Peerless Genius System

Chapter 489 Bulletproof Clothing

When Lyon took advantage of Sulu's cheap, Sholo didn't think to be good. His golden temper condensed and scolded him and rushed towards Lyon.

Lyon's pupils shrink, because at this moment, the temperament of the other side and the changes that preceded it have changed dramatically, like a barbarian beast out of a cage, wild and wild, and the momentum of that shock is like a tiger, like a leopard, and he is like a prey to Thesar trembling in place.

“Hoo ~”

Sholo's right fist came out, fiercely bullied, during the impact, the 284 grams of boxing gloves could not withstand the thundering wind cut, burst from the middle, revealing the fist inside.

“Master, get out of the way! ”

Two of Lyon's subordinates were shocked, and the power of this punch was absolutely terrible, and they smelled a terrible killing machine.


Shorone smiled and Leon dared to take advantage of Sulu in front of him, knocking on the gates of hell.

Lyon was horrified and his eyes widened gradually, while Sholo's fists grew larger and larger in his pupils, and he had hardly responded properly, his chest firmly bearing Sholo's fist.

“Pfft ~”

Thick blood sprayed out of his mouth, accompanied by a broken rib 'clatter’. Lyon, like a broken kite, threw it three or four meters backwards, and the blood sprayed out of his mouth formed a brief bloody arc in the air.

Su Li and Shen Qinyeon were shocked by electric shock. Their eyes were trembling. The thing they were most worried about still happened. The guy was not afraid of anything at all and his hands were too heavy.

Two subordinates rushed up to see what was happening in Lyon. After a quick look, they stood up and shouted angrily: "Boy, you got such a heavy hand? ”

“I just said, there will always be a mistake. Why can't your master lose? ”

Sholo smiled and took off his already broken boxing gloves. He had just smashed Lyon's ribs with that punch, and his heart had been squeezed. Lyon would not wake up for a moment and a half. If the cure was not prompt, his life would be in danger.

“Die! ”

One of the subordinates stepped forward, waved a punch, prepared to teach this arrogant guy a lesson, but his fist seemed fierce, but Sholo looked at it without gambling and stood still.

“Boom ~”

The Lyon's fist strength struck Sholoh's chest, but it was not expected that Sholoh would fly out, but that a powerful and incredible force immediately backfired.

“Cuckoo ~”

With a broken wrist, the Lyon subordinate made a hog-killing scream and retreated backwards, eventually covering the broken wrist and sitting on the ground, shocked to look at Sholo with a relaxed smile, at this moment thinking: what kind of monster is this man? Is your body a steel cast?

“You want to have sex with me, too?” Sholo asked with a slight smile on his face.

The man couldn't help but fight a chill. Such a monster made him feel trembling on his soul. China was so terrible that such a powerful man existed.

“We in the Kennedy family won't let you go...”

By the time he said that, the man was already lowering his posture, how dare he interact with each other?

Sholo just smiled slightly about it, not to mention that it was a family in the Magnesium Country, that is, the King of Heaven and I came, and he beat it up.

“Cough... cough...”

A painful cough came in, searching for fame, but Lyon coughed up a few bites of dark blood and woke up and gasped.

Sholo's eyebrows wrinkled tightly, some wondering how this guy could still wake up?

Then he walked toward him, and Sulu rushed up, grabbed his wrist, and turned around and greeted the face of the inclined city.

“Enough, enough.” Su Li looked at him in a complicated mood.

“Sholo, stop it, Lyon, though he is damned, but he has also been duly punished.” Shen also persuaded Yeon.

Sholo smiled slightly: "Well... OK!” Then he glanced at the glass and added, “It's not like I'm getting cheap anyway. ”

Sulu's cheeks were instantly red and he let go of Sholo's wrist and scratched him angrily.

Together, they came to Lyon, shaking for a moment, and looked at Sholo with fear.

“Mr. Lyon, you're wearing a bulletproof vest. See if it's made of the finest material. ”

Sholo suddenly realized when he discovered that there was a black fitted suit inside Lyon, a bulletproof suit that withstood most of his strength, and although he had broken a rib in Lyon, his life would not be in any danger.

“I… I am a candidate to succeed the Kennedy family, and my safety is very important…" Leon explained with a severe chest ache.

“Also, your country allows citizens to carry guns, and in case anyone tries to murder you, not a decent vest is choking enough to go out.” Sholoway.

“Yes... yes..."

Lyon gave a smile that looked worse than crying. He was beaten so miserable that he had to make a promise. It was too boring.

“Come on, take Mr. Lyon to the hospital. Don't hang up!” Sholo decided to let this guy go for being so lucky.

Those two Kennedy subordinates, like Amnesty, quickly left with Lyon.

When Leon left, he cried. Today's luck was too bad. He lost more than 300 million. He was beaten so badly. He had to smile and greet each other. He had never suffered such a grievance in his life. At this time, he couldn't help but wish to get Su Glass out of China.

“Did Mr. Lyon cry? ”

Shen Qinyeon heard a cry and couldn't help but ask.

“Cry out better, don't cry out how hard it is to hold it.” Sholo laughed.

Su Li glanced at him angrily, meaning that what you did was so easy to say?

“Boom Boom ~”

There was a thunderbolt coming from the dark skies.

Sholo looked up and said, "It's going to rain soon. ”

“Looks like it's still raining heavily.” Shen Shenyen wondered.

“Don't discuss it. Go back.” Su Li said directly.



When driving the Jaguar out of Hengshan North Resort Hotel in Shen Yeon, the sky rained heavily, pouring heavy rain. Although there was no wind, the rain was quite frightening, laddering, like a layer of white cloud of mist between the heavens and the earth.

“Drive slowly, be safe!” Su Li gave an order.

Driving in this rainy weather, with poor sight and slippery roads, you can't drive too fast.

Sholo lowered the speed of the car and the wiper worked quickly, but the visibility was still very low. He could only travel at 30 miles. Although this was like a snail for a small car, there was no way to do it. For safety's sake, no one was in a hurry.