Peerless Genius System

Chapter 497 Hot Springs

After a little tune, Sholo and Guqianxue went out again, and the two guys who snuck into Sulu's apartment were actually thrown on the main road outside Starling Moon Bay. Except for Zhuo Yuze and Zhuowei, he didn't kill the soldiers who followed him.

The main attractions of the Summer Sea are ancient city walls, glass stacks, entertainment parks, etc., as well as many 5A level attractions in the flagged county.

Sholo spent three days traveling with Guqian snow, Guqian snow learned to take photos with her phone, left footprints with Sholo in many places that she thought were beautiful. She took photos in many shapes, muttering, making ghosts, smiling with her teeth... whether it was elegant or offensive, she took photos all over again. Three days later, there were more than 500 photos of her and Sholo in the phone.

“Sholo, why do you always have the same look? ”

Looking at the photos in the phone, Gu Qian Xue questioned Sholo, who, apart from her, was as old as a photo background.

Sholo smiled twice: “I don't really know how to take pictures. ”

There's always that kind of person in the world, and when it comes to photography, it's very unnatural, and the photograph is always a dead end, and he belongs to that kind of person.

“I'll teach you. ”

Gu Qian Xue raised the selfie pole, made scissors on her left hand, and then pounded her little mouth, making her look cute and playful, especially when it was cold and she looked so beautiful after taking this photo.

Sholo couldn't help but laugh and say, "Are you sure you want me to make that look? ”

Gu Qian Xue focused on: “Hmm. ”

“Where did you learn that?” Sholo couldn't help but laugh.

“This is how a lot of girls take pictures online, and I think it's pretty good.” Gu Qian Xue took it seriously.

“Sounds like society is a big dye, slowly dyeing your blank paper. ”

Sholo raised his eyebrows and, since he was playing with others, satisfied her. He looked around to make sure there was no one around him, and then he learned to look like Gu Qian Xue and pounded a scissors hand in his mouth.

“Phew ~”

This time it was Guqian's turn to smile, his mouth smiled softly, his eyes squeezed like moon teeth.

“What are you laughing at? Take a picture!” Sholoh urged, he didn't want to stay in that position for too long.

Gu Qian snowed her head and a winning smile filled her pretty face: “I'm teasing you, this expression doesn't suit you, but you're pretty cute too. ”

Shoroton felt the desolation of the autumn wind sweeping the leaves. He seriously learned to do this look, and it turned out to be a joke. He bounced his finger on Guqian Snow's forehead and deliberately raised his face: “This is a small punishment. ”

“I made a mistake and my master punished me the same way.” Guqian Xuedao.

“Will your master play your forehead too?” Sholo felt a little weird, and a funny picture of a bad old man appeared in his head.

Gu Qian snow nodded: “Well, my master plays a lot heavier than you, it hurts. ”

“Perhaps your master loves you more.” Sholo found an excuse for the old man in Tianshan.

“Master is very painful to me. When we were together in the hot springs at the top of Tianshan, Master often lost his strength to me.” Guqian Xue recalls her previous life in Tianshan.

Still soaking hot springs?

Sholo doesn't calm down right away, a bad old man and a Fanghua girl in a hot spring, is that sure it's Master? Not an old animal?

“Did your father or your sister know about your spa with your master? ”

“They don't know.” Guqian Xuedao.

“You should let them know. ”


“Because it's not appropriate for your master to soak hot springs with you, think about it, you both have to strip naked, don't you feel embarrassed at all? ”

“Not at first, not later.” Gu Qian Xue answered truthfully.

Sholo felt like he had a big head. What's with this? He decided at the moment that he had to tell the ancient warring nations about it. What old Tianshan man, it's not clear that there is an old ghost?

“My master also likes to wear red makeup, although she is seventy-two years old, but the years have not left many marks on her face, and she looks good in red makeup.” Gu Qian Xue remembered his master's makeup.

Red makeup?

Sholo's brain circuit finally became clear, asking, "Is your master a man or a woman? ”

Hearing this, Gu Qian Xue scratched Sholo like a fool. "Of course it's a woman. ”

“Old Tianshan is a woman?” Sholo was amazed.

“Well, I never said my master was a man.” Gu Qian snowed.

“Well, I've been thinking too much. ”

Sholo scratched his head and smiled embarrassingly. It was all his first thought that Tianshan Old Man was a man. No wonder the ancient warring congress was so relieved to leave such a beautiful little daughter with an old man in Tianshan who didn't even notice the hot springs together.

“My master said that the hot springs at the top of Tianshan are naturally formed and often bubbling inside is good for the body. Sholo, when do you have time? I can take you to the hot springs in Tianshan bubble.” Gu Qian Xue looked at Sholo and sounded delightful.

Isn't Niko a little wary of herself?

Sholo can't say what the mood is at this time, how can he make a pretty girl so green?

“Did your master ever teach you to keep your distance from men? ”

“taught. ”

Gu Qian Xue focused, and then added, “But you're different. ”

Sholo laughed for a while. Between Sulu and Keith Ying, he had had enough difficulties. Now with this Niko, he felt that if he couldn't handle one, the whole world would collapse.

“Hello, beautiful girl, could you please take a picture of me and my wife? ”

At this point, a polite voice sounded, a man in a blue shirt and black suit pants, whose first impression was clean, tidy and sunny, who was asking Gu Qian Xue for help with an Apple phone in his hand.

Gu Qian Xue looked to Sholo for his opinion.

“Just take a picture of him, all right.” Sholoway.


Gu Qianxue took the phone from the man's hand and promised the man.

“Thank you. ”

The man turned to his wife with a heap of laughter, and his wife stood in front of a huge wooden carving and saw him come back. She grabbed his arm very intimately, resting her head naturally on his shoulder.

Fine black hair is covered in shoulders, white skin is like eggs that have just been shelled, big eyes flash as if they can speak, small red lips are more distinguished from the whiteness of the skin, the body is wonderful, small barbaric waist is not enough to fill a grip, the whole body gives a kind of inspirational beauty.

When Sholo met the man's wife, he seemed to have blown up a shell in his brain and forgot to think for a moment, because she was not someone else, and it was in his heart that Sun Xuan, the girl who never wore her mark.