai Zhiying was scared to death and felt only a raging wind. Sholo's right foot had suddenly stopped on the left side of her head, carrying a fierce force, which made her scalp numb.

It stopped. This foot stopped!

Xiaobei looked at Su Xiaobei and converged the killing intentions in his eyes. He turned to Zhiying: “I have put up with you for a long time. I am very upset to hear your voice. This time, you must thank Xiaobei. If she is not here, I will use this foot to tell you that not everyone can be reprimanded aloud by you! ”

Speak up, take your feet back, and walk out the door without turning your head back.

After he left, Chai Zhiying sat directly on the ground softly, sweating like a waterfall, gasping heavily, and shocked, as if to go to the ghost gate and shut away for a while.

Su Glass was like losing her soul. The whole person was in deep obscurity and guilt. How much she wanted time to reflux, and then she would definitely not say those words that hurt people.