Peerless Genius System

Chapter 474 Confessions

What's the matter? Didn't she come here to meet me?

Tuton's heart was stunned for a moment, and when this innocent and beautiful girl stopped next to Sholo and looked at Sholo with an emotional look, his face rose red to pig liver color at a visible rate.

Oh, my God, this is so embarrassing!

He had no idea that the girl was running away with her soul.

He pretended to be on the phone, and asked for a compliment for his little wit.

Chu Yue looked at this familiar man in front of him, and his heart was surprised and surprised. Why didn't he expect to meet him here: “Pretend... Sholo, it's really you, great, I finally found you! ”

If Baiyan sees it, she'll be surprised. Is this still the Moon Princess who always curses Sholo with a doll? How did she turn into a little sheep all of a sudden?

They actually know each other?

Tu Tong slightly froze, then did not move his voice, raised his ears and listened, to see what was going on.

Now that you have recognized yourself, it is absolutely impossible for Sholo to pretend not to know her. He turned his head and glanced at her with a faint glance: “Miss Chu, what are you doing in the summer sea when you are not in Jiangcheng? And come to the bar. Don't you know this kind of place is dangerous for you? ”

“Are you... are you caring about me? ”

Chu Yue approached him a little bit more and put his slender hands on Sholo's arm, his eyes filled with anticipation.

“I have a good relationship with Boss Chu. You are his daughter. It's normal to be concerned about this city by chance, right?” Sholo doesn't want to be misunderstood by her.


Chu Yue responded softly with a full sense of loss on his face.

At this time, two robust men in a suit tie came over, and when they saw Chu Yue and a man close together, they showed their anger, but when they discovered that the man was Sholo, the angry moment dissipated, leaving nothing but shock.

“Mr. Shaw?!” The two men spoke in unison.

“Gentlemen, long time no see.” Sholo greeted them with a gentle greeting.

These two are the bodyguards arranged by Chu Yunhong for Chu Yue, toward Gaoyang and toward Gao Jian.

“Yeah, I didn't expect Mr. Shaw to come to the summer sea. ”

Sad to Gaoyang, they had protected Chu Yue together, kind of worked together, and now Sholo is the owner of Luofang, and he is still just a bodyguard, although he is very happy with the work now, but he also feels that the gap between people is really too big.

“It's just a mixed meal. ”

Sholoh humbled, then asked, "Why are you and Miss Chu in the summer sea? Besides, I'm still in a place like the bar. Looks like Miss Chu is here to meet the flowers and greens in the bar. ”

Chu Yue heard that he couldn't help but skip his mouth and became angry: “Pretending to be a criminal, this time I am not at liberty, I am here to meet with the wind pitcher! ”

This qi immediately returned to its original form, and the name Sholoh returned to its previous form.

“Venture Capital? You're taking over Boss Chu's company now?” Sholo laughed.

Chu Yue raised his head: “I don't want an old, clumsy company. I'm not interested in the catering industry.” Then seriously, “I met a man who knew a lot about venture capital, and he had a terrible record of emptying a small country's treasury for 100,000 yuan, and after hearing about his story, I decided to give him 200,000 from my own live broadcast and let him run it for me. ”

Venture Capital? Investments? Operations?

Sholo frowned. The more he listened, the more he felt that Chu Yue was in the distribution network, and there would be a sales person at the general manager level later. Could Chu Yuekou's venture capital be that person?

“Does Boss Chu know about this?” Sholo asked Gaoyang.

“" Our boss knew about this, but... ”he replied with a compliment to Gaoyang.

The rest of the words didn't go on. I just laughed helplessly. The subtle expression was self-evident. Chu Yunhong must know that it was a trap, but didn't stop it. He must also want to teach Chu Yue a lesson and see the darkness in this society.

Sholo smiled and drank a cold drink: "I said Miss Chu, it is dangerous here, you should hurry back to Jiangcheng. ”

“Hmm, I don't want to. ”

Chu Yue sat directly next to him at the bar.

The young bartender smiled and asked, "What can I get you, my beautiful lady? ”

“Champagne.” Chu Yue's generous way.


The bartender returned and poured Chu Yue a glass of champagne.

After a gentle sip, Chu Yue turned his head and looked at Sholo with a burning eye: “Pretending to be a criminal, everyone misses you so much, why don't you go back and take a look? ”

“I have my own business to do, and you have your own studies to complete, and what can I do when I get back?” Sholo smiled softly.

“No matter how you position yourself, you will always be a part of our class, you know, you said goodbye that day, everyone cried, even though the big chorus took first place, but you left, everyone was very sad, there was no sense of joy in getting a title.” Chu Yue stretched out his fair and delicate vegetarian hand and placed it intimately on Sholo's back.

Sholo took his hand back and drank a cold drink: “Time must have erased everything. ”

“No, at least you'll never be erased by time here with me.” Chu Yue whispered a cherry little mouth.

I'll go. Is this innocent girl confessing to Soul Shallow?

Tung Tong envied the envy beside him.

Looking at Gaoyang and Gao Jian, his face once again showed a bitter smile. Their young lady refused the pursuit of no less than thirty men. They were only obsessed with Sholo. They also acquiesced in Chu Moon's eyes. This Sholo was indeed a very good man.

Sholo looked at Chu Yue with a slight reddish face and said the topic alive: “Aren't you drunk after a few sips? ”

“Bullshit, I'm not drunk. ”

“Normally drunk people don't think they're drunk. ”

“I told you I'm not drunk. Don't change the subject, okay? ”

“Well, yes. ”

“Pretending to be a pervert, do you understand me? ”

Chu Yue felt like he was going crazy, and he was so straightforward. Why didn't Sholo respond at all?

At that point, a man of great stature came over and sat next to her.

“Miss, may I buy you a drink? ”

He looked up and down at Chu Moon, his eyes flashed with evil and surprise. It was a real surprise to meet such a fine chick in this bar. Without waiting for Chu Moon to answer, he immediately said to the young bartender, "Give this beautiful lady a margarita. ”

“Yes, sir, just a moment.” The bartender responded politely.

“Miss, meet me. My name is Johnny! ”

Men are obviously masters of chick hunting, frequent visitors to places like bars, masquerading themselves as knowledgeable people, "Do you know why you ordered a Margaret cocktail for the lady? That's because it's perfect for a beautiful, innocent girl like you, it's rich in flavor and has a special aroma of fresh fruit and tequila, sweet and sour on the mouth, very refreshing and the lady will love it. ”