Peerless Genius System

Chapter 487 Kung Fu

Sholo exchanged the gambling coins and put them back in his card. Of course, they borrowed Sulu and Shen Shenyen's money back before. They didn't want any interest, so he came to the resort and added 300 million to his account.

“Mr. Lyon, thank you for your hospitality. I blame you for booking such a great table and giving me 300 million dollars.” After walking out of the casino, Sholo patted Lyon on the shoulder with a smile on his face.

FUC K, if you're really embarrassed, give me my money back!

Don't mention how bored and angry Leon is in his heart. If it wasn't for Sulu here, he would have let his men beat Sholo to death.

But losing money can't lose temperament, he waved softly: “Don't be embarrassed, Mr. Shaw, admit to losing the gambling suit, 300 million is like three dollars in my eyes, it's nothing. ”

“Right, right, right. I forgot Mr. Lyon was a real gambler. It was a little gambler.” Sholo hey, smile.

“Phew ~”

Shen Qinyeon next door was laughed out, and then he hurriedly stopped, knowing that he couldn't laugh at this time.

Lyon heard the four words "little gambling pleasure”, it was going to blow his hair, because the four birds lost 300 million in an hour, if it was normal, now was a critical moment, the family was observing him, on this ribbed eye, he lost far more than 300 million things.

“Mr. Lyon, if there's a little gambling happiness next time, let me know.” Sholoh's enthusiasm.

Call your mother's sonofabi bitch!

Lyon's fire broke out, and a bear's anger burned inside his chest, but there was nowhere to vent, and he had to die to hold it.

With a smile, he said, "Sure, let Mr. Shaw know. ”

“Lyon, if nothing happens, we'll go first, and I'll ask a specialist to prepare a detailed information document for you on the construction of the Luzuki media and on all aspects of the budget.” Sully doesn't want to continue to make meaningless tangles with Lyon here.

“It's early, Sabrina, and how familiar I am with your husband. ”

Leon busily said, “Mr. Shaw, there is a special project in Chinese culture, which is‘ kung fu ’, flying eaves, everything is possible. You Chinese invented a lot of‘ kung fu ’by imitating animals, such as mantis, snake boxing, tiger claws… etc., I have a long history of‘ kung fu ’in China. Don't you know that Mr. Shaw can practice' kung fu ’? ”

Sholo stunned, then shook his head and laughed: "Never practiced! ”

He immediately saw what Leon was up to, but he just won 300 million, and he was really embarrassed to teach this idiot another lesson.

“‘Kung Fu' is a Chinese national. Mr. Shaw hasn't practiced. This is unusual.” Lyon raised his voice despicably.

“Mr. Lyon, perhaps you misunderstand our Chinese country, not everyone practises' kung fu ’.” Shen Qinyeon smiled softly.

Leon shows disappointment: "Oh? Well, unfortunately, I wanted to talk to Mr. Shaw about your kung fu in China.” He speaks heavily, “Mr. Shaw, you should learn kung fu. As Mr. Sabrina, you are responsible for her safety. ”

The voice just fell, and he rushed towards Su Li and hugged her in a princess's arms.

Lyon shook his head and said to Sholo, "Look, this is the result of your failure to learn kung fu. When someone tries to hurt Sabrina, you don't even have the ability to fight back, you just have to look stupidly. ”

“Leon, what are you doing? Put me down!” Sulu's shameful questioning.

“Sabrina, don't be angry, I'm just telling your husband the truth that a man who's for you must have strong strength, not a cowardly, incompetent piece of shit, otherwise in the event of an accident, don't say he can't even protect himself.” Lyon put her down and grabbed her by the hand on Sully's butt.


Su Li was furious and raised his hand and fanned at Lyon's face.

But Lyon reacted quickly, holding onto her wrist with a smile: "Please forgive me, Sabrina, I didn't mean to touch your ass! ”

Su Li chewed his teeth and glanced at him indifferently: “Is this your gentlemanhood? ”

“Sabrina, I didn't mean it, I swear to God!” Lyon made a sincere gesture of swearing his finger out.

Sholo said at this time, "I'm sure Leon didn't mean it. ”

Lyon was slightly surprised, then smiled: “Mr. Shaw is right, or Mr. Shaw knows me. ”

“Of course I know you, because you meant it.” Sholo looked at Lyon coldly, and his wife was cheated on. How could he have been so kind as a man?


Leon frowned: "Mr. Shaw, what do you mean? ”

“Doesn't mean anything. By the way, back to the Kung Fu, you said you wanted to talk to me, right?” Sholo pulled Sulu behind himself.

Leon raised his eyebrows and nodded, “Yeah, that's right, but you haven't practiced kung fu. ”

“I haven't practiced kung fu, but I've practiced free fighting.” Sholoway, I didn't want to teach this fool any more, but this fool would have to beat him up.

“Freedom to fight? ”

Lyon was a little stunned, and there was a big smile on his face, "I'm also practicing freedom fights, why don't we just cut it on this lawn? ”

“That's exactly what I meant.” Sholo smiled slightly.

This smile is the kind of beating smile in Lyon's eyes. But in Su Li and Shen Yeon's eyes, it's a little shady. They all know Sholo's hand, and Su Li will never forget what happened in Bode Hills.

And Shen Qinyeon will not forget that after taking the big order from the women's protection center, Sholo broke into her third uncle Shen Xingqing's office alone and broke the image of Shen Xingqing's hand. Although the doctor sent it in time, she finally saved Shen Xingqing's hand, but she had a new understanding of Sholo.

This guy is a tough guy. He can do it if he can!

“Are you really going to do this?” Shen Shenyen asked.

This is also what Su Li wanted to ask, although she felt warm in her heart, knowing that Sholo was doing it for herself, but in case Leon was seriously injured, that's not what she wanted to see.

“As masters, how can we bother Mr. Lyon?” Sholo laughed.

“Right, right, right. It's just all about consultation. It's kind of a Sino-American exchange.” Lyon agrees, but he's laughing inside: I'm gonna have to count my money for selling you, stupid!

Su Li ordered Sholo: “Now that you've made up your mind, you have to be reasonable. ”

Lyon mistakenly thought he was saying, "Don't worry, Sabrina, I won't hurt your husband.” He scolded his subordinates, "go to the car and bring me my boxing gloves. ”


The subordinate turned around and headed towards the place where the vehicle was parked at a rate of 100 metres.