Peerless Genius System

Chapter 481: Jealousy

When asked about it by Lyon, Sulu had to look at Sholo, and a man appeared in his head, silently doing everything he had ever done for her, and he had been watching over himself.

She turned back and said, "Lyon, that's not a specific thing, it's a feeling, and I think, when you meet the person in your life, you'll understand what that feels like. ”

“Oh? If it's a feeling, I think I should have it now, because the person in my life is you, Sabrina.” Lyon grabbed Sully's hand and lowered his head and kissed her gently on the back of his hand.

No one expected him to make such a bold move. Sulu quickly retracted his hand after returning to God, and a discomfort appeared on his beautiful face: "Leon, please pay attention to your behavior. I do not want my husband to make any mistakes. ”

“No, no, no, no, it's not a misunderstanding, it's real, Sabrina. I've always liked you. In two idioms in your Chinese country, we're the doorman. Yes, you and I are the perfect match. ”

Lyon completely ignored Sholo's existence and dared to show his heart to Sulu, while the latter fingered Sholo, “Before I set foot in your Chinese country, I had already investigated all those with status in the Summer Sea, there were many very powerful people in the Summer Sea, but this Mr. Shaw was not on that list, so please don't tell me that he was just an ordinary Chinese, and if he was, I would very much like not to understand, let alone be willing to lose to such a guy myself. ”

The more excited the tone, the closer it was to roaring in the end.

Sholo frowned and, out of an instinctive hostility to his enemies, he didn't really catch this Lyon, and now that Lyon is so demeaning to him, he's naturally in a bad mood.

“Lyon, it seems my husband is right that you didn't come to participate in the stock in good faith, and today I have nothing to lose. ”

Su Li coldly said, "Let's go! ”

Leon flashed, how to say this and flipped his face, he rushed forward to stop, put away the excitement, his face stacked with laughter: “Sabrina, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that, I apologize to you, I have a sincere heart for ‘Glass Moon Media' participation, otherwise I wouldn't have flown from my country to your Chinese country. ”

Sulu didn't speak and Sholo didn't say a word.

“Mr. Lyon, talk about cooperation, talk about private matters, talk about private matters when you talk about cooperation, which is not the behavior of a successful businessman, not to mention how your personal emotions are affected by it, and how can cooperation be negotiated?” Shen Xinyen softened the atmosphere in the compartment.

Lyon nodded continuously: "Yes, Miss Demi was right, it was my fault, I didn't have much restraint in my feelings. ”

Even if he wanted to pull Sulu to himself again, he knew it was time to put up with it.

“Glass, go back to your seat, Mr. Lyon is willing to participate, which is a good thing for 'Glass Moon Media', let's sit down and talk about cooperation.” Shen Qinyeon, as a gentleman, knew her best friend's temper well, but she didn't need such temper in the business.

Su Li pondered again and again and finally returned to his place.

“Sabrina, your character hasn't changed at all.” Lyon relieved himself and regulated the awkward atmosphere between the two.

“And you've changed.” Sulu Dao.

Leon laughed and joked, “Where have I changed? Have you become more handsome? ”

“Her face got thicker.” Su Li took it seriously.

“Ha... Ha...”

The atmosphere in the compartment stagnated briefly, and Lyon laughed awkwardly.

“Glass, you won't have any friends if you talk so bluntly.” Shen Chunyen laughed.

“No, that's Sabrina, true, good, beautiful, not hypocritical like most Chinese people. ”

Lyon did not hesitate to embrace Sulu, and he turned his head and brought it to Sholo, "Oh, yes, I wonder what Mr. Shaw does. ”

“Sale, that Miss Demi is my boss.” Sholoway.

FUC K, how could it be a salesman?

Sabrina married a salesman?

Lyon had an imbalance in his heart, but his face was always filled with laughter: "Mr. Shaw must have been a great seller. How much would he get a year's salary? ”

“I get a monthly salary, not an annual salary.” Sholo got more and more upset, and this guy obviously wanted to despise him in front of Sulu.

“You still get paid on a monthly basis, I thought... it's okay, work hard, it will definitely be better in the future, Sabrina's favorite man, definitely not going anywhere.” Lyon has a long way to go.

Shen Qinyeon couldn't watch it anymore. He choked: “Mr. Lyon, Mr. Shaw is already very good, he took a big order for my company a while ago, just to mention the achievement of 17 million. ”

“Really? It's pretty good. Oh, it's like investing in a movie for a tenth of what I earn. Mr. Shaw is just an ordinary man. He doesn't have a big network. It's really hard to accomplish that. Come on, Mr. Shaw, let me toast to you.” Lyon lifted the glass with a smile.

Sholo snorted, “I have to drive, I can't drink. ”

The impression of Lyon was terrible.

“It's eight or eight years of Rafi, not much of a backlash, it's okay.” Lyon deliberately persuaded.

“In our country, DUI is illegal, Lyon, or less flower racks, we officially talk about equity participation.” Sully doesn't like Sholo much.

“Well, let's eat and talk! ”

Lyon dropped the glass and sipped to the waiter outside the box, asking them to serve the meal.

They talk about them, and Schollo eats them, not to mention that the food made in this luxurious place is incense, and he's hungry, and he won't be welcome to eat anything he wants, have a big sip, and sometimes make a little noise.

The noise led Lyon, Sulu and Shen Yeon to look at him!

“Leave me alone, you keep going! ”

Sholo clamped up a piece of red roasted wild pork and ate it smelly under the eyes of three people, as if they didn't exist.

“Sabrina, is your husband Mr. Shaw not just released from his cell?” Lyon was deliberately amused.

Su Li's cheek was hot for a while. She stared at Sholo like a murderer. Hopefully the man could stop eating this rude photo, but it was obviously ineffective. This made her face a little embarrassed. It was too embarrassing. Why should she be more elegant if she ate the photo? But suddenly she felt something strange about it. Sholo usually doesn't eat like this. What's wrong with her today? Are you... jealous?

“Sholo, are you out of your mind? Eating is like robbing.” Shen Zhenyeon coughed a few times.

“Leave me alone, you keep talking about yours.” Sholo raised his head.

Honestly, he was a little angry. Especially when he saw Lyon and Su Li close together, his heart felt like a claw was scratching hard. It was very painful. He ate a lot of meat and drank a lot of water. The subconscious purpose also seemed to be to remind Su Su Li not to get too close to Lyon.