Peerless Genius System

Chapter 499: No

Pig teammates?

A strong man smoked in the mouth, he was the chief of the criminal investigation team of the General Administration of Xia Hai, and Gu Qian Lin graduated from the same police academy because Gu Qian Lin was not very familiar with Xia Hai before calling him, although he was married, he had no other thoughts about Gu Qian Lin as a female classmate.

But he wanted to behave well in front of her, let her know that he was authoritative and facial in the summer sea, but the kid didn't take him seriously in front of him. It was intolerable to know that he was a cop and dare to talk to him in such a way.

He grabbed Sholo's collar so hard, his powerful arm almost pulled Shorotti off the ground, and he drinks angrily: "What are you talking about, kid? Believe it or not, I punched you in the teeth! ”

Sholo stared at him coldly: "Let go! ”

The strong man laughed furiously: “I've seen a lot of arrogant arrogants. This is the first time I've seen you today, boy, you... ah...”

Not finished, I felt a heavy blow to my chest, screamed painfully in my throat, and threw my whole body backwards three or four meters, “Boom” and a fierce collision with the black SUV tail of Gu Qian Lin.

Sholo looked next to Gu Qian Xue, who kept his fisting motion, lifted his eyebrows.

“What are you doing?" said Gu Qian Lin, angry at her. Who told you to hit somebody? ”

Go ahead and help the strong man up.

Guqian snow cheeked on Gujing's cheek with no waves. “Who made him disrespectful to Sholo? ”


Gu Qian Lin turned around and chewed his teeth off, “You really are his magic. ”

The strong man coughed constantly at this moment, looking horribly at Guqian Xue, his brain was all stunned at this time, if not personally experienced, even if he killed him, he would not believe that a delicate young girl could punch him away, that horrible power and impact made him all vibrate, chest feeling suffocating pain.

“Sister, you won't understand, Sholo is important to me.” Guqian frowned.

“What do you know? There are a lot of women around him. You're not the only one around him. You think about him, but you don't have to think about him. You don't understand men. Do you know that you can only hurt yourself if you keep doing this? I'm your sister. Everything I've done is for your own good. Why don't you understand?” Gu Qian Lin's love is a little out of control.

“I know exactly what I'm doing, and I know there are other women around Sholo. ”

Gu Qian Xue looked at Sholo like water, "But I don't care, I like to be with him, as long as I see him, I'll be happy, that's enough. ”

“There's no cure, there's no cure for you...”

Gu Qian Lin's sad and angry helplessly shook her head. She had been suppressing Gu Qian Xue's strand of love silk to Sholo, but the more she suppressed it, the more she was thriving and growing, to this day, Gu Qian Xue didn't even say hello to her, sneaking up to Xia Hai to find Sholo.

This is my own sister, she loves a murdering demon!

It was ironic. It was so deliberate. She couldn't accept it.

Sholo was in a complicated mood, he thought Gu Qian Xue was just a very close brother, but now it seems that the most worrying thing still happened, he didn't want to hurt this innocent girl, but he had to cut Gu Qian Xue's hopes like he had previously cut Chuyue's expectations.

“Dang ~”

The cuffs that handcuffed him broke when his hands pressed slightly outward.

Goddamn it, is that okay?

When a strong man sees this scene, he suddenly startles to look at it with shock, and he dares not believe it, and he thinks, "Who the fuck is this? Can one girl punch herself in the face and the other break the cuffs easily, monster?"

I just grabbed a picture of Sholo's collar, and I couldn't help but freak out a cold sweat.

Sholo looked at Gu Qian Xue and said: “Qian Xue, I've always treated you like a sister, just like Yi Yi, and...” Show Gu Qian Xue the diamond ring worn on her left hand unnamed finger, “... I'm married, my wife you've seen, she still wears this suit for you. ”

Gu Qian Lin stunned, obviously did not expect Sholo to say this, and his impression of Sholo changed slightly.

But when Gu Qian Xue heard those words, he didn't respond at all. Innocent blinked his eyes at Sholo and seemed to be looking forward to his afterwords.

“Do you... understand what I'm saying?” Sholofox questioned.

Guqian nodded: “Well, I get it. ”

Sholoxon sighed. I thought this Niko was still strong. She wouldn't have any sad emotions. “That's good. In fact, there are so many good boys in the world, you can probably find them...”

“Sholo, let's get married too. ”

It's not over yet, Guqian snow came up, pretty face and Sholo are not even ten centimeters away, very close.

Xiao Lo was surprised, Gu Qian Lin stunned, a strong man poured a sip of cool air, stunned. Gu Qian Xue's words and actions were so unexpected, no, it should be said that it was powerful, so powerful that it was too sudden to prevent.

“What are you talking about? I'm married. How can I marry you again?” Sholo felt big for a while.

“Why not? You can marry other women. Why can't you marry me?” Gu Qian snowed in questioning.

Sholo couldn't reside on her head and gave her a chestnut. "Have you been wasted all this time in River City? Don't you know our country is monogamous, fool? ”

Honestly, he was amused by this Niko.

“Oh” Guqian snow sounded like a slow response.

“Well, go back with your sister, since you're a cop, read more books, understand more common sense, or you'll make a lot of jokes.” Sholo told her.

Gu Qian Xue said seriously: "Sholo, I will apply for a transfer here, and I will see you every day. ”

Sholo didn't know if he was going to cry or laugh and exclaimed: "You're such an idiot! ”


Gu Qian Xue was the flat response again.

The next second, in Sholo's stunned expression, she burst into his arms and hugged him with her hands tight, hugging him tight, Sholo could smell a refreshing fragrance of heart and spleen, and she could feel her heart beat accelerating.

Gu Qian Lin opened her eyes and muttered to herself, “Why? Why did you choose him? ”

Sholo patted Guqian Xue's back gently and asked in a tentative manner: "But... are you ready? ”

“No. ”

Gu Qian Xue buried her head in his arms, closed her eyes and said, at the same time holding Sholo tighter again, she has always had the urge to hug Sholo, about to leave, she can no longer control this impulse.

Sholo: "…”