Peerless Genius System

Chapter 470 I'm Married

In the afternoon, Su Li went to the press conference, and she sent Su Xiaobei to Sholo's apartment.

“I was wrong in the morning, I shouldn't have...” Su Li sincerely apologized.

But Sholo didn't even look at her. He hugged Su Xiaobei and interrupted: “Don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong. It's just because of your nature. ”

What do you mean by nature?

Su Li was angry for a while. She let go of her body to apologize. She, apologize to others. Don't say that she didn't believe it. Even she didn't believe it herself. As a result, her apology didn't have any substantive effect. It proved to be a hot face with a cold ass.

“Watch your eyes! ”

She exclaimed, turning away from the apartment, and Chai Zhiying and Robin Xiang rushed to the press conference.

Sholo looked at the closed door and looked at Su Xiaobei. He smiled and asked: "Is Dad careful with his eyes? ”

“What do you mean, watch your eyes?” The little girl blinked her eyes and asked back.

“It means narrow breasts, shallow eyes, suspicious mental states, trivial ideas, etc.” Sholo explains.

The little girl shook her head: "Dad, what does‘ love 'mean? What do you mean," brother close "? ”

She understands too little vocabulary. It's not even narrow and chested.

Sholo couldn't help but laugh: “Forget it, let's go watch the cartoon. ”

“Yeah, I want to see Barehead and Bear Two! ”

When it came to watching the animation, Su Xiaobei cheered the freckles and said mildly.



Sulu's press conference was very lively and broadcast live on Summer Sea TV and the Internet.

Sholo sat on the couch and Su Xiaobei was watching the animation on his thigh, while he was holding his phone and watching Sulu's press conference.

The woman is wearing an orange yellow coat that fits perfectly on her thighs, a red cord at the waist and a pair of black sneakers at the feet, which are casually worn, but suffocating, especially the two jade legs, long and white, as if they could drip out of the juice with a single pinch.

She stood on a stage with red carpets, all kinds of lights gathered together, and journalists constantly photographed her, flashing frequently.

“Everybody start asking questions, one at a time. Speak with your hands up. The lady in red, ask first.” Chai Zhiying held the microphone from the stage to keep the press conference in order.

The lady in red stood up and looked at Su Li on stage: “Miss Su, according to reliable information, Huangpu has terminated the contract with you and is ready to seal you off. What do you think about this? ”

Su Li thought about it and said, “For Huangpu, I am always grateful. Without it, there would be no me today. ”

This answer was very satisfying to Chai Zhiying, who quietly gave Su Li a thumb up.

“Huangpu landed in the downhole stone, the bright-eyed man looked at the cat fatigue. I heard that Mr. Yang Yuanzhong, one of Huangpu's shareholders, has already been imprisoned. Does his imprisonment have anything to do with Miss Su? Or, Miss Su was the direct cause of his imprisonment, which is why Huangpu chose to drop the rocks and block you when you were exposed to public opinion? ”

Ms. Redcoat was clearly an experienced journalist, and she did not ask Sully if she was married because she knew that sooner or later someone would ask the question, which was the most important concern of the reception. No, she was just trying to find out more valuable and interesting news.

Su Glass froze: “I am a person who doesn't really know how to please leadership. I have also offended a lot of people invisibly, or just now, I have always been grateful to Huangpu. I just learned about Mr. Yang Yuanzhong's imprisonment a while ago, and I don't know why. ”

“Quite a clever answer. ”

Sholo couldn't help but comment. Sulu's answer was very proportionate. In front of the public, she could not show hatred towards Huangpu. Otherwise, no one in the industry would dare to cooperate with her in the future, let alone tell Yang Yuanzhong's true reasons for jail time. She must always take into account her image and play Tai Chi on these issues.

The lady in red asked, followed by a tall male journalist.

The male reporter asked, "Miss Su, do you have any vision or plans for the future? ”

“Play well, sing well, and try to show you more and better works.” Sulu Dao.

After that, there were some trivial questions, and Su Li answered them all. Perhaps because Madam Redcoat opened her head, everyone realized that someone would definitely ask the most important question, so this circle down was hard for no one to touch that topic, but chose to ask other questions in order to discover more news.

Chai Zhiying coughed dry: “The time is almost up, and finally answering a reporter friend's question Glass should go back to rest.” She swept a glance and set her eyes on a man, "asked the man in black! ”

The man stood up and took the microphone handed down by the staff: “Miss Su, with regard to the noisy public opinion on the Internet, I would like to ask, are you really married? Or are they just gossip and speculation by someone who doesn't have a purpose? ”

Finally, the topic of greatest concern has come to pass, and hundreds of journalists present have inspired a dozen spirits.

Chai Zhiying was also nervous. This is a matter of whether Su Li can get out of the public opinion crisis. Last night she had ordered her teeth to be bitten and not admitted. As long as she refused to admit, the crisis could be solved.

When asked the question, Su Glass stunned and could barely hear the voice in the hall.

Admit it or deny it, it's a tough choice for her!

For her future development, she should not hesitate to deny it in order to be able to maintain her current status, but when it really came to this moment, she hesitated, because once denied, it meant telling everyone, including the one now in Starling Moon Bay, that she was just playing a childish game and had no intention of spending her life with him.

Thinking back to the little drip Sholo had made for her for a while, there was a kind of emotion flowing in her heart, the whole process was like a cold iceberg, at this time she smiled surprisingly.

The whole room was so loud, everyone looked at each other and wondered, "What's wrong with Su Li?" That's not a good response. Shouldn't it be nervous and grumpy? How could you suddenly reveal this... um, sweet happy smile?

“Miss Sue, have you heard my question?” The man asking the question asked.

Su Li turned back and said clearly: “I'm married! ”

As soon as this answer was given, the whole room was quiet and the needle was smelly, and no one expected it to be like this.

Chai Zhiying almost fell on the ground, looked at Su Glass in confusion. She had 10,000 people in her heart who didn't understand why?