Peerless Genius System

Chapter 495: Breaking the Riddle

Sholo was tied up with five flowers and brought into a six-seater military vehicle, one with Zhuoyuze and Zhuowei, with two heavily armed soldiers on board.

“I have always respected the soldiers because they are a group of selfless devotees who guard the country in silence, and you are obscene to the faces of the soldiers.” Sholoway.

The slight discoloration of the faces of the two soldiers next to them, they know what they are doing, they know better what their division chief Zhuo Yuze is after, set up a guard platoon, armed against a flat-headed civilian, and blackmailed his wife. This is more than disgraceful. This is despicable and shameless, but as a soldier, obeying orders is a duty, and they are helpless.

Zhuo Yuze, sitting in the middle, immediately got up and slapped him hard on Sholo's face.

“Bang ~”

Crisp clapping, he looked at Sholo angrily: "Boy, you have to remember one in my hand and keep your mouth shut without letting you talk.” Then I feel good about myself looking at Chewie, "man, what the fuck is this, sure he broke your hand? How can you be a dog now? ”

“He won't dare jump in front of you if he's arrogant again.” Chewie hey, smile.

Sholo laughed in his heart, closed his eyes, and tried to suppress his own killing.

In addition to this military vehicle, there are two cars in the back, a long team headed for the suburban Xia Naval District. Soon, they arrive at Wolf Mountain, on the one hand on the mountain wall and on the other on the cliff, and the Wolf Mountain highway will frighten many new drivers.

Zhuo Yuze handed out a piece of paper to Sholo: "Sign your name and you will enter the military system and become a glorious soldier. ”

When the word ’glory' was heard, the two soldiers seated next to Sholo looked slightly reddish.

Sholo ignored him with his eyes closed and he had no time for a dying man.

At that point, his cell phone rang in his pocket.

Open your eyes and turn to a soldier next to you: "Get me on the phone! ”

The soldier hesitated for a moment. Even with Zhuo Yuze's eyes on him, he reached out and pulled his phone out of Sholo's pocket and put it on to Sholo's ear.

“Sholo, where are you now?” Sulu's impatient voice came from his phone.

“In a military car. ”

Sholo looked at the documents that Yuzawa had handed over and smiled, "They seem to be recruiting me into the army. ”

“You hold them steady, I'll find a way to save you. They're kidnapping. I'll make sure they get you back safely.” Su Li resolutely said.

“No, I'll be back in a minute. By the way, Gu Qian Xue should be controlling the gangster who broke into your apartment, right?” Sholo asked.

“Well, under control.” Sulu responded.

Sholo's mouth curled with an arc and a smile, rolling out of his body with no cover: "That's good! ”

The next second, the rope tied to him collapsed directly into countless pieces and his body was suddenly free.

Is it a monster that the two soldiers next to them are horribly discolored, breaking the brown rope with just enough strength to withstand the weight of two adults?

Zhuoyuze and Zhuowei were equally stunned and couldn't believe what was happening in front of them.

“It's my turn. ”

Sholo hey smile, like a demon who breaks free from chains, all over himself.

Zhuoyuze and Zhuowei brothers did not even have time to react, his hands strangled his neck, like steel pliers of five-finger strength, momentarily strangled their trachea and esophagus, they stopped shouting, can not even breathe temporarily, the face instantly rose red to pig liver color.

The driver of the car shouted and pressed the brake, yelling at the walkie-talkie equipped with the car: "There was an accident, an accident, the target broke free, and the master was strangled by him. ”

At the same time, the two soldiers sitting next to Sholo were unconscious and had to do it.

“Don't forget your master is in my hands. If I pinch him gently, he dies!” Sholawson grinned.

In their brief standstill, Sholoe loosened Zhuo Yuze and Zhuowei's neck, and he decided to deal with them before playing well with Zhuo Yuze and his brothers.


The two knives split on the shoulders of the two soldiers, who passed out immediately. Looking at what they had not done too much, Sholo did not kill them.

The driver had already pushed the door open and ran out. The two military vehicles in the back had apparently learned from the walkie-talkie. A platoon of soldiers brushed down from the car and the assault rifle in their hand pointed at it.

“Let go of our master, or you will be executed!” The leading soldier shouted with a bright voice.

Sholo looked at Zhuo Yuze and Zhuowei, who coughed violently, then opened the door and walked down like a garden walk.

When Zhuo Yuze thought he was about to surrender, he rushed straight at his men like a leopard.

The soldier at the head was frightened. Sholo's killings made him smell extremely dangerous. He shouted madly: "Shoot him, shoot him! ”


Sparks splash and shells fly, like countless staggered flame moths, surrounding Sholoh's figure.

“Die, I'm saddened I didn't have a chance to kill you, now I do. Attacking the master who recruited you in the name of the country is a sin that can be directly shot, hahahaha...” Zhuo Yuze laughed.

"'That idiot,' said Zhuowei, 'actually took the initiative to greet him at gunpoint. Thank you for coming up for me, brother. ”

“You and I are brothers, whoever dares to bully you is looking for death!” Zhuo Yuze's eyes caught on a burning path.

The gunfire stopped after a few seconds, Zhuoyuze and Zhuowei also walked out of the car. I thought Sholo had a lot of talent. This time, he was completely worn out. He was hit by a bullet into a horse's nest. But when they got out of the car and looked back, he suddenly looked silly. All the soldiers were lying on the ground, none of them were standing.


The two brothers took a sip of cool air. Is this a platoon of troops or live ammunition? Why are they all lying on the ground? What just happened?

Looking at the only standing shadow of Sholoh, Zhuo Yuze looked silly, his pale face muttered to himself, but he couldn't even say a word, and the cold sweat slipped like a spring water, because he realized a problem, this guy was extremely horrible.

“Master Zhuo, do you still want to recruit me? ”

Zhuo Yuze heard an indifferent sound in his ear, and his shoulder was held by one hand. When he set his eyes on it, Sholo came to him silently.

Oh, my God, this... how is this possible...

He looked at where Sholo had just stood, and he looked at Sholo beside him and looked pale.

Zhuowei sat directly paralyzed on the ground, his eyes trembling and looking at Sholo.