Peerless Genius System

Chapter 480: Touching You

Out of the bar, Sholo offered to give Tuton a ride, but Tuton refused, saying that his house lived in the neighborhood, a ten minute walk was just a walk away, so just do it.

Though it was late, Sului didn't care much about his private life.

The next day, Sholo learned from Robin Xiang's mouth that Su Li was about to set up her own entertainment company, which had been registered successfully, called "Liyue Media”, and had been in active and intense planning and construction for some time.

“Why are you suddenly thinking about starting a company? ”

Sholo asked curiously sitting on the sofa gracefully drinking coffee soda.

The woman had a beautiful side face, ice skin, and she looked at a book in her hand and said, "I just want to take my destiny into my own hands. ”

Sholo smiled dumbly. This woman was really independent. It was the public opinion crisis and Huangpu's downhole stone that gave her the idea of starting her own entertainment company.

Nod in favor: “You do have this strength, it's good.” I looked around. "Where's Beck? ”

“Su Chanye took her to Silver Dragon Hill, where she would stay for a while. ”

Su Li bookmarked the book and closed it. He put the coffee aside. He stood up and looked at Shao Loo Dao. “There was a wine party this afternoon. You went with me. It was a senior I met while studying abroad. He was interested in participating in the stock. ”

“In terms of funding, you should have no problems. How could you let a foreigner participate in the stock market?” Sholo asked puzzled.

Su Li's lips lightly opened, explaining: "His family has a deep influence in the North American entertainment industry. If Li Yue Media wants to open up the North American market, he can certainly help. Many complications can be made simpler. ”

So that's it!

Sholo suddenly, this woman looked so far away that she saw the North American market.

“Yeon Yeon is also one of the equity participants.” Sulu added a sentence.

“It's good, but I don't think your senior overseas may have joined your company in earnest. ”

“What do you mean?” Sulu frowned.

Sholo raised his eyebrows and smiled softly: "Drunken monks don't mean alcohol. ”

Of course Su Li knew what he meant. His cheeks were slightly red and he said, “So I asked you to accompany me. ”

“Make your badge?” Sholo asks back.

“Do you do it or not? ”

Su Limei looked at him with a straight glance. His tone was a little angry, and he said, "When he was studying abroad, he used to pursue me. ”

Sholo was going to say something that didn't do him any good, but Sulu's last words made him feel very unpleasant. He coughed dry: "Since there is a free meal, I have no reason not to go. Then I'll go back and rest and say hello when I go. ”

Just say it, turn around and go.

Is it so hard to admit that I'm in there?

Su Li looked at the man's departing back belly and slandered him. Then she thought the face of the man's death was cute. She couldn't help laughing.



At 4: 00 p.m., Sulu called Sholo out.

Shen Qinyeon picked them up with a jaguar. When they got in the car, she opened her mouth: “Glass, you and this guy are really getting married. Look, they even wear the same clothes. It's kind of like a couple outfits. ”

Su Li's cheek turned red: “What are you talking about? Drive quickly. ”

“How can I drive the car, how can I say this guy is also an employee of my company, I am his boss, there is no reason for the boss to drive the staff. ”

Shen Shenyen walked straight out of the car, made way for the driving position, opened the door and walked to the back seat, hooked his finger at Sholo, "Sholo, what are you still sitting like a Buddha, hurry up and drive. ”

“Aren't you afraid I'll crash your limo?” Sholo shouted.

“You're pulling the calf on Miss Ben. I'm not unaware of your driving skills. Besides, if you do hit it, you can pay for the bonuses you received.” Shen Zhenyen.

“ …… ”

Sholo was helpless and had to drive.

Shen Zhenyen then sat side by side with Su Glass, the former in a blue dress and the latter in a white dress. At first glance, the two beautiful women were the ultimate eye-catchers, just like a quiet night blooming orchid, and an ice-crystal engraved snow lotus, none of them were as beautiful as they should have been.

“At least tell me where you're going.” Sholo sat in the driving position and looked in the mirror and asked.

“Hengshan North Resort! ”

Shen Shenyen said, “If you don't know where it is, open the navigation. ”

Talked to Su Li about women's favorite topics, bags, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, etc.

Sholo snorted at it and drove seriously without listening.

Half an hour later, we arrived at our destination.

Located on the northern side of the summer sea, Hengshan North Resort is kind of a suburb, but the environment is really beautiful, not only has a vast golf course, but also a beautiful artificial lake, similar to Bode Hills, Yishan side water, giving people a special comfort.

In one compartment, Sholo met a foreigner.

Green eyes, blonde hair and a white shirt naturally reveal a princely nobility.

“Sabrina! ”

The foreign man smiled spontaneously and gave Su Li a hug. “It's good to see you. It's been a few years. You're getting prettier and sexier. ”

Speaks fluent but still has an accent in Chinese, blush, moustache, tall, definitely a white horse prince in many women's minds.

“Thank you.”

Su Li replied very generously, then introduced Shen Chenyen. “This is Shen Chenyen, CEO of China Pharmaceutical Group. You can call her English name Demi. She is also one of my shareholders in Glass Moon Media. ”

“Hello, my name is Leon. Nice to meet you, beautiful Miss Demi.” Lyon was a gentleman who reached out to Shen Yeon.

“Hello, Mr. Lyon. Rumor has it that Mr. Lyon is quite a talented man at first sight.” Shen Zhenyen gripped with a smile.

“Miss Demmie is so talkative. ”

Lyon nodded and looked at Sholo, "Sabrina, who is this gentleman? ”

Su Ruimer walked up to Sholo and said, “He's my husband, Sholo. ”

Sholo stood still and looked at Su Li in amazement. For the first time, he heard such a gentle tone from this woman about their relationship, but he soon released that, since he was here to make arrow badges, he naturally had to play a trick.

“Oh, is he your husband? ”

Lyon was so surprised, his color changed, his hostility flashed away, and then he smiled, “Hello, Mr. Shaw! ”


Sholo replied politely.

Leon didn't even mean to shake his hand. He turned his eyes away and said to Sulu: “Sabrina, two years ago I couldn't capture your heart without chasing you so hard, but this Mr. Shaw succeeded. Can you satisfy my curiosity and tell me exactly what he did to impress you? ”