Peerless Genius System

Chapter 482 Play

The participation was discussed for almost half an hour, after which the parties each entered into a contract, amounting to a long-standing partnership.

“Come, Sabrina, Miss Demi, toast to our future long-term partnership! ”

Lyon stood up and raised the glass in his hand, and he ignored Sholo in due course, which would certainly put Sholo up and raised his glass. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

It was a celebration after the partnership had been reached, and Sulu was not well off at this time because Lyon deliberately embarrassed Sholo and stood up and touched his glass with Lyon.

Shen Zhenyen also stood together and the three of them touched the cup.


Lyon glanced with satisfaction at Sholo, who was still sitting at the table eating his meal, looked up and drank the wine from the glass. He never forgot to say something about Sholo: a dead pig who couldn't make it to Grand Hall of Elegance!

“We should go. ”

Su Li didn't want to stay here for a moment. She always felt that Sholo was unusual today.

“It's early, don't rush back. There's an underground casino at the resort, Sabrina. Let's go play. How about some luck?” Lyon suggested.

“Not interested! ”

Su Li responded cold and cold. He looked at Sholo, who was still eating. He was angry. "Sholo, let's go. ”

Sholo threw away a leftover bone, wiped off the grease on his hands and mouth with a tissue, and stood up and looked at Lyon and said, “Is there a casino here? ”

“Yes, there is.” Lyon smiled after a moment of awkwardness.

“As far as I know, casinos are not allowed in the summer sea.” Sholo showed great interest.

"" So it's an underground casino, you can't see the light, "said Lyon. The owner of the resort is said to have someone on it. The police have closed one eye to this place. The casino has been open for five or six years and nothing has happened to it. ”

“You want to play?” Su Li asked Sholo softly.

“Want to play.” Sholoway.

“Since Mr. Shaw wants to play, Sabrina, you should be a little bigger as a wife, and the rope in your hand can't be too tight. ”

Lyon had a smile on his face, "So, in order to avoid too much noise, I'm going to open a private room for the four of us to hang out and have a little fun. ”


Sholo raised his thumb to Lyon and greatly appreciated it in English. This Lyon upset him, so he had to make Lyon even more upset.

“YeahYeah, Mr. Shaw speaks very good English.” Lyon had a funny smile on his face, and he praised Schollo differently, but deep in his eyes was chilling, and he was determined to make Schollo lose miserably and disgrace himself in front of Sulu.

“Glass, a duel for you has begun.” Shen Zhenyen whispered in Sulu's ear.

Sulith didn't know if she should be happy or angry. It was Lyon's trap. Why did Sholo drill inside? But Schollo did behave strangely today. Is it really because he's jealous?



Soon, a group of people moved to the hotel's casino.

The casino is set on the negative ground floor. Good gambling is human nature. A lot of people come here to gamble. Sholo goes in for a moment and thinks he's going back to the Dragon Gang casino in Jiangcheng.

“More than 20 million coins need to be redeemed to qualify for a private room, Sabrina, you can do whatever you want. I'll do it first.” Lyon walked toward the counter.

Twenty million!

This is really only a small bet for people like Su Glass and Shen Yeon, but in Lyon's view, Sholo survived only 20 million homeowners, and winning it all today would be perfect.

“Do you really want to play?” Su Li would like to confirm it again.

“Mmm.” Sholoway said.

“Do you have that much money? ”

“I happen to have so many cards on me.” Sholo said, walking to the counter as well.

“Wait.” Sully called him.

“What's the matter? ”

“Now it's too late to regret that Lyon's family's side job in North America is to open a casino. In terms of gambling, we have absolutely no chance of winning in front of him. Twenty million is a lot for you, don't lose out on impulses.” Su Li cared.

“Yeah, Sholo, it's not easy for you to make a big order. If you lose them all at once, you'll cry without regret. ”

Shen Zhenyen also persuaded him, "I know that Glass is the reason you compete with Lyon, but it's really not necessary. ”

“It's okay, it's just for fun. Besides, I don't have to lose.” Sholo smiled.

“How dare you! ”

Su Li hates iron and steel, why must he compete with a casino master like Lyon? What's the difference between sending money to people?

Sholo didn't say a word and walked straight to the casino.

“Forget it, let him go, it's a duel between men, we'll help you lined up later.” Shen Shenyen's stall sighed.

Su Li frowned, worried: “But if he loses all 20 million to Lyon, it's not very..."

“With what I know about that guy, he's always a surprise.” Shen Chunyen laughed.



Bright lights, a fairly upscale casino table with drinks and drinks on all sides.

This is the exclusive room that the casino gives to its guests, the door is closed, the loud hall is completely isolated, it is as quiet as its own, and the casino is specially equipped with a dealer.

“Sokha, Mr. Shaw would have played with this, wouldn't he?” Lyon's deliberate questioning of Sholo was a sign that Sholo was treated as a piece of dirt.

“It's more commonly called fried flowers.” Sholo Cold Channel.

Lyon stunned, then laughed: "Ha-ha-ha... Mr. Shaw is a very temperamental man. Yes, you Chinese do call him So-ha. ”

But in my heart, I'm saying, "Dusty, just because you dare to stain my Sabrina, it's just not my strength!"

“Then don't talk too much. Come on.” Sholo smiled.

“Deal! ”

Lyon suggests the dealer can do it.

The cardmaker nodded his head and took out a brand new set of cards, which unfolded and habitually showed to the four of you to prove that he had not moved any hands or feet.

After issuing three cards and a base card to each person, the dealer introduces the rule: “The base gold is 100,000, not less than 500,000 at a time, and Mr. Lyon, who has a large card, is asked to speak first. ”

With the exception of an overwhelming base card, the other three cards are visible.

Lyon had a spade A, a spade 6 and a club 6, while Sulu, Shen Yeon and Sholo had tiny decks, naturally Lyon took the lead.

“A million!” Lyon easily threw out the equivalent of the coin.

Sholo looked at his face, 7, 8, 9, it was a small shun. As for Su Li and Shen Zhenyen, there was no need to look at it.

In addition to being bigger than the size of a medallion, Sokha is bolder and more courageous, which is what makes it so appealing.

“I give up my cards!” Shen Shenyen dropped the cards.

Su Glass was about to join hands, and Leon quickly persuaded him: “Sabrina, I'm not a pair of sixes, I'm a pair of sixes and a pair of aces. Your card is too small, or don't follow me. I'm doing it for your own good. ”