Peerless Genius System

Chapter 485: Arci

At this moment, Su Li and Shen Yin both know that Sholo is better than the psychological qualities and luck of Lyon. It is absolutely impossible to shake Sholo's military heart without talking, just watching quietly.

“What kind of gambling method is this?” Lyon stared dead at Sholo.

Sholo smiled softly: "The gambling method of a broken cauldron wreck is certain to win or lose. I'll show you before I see it. ”

Lyon squeezed his fist tight, and 100 million was a trifle for him, especially gambling. If he lost 100 million at once, he would definitely be sleepless for three days and two nights.

If you look at your bottom card, it's Plum Blossom 2, and your tight fist is loose, "Mr. Shaw is so cheerful, I won't follow you in this game. ”

Speak up and throw away the cards.

At the beginning of the second inning, the dealer handed out a base card to each of them, the second card was the seven of clubs in Lyon and the king of spades in Sholo.

The face of the card is Sholo's big, and the dealer reaches out and says, "Mr. Shaw, speak first! ”

“Needless to say, it's all shuttle.” Sholofa once again pushed out the gambling coins as high as a mountain in front of him without expression.


The dealer and the staff in the room looked straight at each other. Who the hell is this? The world's richest man doesn't dare to play like this. It's only two cards. Is it really a toss of gold?

Lyon was also a fool. His proud psychic warfare skills were hit by an unprecedented shock at this moment. Sholoh didn't give him a chance to show it. He directly forced him to Soha. He wanted to go out and fight Sholoh. But at first glance, it was a square three. It couldn't be smaller. Where was this audacity?

“I'll give you another round.” Drop the cards very unwillingly.

The underlying gold belongs to Sholo, and the staff in the room re-stacked Sholo's gambling coins neatly.

In the third, fourth, and fifth innings, until the tenth inning, Sholo pushed all the gambling coins in front of him without even looking at the bottom card, and each time with only two cards, sometimes Leon didn't even see his bottom card clearly, Sholo's gambling coins had been smashed.

Lyon was pissed off, but his cards and cards were very small in the first few rounds and didn't fit together, so he chose to give up every time.

He smiled in a strange way: "Mr. Shaw, if you're lucky with me, aren't you afraid to end up being smaller than me? ”

“Then why are you afraid to follow?” Sholo asks the opposite.


It's ironic that Leonton Times plug, feeling both bored and repressed, thinks that he is a North American casino master, would be suppressed by a nobody in China.

Sulu and Shen Yeon also realized Sholo's purpose at this time, although it was hard to believe, but Sholo did completely suppress Leon in the mood.

Gambling like Sokha, it's luck, it's guts!

Ten innings, Leon has lost 10 million for giving up cards.

At the start of the 11th inning, the dealer continued to play cards, this time still pushing all the gambling coins out.

Lyon looked at his card, which was an A, his own was a Q of hearts, and his base card was a K of hearts, and there was a good chance that it would turn out to be the same flower. This time, he chose to follow, and a nobody dared to be so proud, he was a coward.


He pushed the gambling coin in front of him out and exhaled with great pleasure.

“This game wins and loses!” Lyon shouted out loud, full of gas.

“Yes, but I'm 110 million, and you almost got the money.” Sholo cautioned.

“Do you think I'm gonna miss you? ”

Lyon gave his black card to his subordinates, "Go, redeem me another 200 million. ”

200 million?

Everyone in the room was stunned. Especially the dealers and casino staff. It felt like they were here today to be inspired and hit. It turns out that people are worse than dead people. Even if they were two lifetimes old, they wouldn't be able to make so much money.

“Young Master, this...”

That subordinate revealed an embarrassment, plus the previous 120 million, which was 320 million, which, if not US dollars, would be a huge sum.

“What's the problem?” Lyon Cold Road.

“The family is observing several young masters, and this is a critical time. If Master Lyon loses 300 million, the family will be disappointed, and the family's property will not be in your hands.” My subordinates move with good reason.

It's English, but everybody understands it.

“You shut up! ”

Lyon drinks hard, his face is a little grumpy, "My word is an order, you carry it out, or I'll make you disappear from the world. ”


The subordinate's body was trembling for a while, how dare you say more, hurry up and take the black card to exchange the coins.

Lyon turned around and looked at Sulu and put on a gentlemanly smile: “Sabrina, actually, I don't know what he was talking about. ”

“Leon, I think we should stop. You and I are alumni. I don't want to get upset about this.” Su Rui persuaded.

“No, no, no, no, as I was saying, this is a small bet, a small bet. Even if I lose, it will never affect our friendship, let alone our cooperation.” Lyon is still dying, and he has the advantage in this game, so why would he let Sholo go?

"Mr. Lyon was right," said Sholo, laughing. "Well, a little gambling! ”

He redeemed a gambling technique when he was in Jiangcheng. He had a super strong memory of poker cards. No matter how he washed them, his eyes never left these cards. He had already written down the stacking order of these cards in his head. He knew what cards were in Lyon and knew more about what cards he would be. It was like having a perspective, and he had already seen the results of this game.

“Mr. Shaw, I've been asked to redeem 200 million. Should you also redeem more points?” Lyon Pepper smiled without laughing.

“I'm not like Mr. Lyon. I don't have that kind of money. ”

Sholoh was telling the truth that his Lofon had money and could also go through procedures to mobilize billions of dollars, but not particularly much money that belonged to his private property, after all, he had invested in his family's farm.

Su Li did not hesitate to take out his gold card and hand it to the staff: “Please help me redeem 200 million. ”

“Okay, beautiful lady, please wait. ”

Staff took the card and turned away. They all recognized Sulu, but the casino had rules. Even national leaders had to pretend not to know each other. People with status would come to the casino to entertain themselves. If they didn't have the money, how could they come to such a high-end place?

“What are you? ”

Sholo looked at Sulu a little faintly, and they weren't really married, but this woman was so supportive of him at this moment, which made him feel very unreal.

“Lend it to you, if you lose, you'll find a way to pay it back for life.” There's something unnatural about Sulu's eyes.

Shen Qinyeon giggled: “What can I do for you? It's all a family. Isn't yours his? ”

“What nonsense...”

Su Li beckoned Shen Zhenyen and his face turned red and faint.

I @ # (*...

“Arci! ”

Lyon's lungs were almost fried, and he held out an Internet curse for half a day. He felt like he was being forced to fill a wave of dog food and eat the dog food of the girl he liked. It was so fucking sad.